Angel of Miracles: How My Special Needs Child Awakened My Soul

By Emily Rivera

In life we each have events that line up in synchronicity to create a path to self-awareness and clarity, bringing us closer to understanding our Soul’s purpose. Throughout my life I felt drawn to work with unique children—those who had been labeled as “special needs.” This included mission work with Deaf children, doing an internship as a Varying Exceptionalities Assistant, volunteering for the Special Olympics, and teaching as an Exceptional Student Education Teacher. Each position and experience was covertly preparing me spiritually, physically, and mentally for what was to become part of my reality as the mother of a special needs child—and it has always been comforting to embrace and acknowledge this Truth.

During my pregnancy, her little soul would offer insights through dreams about her upcoming challenges. There was a re-occurring dream, in which she would lay peacefully within my arms, as we floated in an ocean of chaos and within a storm; her little self always at peace and us both safe and loved inside a white box of light. From the beginning, she encouraged me to have faith—before I even knew I would need it.

In 2002, this beautiful soul was born, and her name is Kaitlyn. At birth, all went smoothly, giving little indication of the challenges that would later afflict her physical and mental development. During the first years of her life she quickly revealed her gifts to love and be joyful, but with them came many “struggles,” as she faced challenges in eating, moving, communicating, and persevering through extreme medical emergencies. There were moments during her hospitalizations, procedures, and close calls with death that I would wonder if her little soul was deciding if it had made the right choice in being here. I would pray and beg for miracles, in hopes that whatever had overtaken her ability to thrive would be cleared.

As my awareness expanded into understanding my life purpose, myself, the Divine, and well-being at a deeper level, I found myself moving past the fears I had felt during her moments of pain and illness.

She was to become my biggest teacher and the catalyst to develop my intuitive potential—my Angel of Miracles.

The most challenging of experiences revolved around her seizures, which began shortly after the age of one. The energy seemed to take hold of her frail body and create a variety of movements that appeared both painful and uncomfortable. They became so common in the evenings that I began to dread the night; sleep became an elusive companion at times. These seizures and her undiagnosed condition of Mowat Wilson tested me in ways that perpetuated emotions of despair and helplessness—until I became more available to the Divine light that was revealing itself within all these experiences. Kaitlyn’s own presence always seemed to reflect peace and freedom, regardless of what was happening, and this inspired me and gave me courage.

After a few months of seeing no progress with her, I decided to delve fully into the realms of the soul. I sought out teachers and took time to sit in silence for an hour every day waiting for God to speak. Hearing God’s voice had been part of my life since childhood, and even though the guidance and answers always appeared in perfect time, I intended to align to God and my intuition in a way that would grant me access to immediate guidance to know exactly how to care for my daughter. I had reached a point where I no longer had the strength to continue to see her suffer.

The guidance began to pour in. The ability to tangibly see, hear, and feel the messages and the light of God at work expanded, not only in our lives but for those around me. Witnessing powerful experiences that reflected Divine Love and healing became more prevalent. Below are two times that Kaitlyn’s medical condition catapulted me into states of surrender and palpable peace, beyond the chaos of the moment.

The breath was gone:

It was already night and I was home alone with my girls. Kaitlyn began to twitch. I laid her on her side and waited a few minutes in hopes that her seizure would be short; it had already become part of our routine. But the seizure continued too long, so I called the ambulance. By the time it arrived and her stretcher was placed in the ambulance, she began to turn blue. Even though I held a composure that gave me the strength to act, I felt so lost in the moment. My baby girl stopped breathing, her body depleted of oxygen, and no signs of hope. I watched from the front of the ambulance as the paramedics diligently worked on her body. All I could do was plea within my mind for God not to take her. As I watched, I felt a presence of love near me and heard a voice say, “Just breathe.” Archangel Michael was by my side, and I felt a wave of peace overtake me completely. He then guided me to, “breathe for her.” I took in a deep breath and felt my lungs expand and fill with light. In that instant a paramedic in the back yelled, “she’s breathing!” In a miraculous way, God/ Source/Creator had allowed me to breathe on behalf of my daughter, enabling her to continue the breaths that followed.

CO2 levels were not regulating:

The beginning of the night was similar to the one I just shared, but this time her body was not releasing the carbon dioxide from within her lungs. She was being poisoned by her own body’s inability to let go, and she was already blue and unconscious when they identified the problem. At the hospital, the doctors and nurses told me they would have to make an incision on her throat in hopes that it would help her breathe. I felt lost, with glazed eyes, unsure of what was happening. I reached over to hold her hand and pleaded for God not to take her. In that moment, I saw and felt in the room what I have come to call the Holy Spirit. It held me in an embrace and I felt the moment freeze in time. The doctors, nurses, and even the sounds of the equipment were still. I stood there looking at Kaitlyn and I heard a voice say, “Breathe for her.” Once again, I took in a deep breath, and I simultaneously saw her chest rise and she began to cough. She was back; her breathing and color returned to normal.

Through these and many other experiences I have come to understand that we can be surrogates of love and healing in powerful ways. My greatest challenge was a portal to better understanding the expansiveness of my Soul and the Truth of God’s eternal Love. In closing, I encourage you to understand in your heart that what we perceive to be our greatest challenge can become the perfect fuel that ignites our spirit to reach up to greatness.

May your inner phoenix rise with grace and ease!

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Emily Rivera is a national speaker, consultant, and spiritual counselor who lectures on the power of eternal consciousness, energy, and serves as a channel for the Ascended Lights. Her popular events and readings offer insights and guidance to people all over the world. Her unique, multidimensional approach is truly empowering and brings forth exceptional clarity, healing, and inspiration for enhanced personal awareness and achievement. Emily knows we can change both our personal destiny, and that of human existence, when we awaken to our soul’s potential. By applying her techniques for making direct connections with innate wisdom, many report being propelled into a powerful paradigm shift. Visit

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