Understanding the Human Energy Being: Part 3: Your Transcendent “Body”

By Berenice Andrews

“…We are part and parcel of a single evolutionary current that is itself Spirit-in-action, the mode and manner of Spirit’s creation, and thus is always going beyond what went before—that leaps, not crawls, to new plateaus of truth, only to leap again, dying and being reborn with each new quantum lurch, often stumbling and bruising its metaphysical knees, yet always getting right back up and jumping yet again.”—Ken Wilber, The Eye of Spirit

How well Wilber describes the “work” that you—a modern soul searcher—will be doing, while you continue to explore the who (metaphysics) and the what (quantum physics) of you! Here you are, an incarnate energy being seeking “knowing” (gnosis) in the fullest (holistic) sense of that word. Having made it thus far, you are ready for the next “leap.”

Your “new plateau of truth” will be in your heart center of consciousness.

Your Heart Center

Please recall that it’s the feelings/love bridge connecting the “lower” and “higher” centers of the [your] human energy system. (See the July article.) As an animal soul, most soul searchers have already experienced the energies of their heart center, but only temporarily, because most of us are capable of loving (something or someone). Now, on your journey you can be assured that while you’ve been opening—with intent—to receive the consciousness energies generated by your heart chakra, your heart awareness has gradually been emerging. It’s the deepening “knowing” that your heart is multidimensional and that the bridge is only part of its immensity.

Your heart center is also a crucible for transmuting your animal soul consciousness into its true nature—that of humanness. And your heart center is a birthing cave, in which that beingness is gestated and delivered. (In this gnosis, you will “know” what Meister Eckhart meant when he referred to the Spirit as a “midwife.”)

And for an animal soul this can be an immense “labor,” both very difficult and excruciatingly slow, until the heart center has opened sufficiently to allow in the heart archetypes.

Then, that Teacher, Warrior, Healer and Visionary can transmute the “shadows” that have plagued you, expand your capacity for newness of being (while cleansing the crucible) and demonstrate their immense restorative power (while repairing the bridge).

With all of that to occupy you, your journey will require your continued, focused disciplines. But, thank heaven, this is not a tedious step-by-step progression up a never-ending, tortuous path.

While you are exploring (and healing) the who and the what of you as a consciousness energy being, you are being “visited” by the Spirit every step of the way. (See the June article.)

Gradually, your heart crucible, whose alchemical catalyst is love/Love, becomes the center of an immense repair work. Your wounded heart bridge becomes a restored soul structure of incredible strength and capacity. And your birthing cave-of-the-heart, glowing with its soft Love/Light, receives the upward and downward “flow” of the energies of causation—“Spirit-in-action”—that’s fostering your increasingly active transcendent “body.”

Your Transcendent “Body”

When some people describe the Spirit as “working” in you, as you, and through you, they are describing transcendence.

When they say that the path of the spiritual pilgrim is that of going toward, then with, then in the Spirit, they are also describing transcendence. Thus, your onward journey involves becoming “transparent to transcendence” (Joseph Campbell).

As a holistic energy being—a soul that is, in fact, inseparable from its “bodies”—the transcendent capabilities of your throat, third eye, and crown chakras, although often reduced to a mere flicker (or less) have always been “in-forming” you. Although your transcendent “dance” of Shiva and Shakti might not have been a blazing “production number,” those cosmic masculine and feminine energies were there. And in your soul searcher’s journey, you have come increasingly closer to becoming “clothed” in the “glory” that has always been awaiting you.

How has that happened?

Your Throat Center

Your throat chakra, mainly masculine energies, has been involved since your conception with your root chakra’s physicality. Indeed, your throat center has generated your “etheric double”—an exact, invisible (except to healers) duplicate of your physical “body”—a “matrix,” a spiritual blueprint…that has always guided your physical development. (So, when a cellular dis-ease, such as cancer, “happens” to you, it starts in the etheric.) Thus, your transcendent “body” generated by your throat chakra is the holistic partner of your gross (physical) “body.” (See the June article.)

But there’s more. Your throat center is an expresser and communicator that carries your power of speech. (What an animal soul does with that can often be horrendous!) Yet, on your Spirit-guided journey, that power of expression working in the downward causation can slowly foment your emerging, new “i-am.” And you can become an expresser of spiritual Truth, by “voicing” newly generated feelings and thoughts about you.

Since those changes, which are changes in consciousness, involve your beliefs, intent, and will, you are undergoing transformative changes in your subtle body. (See the July article.) And on this onward journey, you are slowly coming into an enduring commitment to voicing only what is authentic and real. All this time, while you are opening to the Divine guidance, you walk your walk and talk your talk.

Your Third Eye Center

At the same moment you, a holistic energy being, are also coming into your capacity for “visioning.” Herein, your third eye chakra, mainly feminine energies, is promoting (again, through the downward causation) an urgently needed ability to “see” into and beyond the limitations of this third dimension. In short, you are developing “insights,” especially into your emotional needs. (You are also starting to “see” into the thoughts that your animal soul emotions have been triggering.)

You are developing the capacity to turn your “vision” into a reality.

This is marked by an emerging ability to rise above the narrow emotions that not only restrict your capacity to see the Truth but also curtail the love for yourself that you require. In this journey into “knowing,” while you receive the truth about your “i-am,” you expand your heart awareness and shift into self-acceptance, regard, and love .

Meanwhile, your “seeing” capacity has made you an image maker that can take in the “Big Picture.” This is increasingly reflected in your loving relationships with others. Within that new awareness, which has gradually replaced your subtle body’s learned ignorance, you are radiantly “seeing” what your life can be. You continue surrendering to the guidance of the indwelling Spirit. You “know” more and more about the who and the what of you.

Your Crown Center

Meanwhile, an enormous “work” is being triggered by your crown chakra, both masculine and feminine energies (or neither). Here is the center of your transcendent mentality—your penultimate “knowing” energies of consciousness.

Herein, you are being made splendidly aware of the power of your ongoing surrender into the Spirit. Those sometimes lingering energies of your subtle body’s animal soul emotions and thoughts are finally being transmuted—not rejected or discarded—through your gnosis.

This is more than “mind” (despite the genius that humans can often display). It’s the creative consciousness that Valerie Hunt described so well. (See the July article.) It involves the modern metaphysics and quantum physics that are now on the “fringes” of “new thought.” That consciousness combines voicing and visioning, while creating a wonderful, new capacity for wisdom. It’s a wisdom far beyond what has hitherto “in-formed” humanity. It’s the great goal of a soul searcher’s journey. (See my various articles in Transformation Magazine.)

And one day you realize, that contrary to what’s commonly believed, your spirituality and humanity are one and the same.

Within your heart awareness there is the “knowing” that by being in the Spirit, you are in physical, emotional, and mental fullness-of-being. In short, you are “clothed with glory.” And, you “know” the ultimate paradox: You can surrender into both life and “death.”

Your “Dance” of Shiva and Shakti: Part Three

Here the metaphysics and the quantum physics that have been “in-forming” you reach their zenith. At this pinnacle, after those throbbing masculine and feminine energies have attained their highest vibratory intensity, they become what you have been becoming—Pure Light. Here, at last, is the unmistakable evidence that you were made out of the One Consciousness, Creative Energy.

And you “dance” ever-upward on this Earth plane. (Yet, please note, that this is an internal transformation. As a third dimension being, you will still not be able to leap buildings at a single bound!)


Soul searcher, what a journey this has been! And here you are, a multidimensional energy being/soul, who has finally realized that you are “little lower than the angels.” And when it’s time to move on, you do so “knowing” that the physical consciousness energies of you can stay to enrich this wonderful Earth, while the remainder finds its new abode, but never loses “touch” with all of who and what you are.

Berenice Andrews is a shamanic teacher/healer and a regular contributor to this magazine. To explore the ideas presented above in greater detail, please refer to her articles in back issues of Transformation Magazine and to her book: Rebirthing Into Androgyny: Your Quest for Wholeness…And Afterward. If you are interested in becoming her student, see her website: thestonecircleclassroom.com.


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