Tap Into Your Life Force

By Kathy Rivera Wallace

“All the principles of heaven and earth are living inside you.”
—Morikei Ueshiba, founder of Martial Arts Aikido

Imagine a beautiful, clear and starry night—one of the most beautiful nights you have seen in a long time. The gentle breeze kisses your check and flows softly through your hair. You close your eyes and immerse yourself in this perfect moment. Ahhh!

It was a night similar to this that I began to wonder about the universe. What is the universe? How does it affect others and me? What does mean when people say, “It’s all energy?” What is Life Force and how does it connect us all? I remember the questions that raced through my mind, my heart, as I anxiously waited for the answers. I had started my journey two years before, so my soul was thrilled that the moment had finally arrived where I was ready for a deeper exploration of life—my life.

It is at a time like this that we give our soul permission to speak and to help us seek our true fulfillment. Are you ready?

Life force is referred to as Qi (pronounced, “Chi”), or Prana, depending on which ancient culture we reference. It permeates through every inch of the universe. We can tap into Qi or Prana through various ancient practices and techniques, such as Qigong, Transcendental Meditation, and Yoga. The gift is immediate and amazing shifts at every level: physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual—even during your very first experience with Qi. It’s waiting for you to access it and discover the gifts stored for you!

I discovered Qi during my first experience with Qigong, and it was like nothing I had experienced before. I felt calm, collected, and simultaneously reinvigorated and empowered! WOW! My body, my mind, and my spirit agreed that I was just touching the surface of something priceless! This practice only takes 30 minutes a day and the results are extraordinary. Even though you stand for the entire 30-minute session in the same form, it builds vitality and immunity. The results for muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular exercise are just as impressive for a 20 year old as they are for an 80 year old! The wide-ranging benefits of the Qigong practice include improving balance, lowering blood pressure, and even easing depression.

“Inner happiness actually is the fuel for success!” —John Hagelin, world-renowned Quantum Physicist and director of the U.S. Transcendental Meditation movement

In the book, Science of Being and the Art of Living, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi refers to Prana (Life Force) as the power of Being, which he explains as the motivating force of creation. Read these words again! Do you feel the power? I did not completely comprehend Maharishi’s words until I started my practice of transcendental meditation (TM). During TM, one receives automatically (regardless if you believe in a Higher Power or not) what is needed to operate at an optimal level. It may be physical, emotional, spiritual, or all three. In this practice, I close my eyes and repeat my mantra and consciousness does the rest. It’s that simple, yet the results, just as with Qigong, are profound.

Simplicity is key. Have we not heard this before in so many other areas of life? When something is complicated, we tend to detach from it no matter how promising the results. Isn’t that true? I can think of a dozen instances in my life where complication did not fit well with my lifestyle. It’s almost as if the body knows and it is directing us to what is optimal: simplicity and consistency.

As we continue to nurture Qi or Prana in our various practices, we reach our true nature or consciousness. It is at this point that many of us experience our realities and perceptions shifting. Through this transformation we truly start living. We elevate to a level of greater potential, growth, joy, fulfillment, love, and peace. Again, it’s simple and yet the results are permanent and profound. It’s truly a startling, life-changing moment that awaits you!

Everything in the universe has a frequency or vibration. This includes you, Yes, you! Your thoughts, feelings, and words are more powerful than you might have been told as a child. It is so powerful that your life experiences are a result of your frequency. In other words, depending on your frequency at any given moment, you are attracting varying degrees of positive and negative forces in your life. The Chinese remind us through their principle of yin and yang that opposites are always in play. So if you are feeling elated, then your frequency is positive and you are attracting more positive forces in your life. If you are feeling bad, then your frequency is negative, and therefore you are attracting negative forces. Again, the concept is super simple and makes sense. So what do you do to maintain a positive frequency when life happens?

“So many people don’t live for today. They are completely consumed with the future, and yet it is how we live today that creates our future.”—Rhonda Byne, author

In Rhonda Byne’s book, The Power, she explains that every single second is an opportunity to change your life. You don’t have to wait for that perfect moment. It is in the here and now. You decide and the rest unfolds naturally. You are that powerful. You have the ability to shift your frequency at any second of the day or night. But remember, for optimal results consistency is key.

Try this simple and easy technique that really helped me throughout the day: When life happens (You know what I mean; the kids are sick, you’re running late to work, you find out about a last minute meeting…) stop and go outside, or remove yourself from where you are at the present moment. Close your eyes and breathe. Breathe deeply for a few minutes until you are guided to open your eyes. This simple practice helped me overcome my negative thoughts. It was as if I automatically gave permission to change the channel. We become more aware and more willing to endure what changes are ahead. The results are positive, even though life happened.

Author’s note: I am honored and grateful this article gave me an opportunity to share with you a few ingredients from in my Living Vibrantly lifestyle, and I would love to hear about yours. There are so many wonderful tools and techniques waiting for you to explore and gifted teachers who would love to share with you knowledge and techniques. If I can help you on your journey, please contact me at Katica@livingvibrantlynow.com or at my office 727.560.8162. Keep celebrating life and celebrating each other!

Kathy “Katica” Rivera Wallace lives her own brand, Living Vibrantly. Katica earned her degree in business and marketing. After years of the corporate grind, Katica worked with her husband to grow their family business, as she continued volunteering in her community. Her naturally giving spirit was reinvigorated through these experiences, leading her on a path of self-improvement with an emphasis on gaining knowledge and certifications that would allow her to help others Live Vibrantly. She achieved certifications in Hypnotherapy, Qi Gong, Food Healing and Ancestral Clearing.  Kathy also studied and practices Transcendental Meditation (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi). Through her award-winning webcast, Katica: Living Vibrantly, that seeks to help her audience live a vibrant life by aligning body, mind and spirit. Visit www.katicatv.com.



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