We Are All Connected

By Sheila Murrey

While on vacation in 2003 I woke up early one morning with the words We Are All Connected in my head. Had I been dreaming? The phrase came through sharply—so bold, so powerful, it seemed someone had spoken loudly. I sat straight up in bed and looked around. There was no one else in the room except my husband, and he was still sleeping!

Had I received a “download” from Source? Had I received a blessing from the Holy Spirit? The words seemed to just drop into my head.

I hadn’t been praying, meditating, or seeking this “advice” so it was somewhat unsettling. I woke my husband to ask if he’d heard anything. He hadn’t. While happy for me, he simply suggested I go back to sleep. I couldn’t, though. I felt as if I’d been given a great gift, but I had no idea what to do with it! What did that expression mean? Who was all connected?

In the years that followed, I became aware of the saying We Are All Connected in many places: Oh, the synchronicities! I began collecting quotes, books, TV show dialogue, and movie lines when I read or heard the phrase.

One movie of particular note is Avatar. It’s such an amazing and beautiful representation of the connection concept:

The natives connect with the animals they ride.

The ground/plants light up when stepped on.

The tree of souls connects with the tribal people.

In the “real world” modern-day science is discovering and explaining how we’re all connected too! The “observer effect” is well documented, and if you search about it on the Internet you will find many examples. The short answer is if you are observing an experiment, even if standing behind a glass wall, just the mere fact you are observing it can impact the outcome. Natural wildlife researchers have noted that when observing animals in their natural habit, if the creatures smell, or in any way sense the researchers are watching, the experiment fails. Dr. Bruce Lipton, human biology and anatomy scientist, professor, and author states: “The observer creates reality.”

Here are some ways we may observe the connections in our daily lives:

  • Thinking of someone and that person calls.
  • You feel someone looking or staring at you—why?
  • Someone speaks to you in a TONE that irritates you.
  • Music stirs emotion in you.
  • Certain colors soothe you.
  • Someone you care about ignores you; it bothers you.
  • You see a bee, butterfly, dragonfly, or other creature and immediately think of a dearly departed loved one.

Some may not believe we’re all connected. To me, it’s an undeniable reality.

Why do we yell and scream at sporting events (“Go man, go!”) when there’s no way in the world the athlete can hear it, much less go any faster? Maybe innately we know if we root for our favorite guy, gal, or team—it CAN affect the outcome!

In the game of tug-of-war one team pulls the other off balance to win. They seem at odds but the rope connects them! Could a similar, unseen link occur among us through sound waves, frequency, or whatever “energetic pull” we have on each other within the invisible field of energy? We know electricity exists even though we cannot see it.

In author Gregg Braden’s Divine Matrix interview, he asked his class to “join hands” for a few minutes to “connect the circuit.” I have been saying this since 2004! During that year, I also prayed earnestly for a healing. Innately I was given the directive, “Put your hands together when you pray.” Afterward, I learned that members of every faith put their hands together when they pray or bow. Could this be why people hold hands? Is this another way we all connect?

Indeed, understanding “connections” allows for EVERYTHING to be of value. You can’t get it wrong! Love another because it feels good. Being nice feels good. Hurt someone and it can’t feel good, but it may be necessary for the other person to learn and grow. One time you’re the teacher; next you’re the student. Life is learning how to live in JOY recognizing and giving thanks for all things.

Allow yourself to wake up to new awareness. Embrace your intuition! Follow your instincts!

How does this work? Here’s a simple example: Not long ago I was experiencing an odd skin irritation. I began systematically eliminating foods, skin products, even new clothing, yet the condition persisted. One morning I woke up thinking about the water machine at work. I had recently increased my water consumption and—even though I had inquired about the machine and was told it was maintained regularly—it was worrying me. That morning, I arrived at the same time as a coworker carrying his own water. When I asked why, he said: “The water here tastes funny to me sometimes.” I immediately accepted his words as validation to bring my own. My skin cleared within a few days!

Do we function better from a place of connectedness? I think so. That said, I suggest we cooperate more and compete less. For example, if someone irritates you—say silently to yourself, “I love you. Thank you for causing me to make a better choice.” It will honor your connection to others and provide a space for resolution. It’s also important to recognize that time is a man-made construct. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that those who have walked the planet before may now live on another plane. Maybe we’re still connected to them, too? We carry our ancestors with us in our DNA. Could that be where instincts come from?

Different religions teach that we go different places when we die—purgatory, heaven, hell, or to sleep in the ground until judgment; however, ALL teach that people continue to LIVE someplace!

The Bible says,

“If we love one another God lives in us and His love is made complete in us.”

So it is better to unify than divide and “keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

We Are All Connected—someway, somehow. May you always find comfort in knowing and honoring all who are connected to you and may peace be yours—and so it is.

Sheila Murrey is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She’s a software technical writer and business analyst, with twenty years of information technology (IT) experience and education. When she was awakened by the words “We Are All Connected” one morning she knew transformation was coming. Not long after that occurrence, she naturally reversed asthma in her body! Sheila knows we can choose to live a long and pain-free healthy life without pharmaceutical medications. She writes for takeituponyourself.wordpress.com and Examiner.com where she shares information on holistic health modalities including: acupuncture, energy medicine, therapeutic essential oils, and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

This article is a chapter from the book Transform Your Life! written by 60 real-life heroes and experts and available at Amazon.com, BN.com, www.Transformation-Publishing.com and all ebook formats.


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