Most Thoughts Are Not Your Own

By Lisa Turner

Tips for boosting your immunity to harmful thought-forms.

The law or attraction, esoteric magic, quantum theory, and studies of the mind accept that we create our reality based on our thoughts.

So why is it that we can think the perfect reality in our minds, focus on our goals, positive outcomes, and what we want all day and night, and yet we STILL manifest a load of problems in our life? Why don’t we manifest what we want? Why do people treat us badly? If we’ve all been thinking such positive thoughts, why are we in the worst recession for years?

Why do bad things happen even when we have been thinking good things?

The answer is that many of our thoughts are not consciously generated. In fact, up to 99 percent can fall outside of our conscious awareness. It is impossible to become conscious of all our thoughts, so we need other ways of controlling and mastering them.

In addition to those unconscious thoughts, we are also bombarded with “thought-forms” from all around us because every thought is radiated out into the universe. When a strong thought combines with high energy it is called a “thought-form.” Thoughts actually take form in our mind, which effects our emotions, and then they form in physical reality.

This is great if a thought is what you want. But what if it is a thought that you don’t want?

How Can You Ward Off Unwanted Thought-Forms?

The power of a thought-form to penetrate our mind depends on several things: its energy, our energy, our thoughts, and our emotions.

Everyone is sending out thought-forms all the time.

Although many are sent out without the senders even being aware of what they are doing, they can be used consciously. The power of a thought-form can be increased with certain energy techniques—and they can be used to heal or to harm.

If your energy is higher than a thought-form it will bounce off you, but when your energy is “lower” than one, you can absorb it and start thinking it as if it were your own. You may never know where the thought came from.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for staying immune to harmful thought forms:

Do raise your energy. Breathing is a great way to do this.

Don’t waste your energy on protection. Creating a barrier of protection requires energy to build and maintain, so in the long run it will drain your energy further. Instead, focus on keeping your energy high and clear.

Do meditate to increase your spiritual energy and mental clarity.

Don’t accept the thoughts and beliefs of others. Any time you hear a belief or thought that you know will limit you in some way, make a conscious choice to ignore it.

Do become aware of your emotions. Keep an emotional journal. Every time you feel an emotion—positive or negative—detail the time, situation, and what caused you to choose to feel that emotion. This will help you to track your internal thoughts and the external triggers for your emotional responses.

Don’t blame others. Any time you blame others you weaken your energy. In fact, you are giving your energy to them when you do this and it increases their ability to send you thought-forms. This is true even for people you don’t know, e.g. the government or those in the financial services industry. Don’t feed them with your energy!

Do take responsibility for your own thoughts and emotions. You have a choice about every thought you think and every emotion you feel. No one else is in charge of your mind or feelings—you are.

Don’t blame yourself. You current situation was created in the past. If you knew then what you know now, you would not have created a negative situation (if you happen to be in one), but you didn’t, so blaming yourself is self-destructive. Blaming yourself for your past choices stops you from taking action and making better choices that will create a more positive future.

Do start making better choices by increasing your awareness and self-awareness. Pay attention to your experiences, life, and how you feel. Any time you feel an emotion ask yourself what caused you to choose to feel that way.

Don’t deny the way you feel or suppress your emotions. If you feel a negative or painful thought, allow yourself to feel it and learn to identify the source of your emotions.

Lisa Turner is a Master Spiritual Trainer and founder of Psycademy, where the most successful and empowering intuitive coaches on the planet are trained. Check out her free personal transformation resources at



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