You Are an Infinite Being:Documented Clinical and Scientific Evidence Proves It

By Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

Documented clinical and scientific evidence by many respected scientists, physicians, psychologists, and university professors now clearly indicates that no one really dies. An afterlife exists for all or, more accurately, life is never-ending despite outward change. Many potential benefits—including personal and global transformation—accompany knowing this evidence.

Four categories of this evidence include:

1. Near-Death Experiences (NDEs): Tens of thousands of documented cases exist in which clinically dead persons accurately saw—while their eyes were closed and their bodies were in an ER or ICU—events that occurred around, outside, and even on top of the hospital. There are so many documented reports like this that they are called “tennis shoe stories” because patients have described odd objects on top of the hospital or other unreachable areas that cannot be seen except from above.

These cases are most impressive when they occur in blind persons and little children as reported by Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, Ken Ring, PhD, and a host of other researchers.

Further, 16 percent of NDErs have experienced life-previews in which they saw future events over which they had no control. As reported by Bruce Greyson, MD, and others, their visions of the future were recorded by doctors and, over time, unfolded just as seen during the NDE. Finally, miraculous cures, such as that of Anita Moorjani, author of Dying To Be Me, have occurred during NDEs and have been confirmed by pre-and post-medical records. To hear my radio interview with Anita, Dr. Moody, Dr. Schwartz, and other top consciousness experts, visit

2. Scientific Studies: Gary Schwartz, PhD—former Yale and Harvard professor, now at the University of Arizona—conducted repeated, double-blind, peer-reviewed, journal-published studies. His group of allegedly authentic mediums had an 87 percent success rate when psychically reading subjects they had no contact with. The control group had only a 23 percent success rate. The statistical probability of that difference occurring by chance is miniscule. Dr. Schwartz’s research has been closely monitored by other scientists, videographers, and magicians; none could find any flaws in his methodology.

Ian Stevenson, MD, chairman of the psychiatry department at the University of Virginia Medical School, researched the topic of children’s past life memories for 60 years. He and his research team substantiated over 3,000 cases in which children from all continents accurately remembered a past life. Their memories were documented in a number of ways including one or more sets of birthmarks that correlated with death wounds in the previous time and place.

Research on Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and its more advanced form Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) by Konstantin Raudive, PhD, and others also offers strong investigative support for life after death.

3. After-death Contacts (ADCs) have been experienced by over 75 million Americans: 25 percent of the general population, 66 percent of widows/widowers and 75 percent of bereaved parents. ADCs involve perceiving, with the usual senses or more ethereal ones, departed loved ones and occur in the waking and dream states.

Shared ADCs involve perception of the same contact by more than one person at a time. In evidential ADCs, information or evidence was obtained that could not have been known unless, indeed, a deceased spirit was making contact. These have been reported by esteemed experts such as Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, MD, and Carl Jung, MD.

The comforting and enlightening impact of ADCs is being more fully realized and utilized. For example, the bereaved parents group Helping Parents Heal ( actively discusses ADCs as a way to help grieving parents and family members awaken to the great news that the departed child is not lost or dead. He or she, in fact, is alive and well in another realm; it’s just that most humans, with their limited brains and sense organs, cannot detect their higher and finer energies.

4. Perinatal Experiences (PNEs) refer to awareness in the time period just before, during and after birth. Research by David Chamberlain, MD, Stan Grof, MD, David Cheek, MD, and others indicates that a wise and objective consciousness resides within the newborn baby. Experiences by children during the perinatal time frame have been accurately reported spontaneously or while under hypnosis. PNEs point to a preexistence of awareness, a consciousness that predates human birth.

Some parents accurately perceive this consciousness and communicate with it prior to conception, even when the child arrives by adoption. This awareness is especially helpful when the parents know beforehand that the pregnancy will not go full-term or will result in stillborn. As with ADCs, the comfort and expanded perspective that accompany PNEs are invaluable.

Taken together, this evidence leaves no doubt that you and everyone else are infinite spiritual beings having a very brief human experience. Put another way, there is no separation in life despite earlier teachings and understandings to the contrary.

You are not separate from God/Source Energy/Life Itself. You are an eternal being right now. There’s nothing you have to say, do, believe, or join to make this happen—it’s the way life is set up. The more you really get that, the more you see this earth-experience for the totally safe and magnificent adventure that it is.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions so you can deeply know you are an integral and infinite part of Source Energy/God/Life and enjoy the greatest life you have envisioned.

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, frequent media guest, chiropractic physician, clinical psychologist, and workshop leader who helps you know and show your magnificence in body, mind and spirit—no matter what is going on around you. Visit his websites at and for free radio shows, e-mail newsletters, articles, and special reports. To schedule a Soul Proof Experience workshop for your church or group or to ask Mark your toughest questions, contact him at

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