The Butterfly Effect

By Kay Schrems

I start each day with a morning walk in nature. It’s a special time for me to sit quietly and review any deep thoughts I have on different aspects of my life. I often wonder why certain situations turned out the way they did, some with calmness and others with a wild twist of chaos!

One day as I walked along with these thoughts roaming in my head, I kept hearing the phrase, “butterfly effect.” I have an ability to sit in stillness and connect with my higher intelligence, so when this phrase popped into my consciousness I knew it was coming from that place. Some people would call this higher intelligence Source, God, I AM, or Higher Self. I connect my thoughts to the heart center of my being, and then imagine climbing up to the heavens and going into the void of the atmosphere. Once there, I ask my questions to the I AM presence and, since the I AM Presence is always connected to me (and to you as well), it feels all of my thoughts.

Sitting in this state of meditation, my I AM Presence whispered into my ear, saying I should research the meaning of the butterfly effect. So, off I went to do my inner-work assignment from the I AM Presence. I sat before my computer and Googled the meaning of the butterfly effect, and this is what I found:

Can the simple flutter of a butterfly’s wings change the world forever? If you’re a believer in the butterfly effect, the answer is indeed “yes.”

The notion of the butterfly effect states that a seemingly minor event can create ripples that ultimately trigger an outcome of far larger proportions.

It’s known as the butterfly effect based on the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the earth can create a tornado on the other side.

A Conversation with my I AM Presence followed:

Me: Ok, this is all well and good and I sense that you have a good reason for me to look this up, right?

I AM: YES! What does the flapping of the butterfly’s wings cause in the air? VIBRATIONS. And, what do YOU create with your WORDS, IMAGINATION, and THOUGHTS? Yes, you guessed it, vibrations that are commonly accompanied by an emotional state such as anger, frustration, joy, happiness, etc.

Now we cannot emphasize enough how those who put out words or thoughts of a low vibration cause a negative ripple to spread out collectively into the Universe. I do not need to tell you what words or thoughts do this, as you KNOW very well what resonates with goodness and what does not.

For instance, the more you say or think, “I am just getting by,” the more you send this out into the Universe, and this low vibration reflects back to you. Hence, YOU are just getting by.

Why not say, “I have all that I need and more is on its way!” How does this vibrate within you when you say it? It matters NOT that you believe it or not, for once you change the vibration of your thought you will begin to experience evidence of the statement, and you will begin to believe. What matters is that when you start to upgrade your words and thoughts (vibrations) YOU change what goes out into the Universe. This upgrade/uplifting of energy will change the energy pattern(s) that surrounds you, or is attracted to you, and you will receive more of what you desire based on your vibration. YOU shall begin to attract this to you because this is what you think, say, and feel at all times.

For example, anytime you say,” I am on a budget,” then the energy of staying limited remains in your field. Be mindful in your words, imaginations, and thoughts, as their vibrations are your CREATOR.

Dear ones, all that is waiting is for YOU to awaken to the understanding that YOU create, so why not create a JOY-full existence? I know this can be overwhelming to comprehend, but it is all doable and YOU are the designer of your reality! Can you be the one to change your world? You bet you can!

Me: Wow! I know you had me write about vibrations awhile back, but this explanation of the butterfly effect has helped me to put the concept into a broader perspective. It really makes me see how our words/imaginations/thoughts are the wings of a butterfly.

The Butterfly Effect in Practice

When I experienced a financial downfall back in 2008, my whole thought process went into a “lack, no more, be on a budget” way of thinking. My husband said we needed to put ourselves on a budget, but the thought of limiting myself felt wrong. However, I began to practice the budget lifestyle, but the more I adopted this way of thinking and being the more it came back at me in the form of less funds available. So taking all that I have learned from my I AM presence, I decided to practice and visualize not being on a budget. I would go to the grocery store and buy whatever I wanted with no limitations, and I would continuously think/affirm that the Universe will provide the means to make sure that what I spent would not affect paying other bills.

I had it pretty good for 15 years; no money worries and I spent money whenever I wanted to do so. I was not on any kind of budget. The I AM said for me to grab a hold of that feeling and keep vibrating with it (like the butterfly wings flapping away). “You will begin to flow this energy out and back to you,” the I AM told me. That is what I did, and today that vibration has created all that I need and much more.

Remember that the thoughts we have, supported by the emotions we attach to them, create ripples that continuously reflect back to us.

When we spread our wings to fly, even the slightest movement impacts the currents patterns of our existence. May you take off with the highest of vibrations.

Kay Schrems is considered a “change agent” for humanity. She guides others thru her I AM presence, which is the highest aspects of ourselves. She has been on her journey since childhood and has always maintained a direct communication with her internal higher SELF. She is also a wellness advocate for treating your mind, body and soul with highest and purist grade essential oils. Visit her website and learn how you can better serve your health and allow yourself to be pro-active with loving your-SELF and also helping others to achieve the same goals. Visit or her blog

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