My Life Purpose

by Angelica Love


It’s the reason I am here.

It fires me up.

Figuring it out is like a puzzle.

It’s a “want to” not a “have to.”

It gives me energy the more I do it.

It’s me living as the source of my life.

It comes naturally to me.

I love it and I’m good at it.

It’s who I am and what I do.

I’ve been doing it my whole life;

and I never thought of getting paid for it.

It’s the expression of my Higher Self.

It comes from my soul and is expressed through my heart.

It is my divine purpose.

It’s the expression of my God-given gifts and talents.

It’s the reason I am here.


Angelica Love is a certified life coach and business coach.  She helps her clients produce FAST LASTING RESULTS in life and in business by applying cutting edge technologies for change. Her clients are primarily CEOs, business owners, business professionals, entrepreneurs, non-profits, spiritual seekers, lovers, artists, healers, and coaches. Love is also the founder of, a non-profit offering COACHING-by-DONATION for people in need. Call her for details at 904-377-7737.


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