The Path of Least Resistance

By Darlene Coleman

I happen to be lucky enough to live in Sarasota FL, which is located on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Last week, I had the pleasure spending a wonderful afternoon at the beach. While there, I decided to take a walk and stopped when I came upon a long section of large boulders jutting out into the ocean. I kicked off my flip-flops, made my way into the water, and spotted a low-profile rock where I could sit. I stayed for a long time with the waves lapping at my feet, just taking in the beauty all around me. My mind began to calm as all of the noise from the day melted away, and I felt such gratitude for the healing power of nature.

When I was ready to leave, I stood and started to exit the water, taking a diagonal route back toward my chair, which was different from my entry point along the rocks. After a short distance, I flinched in pain as I stepped down upon some broken seashells that were submerged beneath the surface. I immediately turned and headed back the other way. When I reached the shore, I looked down and spotted my flip-flops, lying there awaiting my return. I thought to myself:

“Had those shells not been there to steer me in a different direction, I would have forgotten my shoes!”

Life happens a lot like this story; it is constantly giving us signs and showing us the way if we only learn to pay attention. Could I have “toughed it out” and continued along the painful route? Sure, as we always have a choice and are in control of how much suffering we will allow. But how can we learn to see the early warning signs and alleviate potential suffering?

The answer lies in your vibration. By paying attention to how you are feeling at any given moment, you can determine if you are on the right path—and your feelings are your best indicator for where you are vibrationally.

For example, I wanted to go back to my chair on the beach, I was clear about that. There was a myriad of different paths I could have taken to get there, albeit some of them more painful than others. I then began to move forward until something got in my way—seashells in this case. Once my journey started to become painful I had a choice: Was I going to continue along this path or was I going to try some other way?

Of course, the choices we make in our daily lives obviously can hold much more importance then getting back to our spot on the beach, but the logic is still the same. When we find ourselves on a path that is painful or not working, how can we change to get onto the path of least resistance?

To begin, you’ll need some clarity.

Get as specific as you possibly can about what it is you want or are trying to achieve. Have an image in mind of your goal and what you will feel like once you have achieved it. The feeling part is the most important, as this will be your indicator as to whether or not you are moving in the right direction. Many find that making a list or creating a vison board can help with focus. You also should clear out the emotional noise and distractions in your life. The process of noticing how you feel will help you to remove or let go of anything that is not in your best interest.

Also, while it may be good to know what you don’t want, it is important not to keep your attention there. Focusing on what you don’t want will not only prevent you from having a clear vision of something to move toward, more importantly, it will create a vibration within you that will simply attract more of the same.

Next, you will need to move into a place of trust and believe that you will achieve or receive it. This place is called “alignment.” In reality, the only thing you ever truly need to do is stay in alignment. However, this proves to be tough for many. Too many times we get stuck in negative thinking. These negative thoughts are the old patterns and outdated beliefs that we have clung to for most of our lives, and they create resistance to our having what we want.

To change this, you must constantly be aware of what you are thinking and strive for the best-feeling thoughts at all times. That is the only way of assuring you stay in the highest possible vibration. This is called the “path of least resistance.” Maintaining this will take practice, but with time it gets easier, and once you realize that your thoughts are creating your reality, it will become your No. 1 priority.

A few popular ways of learning to control your vibration include meditation, yoga, and learning from spiritual teachers. These can assist you in changing your perceptions, thereby changing your beliefs, thoughts and, ultimately, your feelings. Other ways of raising your vibration can be something as simple as playing with pets or watching funny videos. Maybe get a massage or find a new hobby. Spend time with friends and family or, if possible, take a walk on the beach—anything that raises your vibration to a level of joy. Once you find yourself feeling good, ask for what it is you want, stay on the path of least resistance, and expect the Universe to deliver!

Darlene Coleman is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master/ Teacher, and instructor specializing in Neurolinguistics, Hypnosis, and Energy Healing. Her extensive studies in holistic healing have led to successful treatments relieving emotional and physical pain experienced by children, adults, and seniors. A graduate of Bennett-Stellar University, Darlene provides coaching services to clients ranging from athletes to writers, and is the author of the “I-Stop Smoking” workbook and addiction-cessation program. Darlene is also available for speaking engagements. Visit


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