A Tale of 3 Planets: Tomorrow, Your Vibrational Reality (Part 2)

By Natalie Rivera

(Recap from Part 1: Our past experiences—from birth through yesterday—exist on another planet called Yesterday. Today, and every day, we begin life on a totally new planet called Today. The only aspects of Yesterday that exist on Today are a blueprint, or a grid structure, which contains the “isness” of now.)

Unlike Yesterday and Today, Tomorrow isn’t a see-it, hear-it, smell-it, taste-it, touch-it planet. (Although, really, neither is Yesterday; it’s only a faded memory of a previous Today.) Tomorrow is like a holographic world of potentials—a vibrational reality—and it exists, eternally, within Today. Tomorrow contains your dreams and your desires, many of which have been accumulating for a long time, patiently waiting there for you to allow the space within Today’s grid to fill in with THEM rather than automatically filling in with Yesterday’s news.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is already there, and it always is. You don’t have to reach for it or decide it—it’s already yours. It knows who you are—in fact it IS you. The real You stands within Tomorrow and holds the torch that lights the way to your dreams.

It can be challenging not to fill in the empty spaces with old stuff. On one hand it is uncomfortable at first to feel the vulnerability of silence. Plus, Yesterday held a lot of your attention—some things more than others—and your attention to things pulls them from Yesterday into Today.

By accessing Tomorrow, you call new life into Today. You summon your desires and dreams into your reality. Each day as you practice your new story and listen for the call of Tomorrow, you will get better and better at muffling out the calls of Yesterday, begging to capture your attention and grab hold of your beliefs and write itself into your story of Today.

Hold steadfast to your pen. You are the only author.

Accessing Tomorrow: Your Vibrational Reality

Take out an imaginary pair of blindfolds. These blindfolds block out awareness of the physical reality around you—the world you can see, smell, taste, and touch—and allow you to see the vibrational reality—Tomorrow—that exists at all times both within and containing the physical reality in which you live.

Gently place these blindfolds on now, leaving an opening with which to see the words on this page.

Allow yourself to sense and see the vibrational world that exists around you. Just as sound and radio and light waves constantly move around and through you, which you cannot see, everything you have ever thought or imagined or dreamed or desired also has a wave, a vibration, which exists in this vibrational reality called Tomorrow—even if you cannot see it. Allow yourself to notice images, words, sensations, or emotions that begin to surface as you become aware of the desires and dreams that have been accumulating there. Current desires spin vibrantly like glowing orbs, alive with your intention. Long forgotten dreams, which have been pushed into dark corners of your mind because you didn’t believe they were possible or because it was too painful to want them and not have them, can still be found swirling within your vortex of Tomorrow.

Allow your desires and dreams to show themselves to you in whatever way you can see or feel or hear them.

Notice which ones stand out—they may be bigger or brighter or louder or warmer.

Notice which ones feel closest to you—either because they’re the easiest to reach from where you currently stand—you’re ready for them—or because you desire them with a great passion, even though you know it may not be time for them yet.

Notice others you once held that you had pushed aside or forgotten. Notice if they still contain a light of desire. Reach out and touch them, igniting their inner spark.

Notice if there are other forgotten dreams that are muted, distant, darkened—no longer calling to you because you truly no longer feel drawn to them. Bless them and allow them to either fade away or stay tucked quietly aside waiting to see if you ever want to re-ignite them.

Dreams never die.

Now, turn your attention back to those that are glowing and calling brightly. Allow them to come closer to you, as less desired dreams recede.

Notice which are within closest reach—the ones you feel it’s time to bring into your physical reality.

Reach out and grab one. Look at it… feel it… hear it… pull it into your body… feel it from within. Feel the emotions of experiencing it right now. Feel how real it is—how you can experience it in this vibrational reality (Tomorrow) just as much as you can in the physical reality (Today). You can feel it. You know it’s real, and it’s yours.

And then reach for another one—the one that feels closest and brightest… pull it within and feel it, experience it, as if it was already yours—because it is.

One more time, reach out and pull in a desire that you are ready for now… feel it from within.

Now take a final look at all that Tomorrow contains. See it spinning and swirling around you with so much power and energy and certainty that you have no doubt that all of these desires and dreams will one day come to you, when you’re ready to reach for them without resistance or doubt… when you know in your heart they’re yours and that it’s time.

As your sense of this vibrational reality begins to fade, you know deeply that when the sun sets it does not mean the sun is gone—it’s still there shining for you, if only you can remember to imagine it glowing on the other side of the horizon, to return again. In the same way, your desires and dreams are always there, spinning and glowing within your Tomorrow.

Slowly release or remove your blindfold now, and return to Today, knowing you’re not returning to the “real reality”—but a different one. Know that what you felt and saw and knew within Tomorrow is always there. Know that your true self always resides in this place, whispering and calling to you.

As you again become aware of your physical senses and surroundings and open your eyes, you see your physical reality in a way you haven’t ever looked at it before. You sense that the life circumstances you experience Today were all once inside your vibrational reality. You remember that Today contains only a blueprint or grid of Yesterday, which you can chose to fill in with your old stories or new ideas, actions and ways of life. You see how Tomorrow contains the infinite possibilities with which you can fill in your Today—should you choose not to allow the empty space to fill with Yesterday—if you remember to reach for your dreams and desires in Tomorrow, even when they cannot be seen.

Don’t give your power away to others who can’t feel the sun once it drops below the horizon.

They can’t see your dreams—they don’t know the dreams are real, and they haven’t seen your Tomorrow. They limit themselves to protect themselves, and out of concern for you they try to “talk some sense into you” and get you to believe you cannot have what you want. But, it doesn’t work anymore because now you know there is more to “reality” that what meets the eye—literally.

You embrace your true power—the power that creates worlds—YOUR worlds. You see how you create every Today with the decisions you make regarding how to fill in the framework of your blueprint. You create your life by dreaming and desiring and leaving space in your grid that can fill in with Tomorrow. You begin to see things right there in front of you that you once dreamed about. You feel drawn to the next step, you receive a sign or experience a synchronicity, you see a vision or hear a call. You feel what’s right for you and know if you follow what feels best in every moment, it’s like following a path that your True Self laid out for you. You can see the lights along the way. You can feel them.

In those moments when you feel lost, when you can’t see the light or find your path, know it’s always right below your feet. Take a deep breath and feel the warm glow of life within you—your inner spark—your gateway to Tomorrow, which is always open, always yours. Know that your dreams are always there, ready for you to remember and to believe—even in those moments that you can’t see them. Remember that life is meant to be enjoyed. You came here to tap your full potential, to have what you want, and to live your dreams because EVERYTHING is possible.

Through you, All-That-Is expands. It is your destiny to reach for Tomorrow.

You are meant to enjoy the journey, Today. It’s not about “getting there”—Tomorrow will never be. It’s not about accomplishing a specific desire or dream—it’s about who you become along the way. It’s about the joy and exhilaration of discovering the next insight, learning the next lessons, uncovering the next talent, hatching the next desire and becoming all of who you came here to be. Life is meant to be fun. Live it up! All you want is yours.

Natalie Rivera is a firestarter, speaker and entrepreneur. She is passionate about empowering others to GET REAL and live authentically. After a decade of living a life that wasn’t hers and developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Natalie let go of everything and completely transformed. Through her journey to healing she rediscovered her true self and greater purpose—to inspire others to transform their lives. Natalie “retired” from the rat race at 24, put herself through school as a freelance designer, created a non-profit teen center, and later created Transformation Services, Inc., which offers motivational speaking, curriculum development, life coaching, event management, and publishing. She is also the Publisher of Transformation Magazine. Visit www.ignitelife.me.


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