Accomplish Your Goals with Hypnosis

By Kathy Rivera Wallace

“It is really amazing what people can do. Only they don’t know what they can do.” ~ Milton H. Erickson

“What is hypnosis? How can it help me?” When I meet people for the first time and they discover I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am asked these questions over and over, and I love it! I know they are usually curious at a minimum, and most likely seeking a change in their life. Typically the next question is, “Can you make me quack like a duck?” People have heard or seen this “trick” in Las Vegas and on TV and wonder if it’s possible. I chuckle as I recall the number of instances when I said, “Well, yes, of course! If you want to quack like a duck, then you will quack like a duck. If you don’t want to quack like a duck, then you will not quack like a duck. It’s that simple! You always make the choice!” The expressions on their faces range from curiosity to humor.

Before I share with you what hypnosis is, I would like to start by telling you what it is not. Hypnosis is not control over you, your mind, or your actions. Someone who is hypnotized is in full control, aware of the environment, and completely capable of making decisions. For instance, if you are a person who would not rob a bank in a normal state of mind, then you cannot be told to rob a bank while under hypnosis. Your neural blueprint will reject it. This blueprint is a mental code that is uniquely yours. According to A. M. Krasner, Ph.D, founder of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, “Hypnosis cannot make the individual do anything. It only helps the individual to accomplish the goals he sets for himself.”

Hypnosis is a science that follows specific criteria and protocols. Dr. Milton Erickson, an American psychiatrist and psychologist who specialized in hypnosis, stated, “Hypnosis is a state of intensified attention and receptiveness to an idea or to a set of ideas.” You are relaxed, but very aware of your surroundings. In this serene state, you can accomplish your goal, as long as the belief and the desire are present. In other words, you must believe that hypnosis will help you with your goal for it to work. Doubts and fears are obstacles that need to be addressed first. I typically speak to clients over the phone first or grab a cup of coffee with them before I agree to do a session. I want to address all concerns and questions; I then make an assessment and decide if they are ready or need more time, information, etc.

During this screening process, we discuss goals. What does the individual want to achieve through hypnosis? I have clients who book sessions for stress reduction, weight management, physical aliments, chronic pain, academic excellence, past lives, self-confidence, smoke cessation, overall wellness, etc.

Did you know that Hypnosis is the oldest, drug-free remedy for chronic pain?

Many people are curious as to what hypnosis feels like. “Will I go to sleep? Will I be drowsy when the session is completed?” These are great questions. The more questions that are addressed the better the outcome. People are usually surprised to learn that they are in hypnosis hundreds of times in their life.

Let’s say you are driving and you are lost in thought, maybe daydreaming of what happened last night, or about an event next week, and you miss your exit. That is hypnosis: the selective thought was daydreaming and you bypassed the critical part of your thinking that was navigating the route.

Another example I like to use is when you are at the movies. You get emotionally connected with the story; you may cry or get angry, as if these events were real. You actually suspend your critical and rational thinking and go into selective thinking, which is an hypnotic state.

Some individuals may fall asleep; most are in an altered state, very relaxed, but aware of their surroundings. Yes, thoughts are fine in hypnosis. This is another common question, as many people feel they can’t relax because their thoughts are racing. As you start relaxing, your mind eventually will tune out those thoughts naturally. Nothing in hypnosis is forced or controlled; it’s a very natural process. After being hypnotized, you will feel invigorated, rejuvenated, and energized. People love it! They are amazed how refreshed they feel. Did you know that your body thinks it has rested for eight hours after a session in hypnosis? It’s really amazing!

During a session, visualization is used to help people relax, while simultaneously visualizing attaining their goal. Sometimes, an individual will not remember the session, and that is ok. We are working with the subconscious mind, which accepts the suggestions throughout the session. Many times I think of hypnosis as meditation with a tour guide. After relaxing, the suggestions are taken in by the subconscious mind. The rest unfolds with time.

I am grateful for the people I work with who share their journey with me. I am honored to be a witness of their progress. I love to see their excitement as they see their goals coming to fruition. They continue to inspire me in my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and in my brand. Hypnosis became a platform in my growth. After I saw the benefits in my life, I decided to get certified and share this gift with others, which has been an amazing journey. Through hypnotherapy, I got healthier, became more mindful and spiritual, and all these things became a part of my lifestyle. This lifestyle has unfolded to a brand that I now call, “Living Vibrantly Now with Katica.”

I look forward to connecting with you! Blessings and gratitude!

As Erickson said: “Trance is a natural everyday experience.”

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Kathy “Katica” Rivera Wallace lives her own brand, Living Vibrantly. Katica earned her degree in business and marketing. After years of the corporate grind, Katica worked with her husband to grow their family business, as she continued volunteering in her community. Her naturally giving spirit was reinvigorated through these experiences, leading her on a path of self-improvement with an emphasis on gaining knowledge and certifications that would allow her to help others Live Vibrantly. She achieved certifications in Hypnotherapy, Qi Gong, Food Healing and Ancestral Clearing.  Kathy also studied and practices Transcendental Meditation (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi). Through her award-winning webcast, Katica: Living Vibrantly, that seeks to help her audience live a vibrant life by aligning body, mind and spirit. Visit


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