A Vision of the New Earth

by Owen K Waters

A great shift to a higher consciousness has been accelerating since the 1960s. The progressive portion of humanity is stretching the envelope of human consciousness deep into new territory.

As “The Shift” progresses over the decades ahead, intuition will bloom and people will begin to notice that their five senses have acquired a new subtlety.

The Earth will be seen as more beautiful than ever, filled with subtleties of color and perfumes that were always there and yet were never before detected. The spirit of humanity will be focused on peace and hope for a new tomorrow, which will unfold as if it were the arrival of heaven on earth.

Tomorrow’s humanity will develop in the direction of cooperation, not competition. People will treat other people as loved ones and as if they were dear family, because they will see the light within each other and know that we are all connected. That which used to be a burden will now become a joy, as people work to help each other and support each other.

Gone will be the old way of focusing primarily upon materialistic gain because people, being heart-centered, will want everyone to have everything that they need and everything that helps make life a joyful experience.

On the technology front, energy will one day be clean and plentiful after we learn to tap into and convert the life-giving etheric energy that flows from the Sun. Etheric energy has been utilized for thousands of years in non-technological applications under the names chi, prana, and universal life force. It is the primary energy of the Sun, while the more dense electrical energy is a relatively minor secondary energy. Nikola Tesla, the inventor of today’s alternating current power systems, experimented with etheric energy, recognized that it behaved quite differently to electric power, and described it as ‘cold electricity.’

It is less than 200 years since the key principles of electric energy were discovered. When the principles of its big brother, etheric energy, are mastered, the door can potentially be opened to a wide variety of long sought-after technologies. These can include abundant clean energy, gravitational shielding, magnetic space vehicle propulsion, protective force screens, teleportation and, because etheric energy is vital life energy, a wide array of advanced healing technology.

Eventually, all forms of toxicity will be addressed and remedied. Gone will be thoughtless pollution by toxic chemicals and the smoke of burning fuels. Gone will be the toxicity of human suffering that pollutes the mental atmosphere that we all share. Gone will be the toxicity of fear and all of its disempowering manifestations.

Love will be the way, and “The Way will be Love.”

People will see the God within others and hold a sense of allowance for everyone to pursue their own unique spiritual path. Gone will be the rivalries of small-minded religious factions. The new vision of the nature of God will be universal and all-inclusive.

Gone will be the toxic need to exert control over others, as the fears which cause this will dissolve and softly drift away with the wind.

Humanity will build a world of great beauty in harmony with nature.

Nature itself will be honored as a beautiful expression of the Creator. People will give thanks to the consciousness of the Mother Earth that supports us and to the consciousness of the Sun, which continually nourishes us with life-giving energy. Most of all, people will give thanks to the consciousness of God for life itself and for the joy that communion with the Divine Spirit brings to our very souls and to our deepest sense of being.

A Word About Chaos

The recent election results in America have turned the country from one deeply divided into one filled with a sense of chaos.

Today, we stand at a turning point where almost anything can happen. The deciding factor, as always, will be the level of consciousness that is applied to situations as they arise.

Groups of people—even entire countries—share collective states of consciousness. Each one of us affects our shared atmosphere of consciousness for better or worse.

As spiritual people who appreciate the vital need for higher consciousness, we have far more power to affect world consciousness than we realize. It is a silent power that almost seems lost in a world filled with billions of people and, yet, your individual practice of gaining higher consciousness can actually raise the thoughts of millions of other people!

This principle of powerful influence through higher states of consciousness is detailed in my book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness.

Another section of the book deals—appropriately in today’s world—with chaos. In the chapter, “A Word About Chaos,” it states:

“In physics, chaos is a phase that occurs during transformation. You can resonate a container of water with sound waves that generate a balanced, symmetrical pattern on the surface of the water. Then, if you turn up the frequency a little, chaos will ensue. The neat pattern on the surface of the water will become choppy and discordant. However, when you turn the frequency up still more, a new pattern emerges, one that is even more complex and beautiful.

“The chaos was a temporary phase between one natural state of harmony and its transformation into a higher form.

“It is much the same with the transformation of humanity through “The Shift.” The frequency associated with the Old Reality has already been increased. The old pattern has been disturbed and is beginning to go away. In its place is a choppy pattern that is searching for its new form. Discords abound at a personal and social level as old wounds arise seeking attention and resolution. As the frequency rises even more, the chaotic outbreaks upon the surface of life will settle into a new pattern, one which is even more complex and beautiful.”

Author’s note: The new, updated edition of this groundbreaking book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, is now available for immediate download at http://www.spiritualdynamics.net/ebooks/theshift.htm

Owen K Waters is a cofounder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy, where a where a free spiritual growth newsletter awaits you at: www.SpiritualDynamics.net. He is an international spiritual teacher who has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to understand better the nature of their spiritual potential. Owen’s life has been focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision. For the past 12 years, he has written a spiritual metaphysics newsletter which empowers people to discover their own new vistas of inspiration, love and creativity. Spiritual seekers enjoy his writings for their insight and clarity.


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