Healing Your Spirit: Say YES! to Your Soul

By Sarah Sparks

What if we had the opportunity to fall asleep one night and awake to knowing our soul’s true path? All we had to do next was to say YES to all the opportunities we were given throughout the next several days, and by saying YES we would jumpstart a healing journey for our spirit. Well friends, it happened to me just a few months ago.

During meditation, I was told that during sleep I would experience dreams and visions where my soul would reveal its path to me. In order to embark on this journey my soul revealed through my dreams that I had to say YES to every opportunity I was given throughout the next several days. I don’t know if you are like me, but when I receive information during meditations and dreams and I am given tasks to do, sometimes…well, to be honest, all of the time…these tasks teach me life lessons.

Some of us are taught life lessons through daily tasks, conversations, songs, books, and interaction with nature. Others learn lessons through failed relationships, illnesses, accidents, maybe even a piano falling on their head! I prefer to remember why I am here and learn my lessons along this journey by easy, effortless, and enjoyable experiences. Therefore, Spirit gave me this experience and I learned six things about “saying YES to my soul.” Here is what I learned:

1) I must be in the habit of saying “YES.” If not, I automatically say “NO.”

2) Saying YES to what is right for me is sometimes out of my comfort zone!

3) The opportunity for YES doesn’t last long. Choose quickly!

4) With every YES, I am also saying NO to something else. Am I ok with the NO?

5) Saying YES to my soul brings me energy!

6) Saying YES to what is right for me releases emotional negativity.

Can you relate? Are you in the habit of saying YES? If someone asks you to speak at an event, go out to dinner (and it’s a professional opportunity), or become your client, are you ready? Are you prepared? Are you in the habit of saying YES to those types of opportunities?

What if you are single, chatting with friends in a bar, and another single person to whom you are attracted comes up and starts making conversation. Are you ready for that conversation? Are you prepared to say YES to the opportunity of having coffee with this person? This person may give you up to three seconds to respond YES before awkwardly walking away. The YES opportunity doesn’t last long, so choose quickly.

The most important thing I learned through this lesson is the difference between saying YES just to say YES and saying YES to my soul. Saying YES to my soul reminds me to connect with Spirit for guidance. It reminds me there is a higher purpose as to why I am here. Saying YES to my soul forces me to look within instead of searching for answers outside of myself. Saying YES to my soul feels light and right. The lesson wasn’t just simply to say YES to everything, but to say YES to the experiences and opportunities that my soul gets excited about.

Connect, listen, and appreciate the YES your soul is singing to you today. You never know where your YES will lead you!

Sarah A. Sparks, MPA, is the speaker and relationship mentor for Create The Spark, LLC. Sarah guides heart-centered women to become clear on who they are and where they are going so they may have the confidence and trust in themselves to move forward and live the life of their dreams. Email Sarah at createthespark@gmail.com or visit www.createthespark.org.


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