The Power of Intention

By Elliott Eli Jackson

What is Intention? Let’s look at the word (a determination to act in a certain way, to design, or an objective). It is further stated that intention is everything in regard to acquiring a desired outcome. Now when any of us seek answers into self, the universe/Source brings us to a place where universal truth or truths will be placed in front of us in some form or fashion. This is what is happening to you right now as you read this page. When seeking spiritual change in our lives, we have to come to the realization that we, as individuals, in fact have great personal power. We also begin to intuitively seek to use that power in a positive manner. We further begin to understand that we play a part in the changing of our world.

At this point it becomes important to understand how to bring about the personal ability to use the Power of Intention. To do so, one must or should seek inside self to bring about, or to the surface, the gifts that we have, and to use this tool. In the work of the spirit, Intention is the beginning of everything. When one seeks a higher level of consciousness in thought and deed, one uses the mind as led by the spirit to call things forth. And, of course, you are no exception; you have the power, too. Additionally, you can develop this power.

Personal Power Statements

One can develop/increase personal power through declarations that are called mantras. Contrary to popular belief, a mantra is not of a mystical or magical nature. It is a universal formula for movement which brings about results within our universe. They can be in an incantation form, but that is not a requirement by any universal standard. Its presentation is entirely up to you, as you and you alone set or send it forth. However, it must be vocal—out loud; this causes the sound and vibration of the mantra or mantras to go forth into the universe and return to its sender, bringing what is sought. It is effective because everything in the known and unknown universes is based on sound and vibration in one form or another.

This process is called sending out a claiming mantra or mantras (a statement or statements of truth or truths) that you choose and deem necessary for your intention to occur. The wonderful thing about this is that it is yours and yours alone, and not that of another. It is, however, vital to ensure that the mantra (or mantras) is of high intent; therefore, its dissemination will be for a higher purpose. The statement or statement’s purpose can be for yourself, others and/or for the whole of humanity. The mantra or mantras will lead you to an intention-based existence. The mantra or mantras will cause or bring about creativity to and from your being on all levels.

It begins with the great I Am statement/tool that spirit has given us. The I Am can be followed by whatever needs to come after it, in your mind. Yes, these declarations will in fact bring about that which you are calling forth. None of this is a secret although, in the past, it has been treated as such. It is universal knowledge remembered by each of us on a personal spiritual basis. Moreover, the use of daily mantras will allow the movement of what you desire to stay active within the stream of time and space. You can pick your own, but here are a few examples:

I Am beautiful.

I Am ready for success.

I Am calling forth my soulmate.

I Am sending healing to (person’s name, place, or location, or anything that you desire).

I Am sending light and love.

I Am to acquire (new car, new home, certain job or anything, be specific).

Through the incorporation of mantras you can effectively invoke and set into motion your intention. All spiritual matters are simple. So you can accomplish much by the simple use of words by their attachment to I Am. This will provide the desire with momentum.

So, as you live your life, begin to practice setting your intent. Through mantras, you will end up doing what you intend to do through intent. This will allow you to do nothing more or nothing less than that which you need/desire to do. Intention will assist you in staying on task. Intention will bring about the stability of being present, in the moment, which is a spiritual principle of enormous power. You also will begin to act in intention, which allows you to be a powerful extension of the divine. You are an extension of the divine just as you are. However, the intentional setting forth of I Am will create an extraordinary life. Focus on what you desire and obtain it. You can! If you use mantras they will go out into the matrix of it ALL, thus returning to you. And it will all be set in motion by the power within YOU.

Setting intention means you have faith in self.

This is very important, for, when you have faith in self you understand intuitively there is nothing you can’t do and nothing that you can’t have—especially if the intent is of a high vibration. Each of us has great abilities and power, however, you must remember such. And through the mantras that you send forth all will know that you and them are made in the image and likeness of God/Source—Creators.

Elliott Eli Jackson is the internationally known channel of Source energy, and the bestselling author of From God to You: Absolute Truth and The Sapiential Discourses Universal Wisdom book series. He is an inspirational speaker, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister, and contributes monthly to the The Sedona Journal of Emergence magazine. Elliott and his wife Diane travel the globe doing book signings, the Create Your Reality workshop, and Private Sessions with Source, through Elliott, which thousands have attended. Private Sessions with Source, are also available  via phone/video chat. Visit, FB & Twitter. Elliott and his wife live in the Chicago area.

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