Understanding Your Human Energy Being: Part 2–Your Subtle Body

by Berenice Andrews

We are ever-changing contradictory thoughts-feelings: love and hate, peace and passion, intelligence and ignorance. Now which is the me in all of this?…Who is it that must understand these contradictory and conflicting selves?…The truth of it can be experienced only when [they] are understood and transcended.—Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986)

These words are an accurate description of an “animal soul” (you or anyone else) at the next phase of the journey into “knowing” (gnosis). (See Part One of this article in the June issue.) Having ventured into and explored the consciousness energies of your gross (physical) “body,” you are now quite ready to deal with your “contradictory and conflicting selves.” Then, let us continue to delve into the metaphysics and the quantum physics required by a modern soul searcher… the who and the what of you…a holistic energy being.

Your Subtle “Body”

In this lifetime, you have been shaped by the feelings and thoughts energies that constitute your subtle “body.” Those soul structures are a paradox, for they are both physical and nonphysical. And despite their chemical and molecular “composition,” they are not usually visible (except in their often-drastic effects on and in your other “bodies”). Invisibly, your subtle body carries immense powers that (as noted by Krishnamurti) can be in conflict within themselves and with each other. And they can be totally bewildering, both to you and to others! Hence, they shall be described separately, before they are presented together in the “dance.”

Your “Feelings” Energies

Most of your subtle body’s feelings energies actually existed before your conception into this lifetime. Living in the astral plain as echoes of your past lives, those feelings could have come into this lifetime to help you evolve into a higher level of “knowing.” Or, they could have entered as a less-exalted part of your Life Plan. Whatever their purpose, at your conception they mixed and mingled (but did not merge) with the feelings energies of your physicality.

Please note that all those feelings, ranging from the “lowest” vibrations of animal soul (fear, rage, lust, etc.) to the “highest” vibrations (love, bliss, ecstasy, etc.) of a human energy being were present when you were born. But only those feelings energies of the lowest vibration being generated (mainly) by your sacral chakra and its predominantly feminine (input) energies would have the greatest impact.

Why? Because your “higher” feelings, although present, were also in another dimension and awaiting their turn. (This “paradox” is an indication of your quantum, holistic nature as an energy being.)

And your healing journey as a soul searcher would involve changing (by raising) the vibration of your “lower” animal soul energies. You would do this by opening to receive the other “higher” consciousness energies, especially those of your heart center.

[To anticipate my August article teaching about the heart center: it is the feelings/love bridge connecting the “lower” and “higher” centers of the human energy system. When there is a heart bridge malfunction, there is a large measure of lovelessness informing an animal soul. And in a holistic system, the results are a reciprocal problem involving the “lower” chakras, especially the sacral.]

Thus, an animal soul’s feelings energies can be all that Krishnamurti described and more! Pre-birth and early childhood experiences, “shaped” by the perceptual filtering system, can deposit a huge store of buried feelings. Those structures are “darkest obscurities” (Khalil Gibran) that can form their own dominant patterns.

By age five, when the sacral chakra is independently “operational,” it could have generated feelings energies strong enough and large enough to constitute an “emotional body” mainly outside of an animal soul’s awareness and control. Thus, there can be an inner enslavement described in Buddhism as “The Wheel of Samsara” and in many of the Grimm’s (for-adults-only) fairy tales.

Needless to say, the more difficult part of your journey to enlightenment is not with your gross (physical) “body,” but with the emotional component of your subtle “body.”

Your “Thoughts” Energies

In the meantime, from before your birth, the other component of your subtle “body” had slowly been coming along. Generated by your solar plexus chakra’s predominantly masculine (output) energies, another “body,” a mental body, had been developing.

Although it “partners” with the emotional body, your mental body vibrates at a different and higher range of frequencies. It also matures much later in your lifetime. And therein lies the fundamental challenge facing you as a soul searcher. Because form follows consciousness, the huge power of a dysfunctional emotional body can greatly hamper the development of a healthy mental body.

The research of Jean Piaget and others would indicate that at mankind’s present stage of evolution, the onset (if it happens at all) of truly human emotions lags far behind that of “thought.” (Actually, there are millions of years of evolution separating them.) Thus, it’s nothing short of incredible that most peoples’ subtle “body” mental component has developed to the extent that it has…at least in the context of science and technology.

Age regression studies have indicated that even in the fetal stage of physicality, a “mind” can be present (but not strong enough to deal with any overriding emotions). And for the 20 or so years after birth, that mental body could be developing into a splendid consciousness energy. It’s obvious powers—analyzing, abstracting, conceptualizing, integrating, imagining, remembering, anticipating and contemplating—are truly awesome (and they can continue developing throughout a lifetime!)

The potential of a mind that can span the universe in an instant has also been described by Valerie Hunt and others. A human energy being is capable of “being” in several “places” at once! Then, what’s preventing this from happening?

Again, the who and the what of an animal soul can provide the answer.

Although there is a period of time when a newborn is symbiotically connected with its mother, the whole thrust of healthy mental body development is on becoming an independent “i-am” consciousness. In short, the ego (as late as age two but mainly earlier) is struggling to emerge. Why? It’s because an animal soul requires an identity. Humans (who are a “little lower than the angels,” don’t forget!) require a connection, sooner or later, with the “I-Am” that is Spirit. Seeking that connection is an essential part of the evolutionary path. Gradually, an animal soul comes to realize that “knowing” that Consciousness in, as, and through “me,” is the true purpose for being here.

In this quest, the soul searcher is both developing and receiving (another paradox!) assistance from other very powerful mental body energies: first, there is intent. It’s part of the microcosmic “i-am” and it’s the attentiveness with which the searcher “knowingly” brings about inner change. Second, there is the will. Although it can carry a strong emotional ingredient (as can an unfocused intent), the focused will along with the intent can come into increasing alignment.

Thus, that “higher” selfhood (the human “i-am”) slowly emerges. In other words, the feelings can start to “partner” with the thoughts in a balanced “dance.” And the soul searcher’s ever-changing and contradictory “selves,” that are actually emotional/mental body disconnections, slowly cease to dominate.

With this comes a corresponding change/shift in the “personality.” What a trilogy that is! The person, persona, and personal attributes that were there all along and are uniquely “me,” also express the “partnering” in the subtle “body.” Thus, the onward progress of a soul searcher also involves dealing “knowingly” with that energy—with the wonderful possibility of becoming.

And there are yet other vital consciousness energies to consider. For countless centuries, beliefs have been the most powerful component of mankind’s subtle body. And beliefs have played the leading role in most of mankind’s disasters. Holistically hooked into the perceptual filtering system and solidly part of an emotional body, yet always part of the “mind,” beliefs “shape” most (if not all) of the who and the what of an animal soul. Thus, the soul searcher’s (your) healing journey of transmuting those energies requires your focused “i-am” awareness, intent, and will.

Yet, it’s all worthwhile. For the resulting “dance” will indicate the metaphysics and quantum physics that have been in-forming you.

Your “Dance” of Shiva and Shakti: Part Two

In that new “dance,” the consciousness energies of your gross “body” physicality can flaunt their glory (see the June article), while your subtle “body”—the Shakti (feminine) and the Shiva (masculine) energies of emotionality and mentality—enfold and enhance all those primary colors and sounds. Holistically “together,” they can generate an immense “field,” pulsating with the whirling and interweaving energies of you: a constantly changing spectrum of light.

There—the subtle root chakra’s bright red—joyously, riotously dancing with the flaming creativity of your sexuality—the flashing orange of the subtle sacral chakra feelings energies, which are whirling wildly over, around, and beside the less exuberant, more cautious, even controlling, thoughts of its partner, the subtle solar plexus chakra, with its clear yellow feelings energies constantly leaping, gyrating, happily, sadly with the subdued thoughts yellow powers of emergent “will” and “intellect.” There, the subtle heart center’s glowing, pulsating green, slowly expanding love feelings energies becoming “thoughtful,” even empathic, while the brilliant blue of the subtle throat chakra’s feelings words outpour—communicating, holding and connecting with the gleaming blue thoughts, those understandings of healthy beliefs. There, the sparkling, scintillating purple of the subtle third eye chakra’s feelings insight energies gently pouring over and around calm, purple clairvoyant thoughts, while the glowing white exogenous crown energies—dazzling—burst with the deep, clear “knowing” of Spirit-guided feelings and thoughts.

What a dance…your dance…could be emerging!


You are truly an amazing creation with your own in-born, creative capacity.

When Paul, the Apostle wrote: “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, thought as a child and acted as a child: but when I became [an adult] I put away childish things,” he could have been referring to the vibratory changes experienced by a soul searcher on the journey into enlightenment. It’s yet another paradox…both amazing and ordinary…the metamorphosis from animal soul into human…so fervently sought by Krishnamurti.


Berenice Andrews is a shamanic teacher/healer and a regular contributor to this magazine. To explore the ideas presented above in greater detail, please refer to her articles in back issues of Transformation Magazine and to her book: Rebirthing Into Androgyny: Your Quest for Wholeness…And Afterward. If you are interested in becoming her student, see her website: thestonecircleclassroom.com.

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