Healing the Past: The Third Option

By Vivian Amis

Confronted with a problem or difficult situation, most of us tend to choose from two options: we either fight it or ignore it. There is, however, a third option, and that is to see the challenging experience as a blessing. While it might not look like a blessing first, a door of discovery opens when we adopt this attitude because every experience can push us toward our higher good.

The “third option” is truly a key to reveal and lift us up into the space where healing and blessings take place, and it is a simple, yet profound, technique of healing the past. It is a method of moving away from hurt and pain by bringing our attention into the present moment of “being blessed.” Instead of dwelling in the past, bringing our focus into the present will bring about a desired change in perception and, in turn, our life.

What we seek…we find.

Now look to a past problem or painful situation and truly ask yourself: “How was this experience a blessing?” This question is like knocking at heaven’s gate. By asking, you will be able to cross the threshold and move away from any hurt and pain already experienced. You will move into the present moment, which holds the Gift of Life. The goal is to truly see the blessings in your life right now. You are the person you are today because of your experiences—all of them.

Even though suffering is painful and wrong deeds are committed by and to us in life, when we move through the issues we are blessed by seeing a bigger picture through a power greater than ourselves.

The Third Option has the ability to undo years of damaging thoughts, words, and actions within a few minutes. It can lift us up and out of misery and bring about healing in all areas of our life by:

  • Helping to build loving relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.
  • Facilitating physical healing of illness and diseases.
  • Opening us up to receiving new ideas and opportunities for success.
  • Creating an environment for emotional healing of depression, anxiety, stress, anger, and fear.

The “third option” can be applied to any problem you may be encountering in your life right now. Your perspective creates your reality through interpreting experiences. Choose to create blessings by looking beyond surface appearances and ask for Higher Guidance.

Simply keep asking yourself:

How was this experience a blessing?

Vivian Amis is a teacher of Spiritual Consciousness and author of I AM—The Key to Manifesting. Vivian lives with her husband and four kids in Tampa, FL. For more information about her teachings, upcoming classes, and articles, visit www.VivianElisabethAmis.com, email Vivamis123@hotmail.com or phone 813-347-0918.


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