The Rustle of the Morning Glory

By Anna Trishch

Learn to embrace the majesty of nature.

Do you know how beautiful nature is in the morning? For me, there is nothing like a Florida sunrise. The sky is covered with sleepy, fluffy clouds reluctantly waking up and giving way to the light of the day. The city is still sleeping. The twittering birds and chirping grasshoppers create the melody of the morning. Oh, here they are, the first beams of the rising sun, spreading the golden light across the sky and reflecting all their beauty in a pensive lake.

During such moments, we are in alignment with the harmony of nature, and we nurture our soul, awakening the best in it. Unfortunately, most of the time people are too busy to “stop and enjoy.” They run, struggle, output enormous effort, fight…not realizing that constant pressure leads to frustration; it burns energy and doesn’t feed their emotions in a healthy way.

We all know the role of positive emotions (simply feeling good). They define our willingness to take action and affect our performance level, which, in turn, directly influences our results and achievements. And the level of our achievements (it doesn’t matter if it is career, family, or personal growth) defines the quality of our life. The power starts with simply feeling good about ourselves.

Where do positive emotions come from? From little but meaningful things that create a difference in the bigger picture. Very often we forget that greatness is all around us. How many times do we enjoy the sunrise/sunset? The birds twittering and fluttering nearby? The rustle of the wind? The smell of the roses? The waves tumbling over the shore? The light breeze cooling off the humid summer air?

How many times do we feel grateful for having the ability to enjoy these little wonders? How many times do we say “thank you” just because we are alive?

Open your eyes to observe without judgment and feel gratitude. Nature is always willing to share her majesty with you. Surrender and show your trust to the universe. Sometimes it is essential to loosen your grip on the external world and look for deeper meaning. This is the place where awareness comes from and you get that glimpse of the bigger picture. Being a warrior in life fighting for your place under the sun doesn’t always bring victory.

“The best soldier does not attack. The superior fighter succeeds without violence. The greatest conqueror wins without a struggle. The most successful manager leads without dictating. This is called intelligent nonagressiveness. This is called mastery of men.”— Lao Tsu, Tao Teb King

We all need to ask ourselves from time to time: “Do I feel grateful for what is versus wondering what will or might be? How often do I feel defensive, find excuses, blame others, and reinforce negative patterns of thinking? How often do I nurture my soul? How often do I feel joy over the little things?” Those are the questions to ponder in the quest to become aware.

Behind awareness lies power, as we manage to take total responsibility for everything that occurs in our life. We become aware that we (with our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs) are the source of all events in our life. We are the source of failure or success.

If the world is a mirror, why don’t we choose to see gold in the reflection? Why don’t we fill our heart with the golden sunlight?

Anna Trishch is a lover of life, an author, a life coach and a public speaker. Coming from a very modest background in a small Ukrainian town, she faced many challenges and financial hardships as a child and teenager. Although Anna’s parents were loving and caring, they came from a victimhood mentality that did not resonate with her soul. A believer that we are the creators of our own life, Anna went on to study at Ostroh Academy, one of the best Ukrainian universities. Today, she speaks four languages and lives her dream life in Miami. She helps people to discover the universal truth about human greatness and unlimited human potential; it is never about resources, but always about resourcefulness. Visit her online at, email or call 786-768-4130.



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