There is More Than Enough

By Darlene Coleman

The other day, my friend and I were out about town running some errands when I luckily spotted a much-coveted and, might I add, rare parking spot right in front of the store I was patronizing. As I happily pulled into the space I exclaimed in delight, “Thank You God!” My friend’s head whipped around quickly as he stared at me in disbelief. “How could you waste a prayer on something like a parking space?” he quipped. I explained to him that I had, in fact, not said a prayer for the space, (although I have many times in the past). I had merely expressed my gratitude upon receiving it. He continued to chastise me for the next few minutes upon the importance of

“Saving your prayers for something important.”

Coincidentally, a few nights later as I was watching comedian Kevin Nealon perform his stand-up routine, he also referred to someone “wasting a prayer.” I began thinking about the perception that many people may carry about there somehow being a limited amount of prayers and, more importantly, blessings. As if the creator of all that we know to exist would somehow put limitations on our own ability to receive anything—regardless of how small or trivial it may appear to the next person, or how big…For instance, how many times have we fantasized about something we would love to actualize in our own lives only to immediately think, “That will never happen to me?” We seem to have taken on the belief long ago that it was somehow wrong to be abundant and that, for a multitude of reasons, we don’t deserve it and, last but not least, there is only a very limited amount to go around.

I say “poo” to that. I believe we can have whatever it is that we BELIEVE we can have.

I say we deserve to be abundant, that we deserve to thrive, that we should be grateful for every single little piece of awesomeness that shows up in our lives, like a prime parking space, and that there is more than enough for everyone!

Darlene Coleman is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps who was meritoriously promoted twice and honorably discharged. She went on to a career as a professional paramedic-firefighter in the greater Washington D.C. area, where she also hosted the local television program, “Fire and Rescue Digest.” She has completed extensive studies in holistic healing that have resulted in the development of successful treatments for relieving emotional and physical pain experienced by children, adults, and seniors. A graduate of Bennett-Stellar University, Darlene works with a variety of clients, ranging from professional athletes to writers. She is also the author of the “I-Stop Smoking Workbook” and addiction-cessation program. Contact her by email:


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