The Beauty in Authenticity

By Anna Trishch

Self-empowerment comes from owning your life. A strong and happy person is authentic and genuine no matter what happens, and by being authentic you release everything that no longer serves you and connect with your true identity. Life treasures become available when you are aligned in harmony with your true inner Self.

Authenticity starts in the heart, when you fully embrace your life experience and your personality with all the victories and defeats.

You grow when you learn from mistakes. You progress by setting higher and higher standards. Once you admit imperfections and vulnerabilities, you know which way to move to improve. It’s ok to be imperfect. That’s the beauty of life.

Authenticity is a choice we have as a human being—one who can make mistakes and learn from them. Life becomes easier that way. Very often, the greatest benefits flow from ill fortune. Success usually results by learning from multiple failures.

Authenticity is the courage to admit that something is wrong. Unless you look your fears/problems in the eye, they will remain present in your life spreading negative energy.

Authenticity is accepting and loving who you are, but aspiring to become more. It doesn’t matter what you have or what you achieved—your life is precious and you are worthy. By loving yourself unconditionally, you attract powerful and pure energy that works miracles.

Authenticity is not playing the game of “looking good.”

Authenticity is not pretending. In life, you must wear different hats to develop your personality and perform the various roles required to fulfill your life mission. However, this is different from wearing masks—pretending and playing to be something you are not, which eventually alienates you from who you really are and deprives you of your personal power.

Authenticity is not worrying about what others think of you. Strong and successful people are never concerned about public opinion. Don’t waste your energy on anything that doesn’t serve you.

Authenticity is living your life, not fulfilling the expectations of others. You are the creator of your life. You design your life according to your dreams and aspirations. You don’t need external approval to feel good about your actions.

Authenticity is the courage to show up for life and live it.

Life opens up when you dare to pursue your dreams. Your life journey becomes exciting when you have a sense of purpose.

Authenticity is asking for what you really desire. You are not alone in the big world. The energy you put out is always returned. The universe always answers.

You have a gift called life. It is unique, amazing, and beautiful. It is up you what you do with it. Quite often there is treasure in the trash, a diamond in the rock, or a butterfly in the caterpillar. You discover your own gift by opening your heart, by being truthful with yourself. Your life path is engaging and thrilling when you are honest and genuine.

You were born to be real not to be perfect! That is the beauty found in Authenticity!

Anna Trishch is a lover of life, an author, a life coach and a public speaker. Coming from a very modest background in a small Ukrainian town, she faced many challenges and financial hardships as a child and teenager. Although Anna’s parents were loving and caring, they came from a victimhood mentality that did not resonate with her soul. A believer that we are the creators of our own life, Anna went on to study at Ostroh Academy, one of the best Ukrainian universities. Today, she speaks four languages and lives her dream life in Miami. She helps people to discover the universal truth about human greatness and unlimited human potential; it is never about resources, but always about resourcefulness. Visit her online at, email or call 786-768-4130.


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