Lighten Up Your Life and Let Go of Ego

By ForeZorba Vikash Kumar

Are you too serious, especially in your work? If so, your ego is in the driver’s seat, holding you back from enjoying the ride of life in the NOW.

I work with many companies and managers, and often tell me that they would like to promote a light and happy work culture, but they have concerns that if they do it will compromise productivity, cause accountability to suffer, and make it difficult to promote discipline.

Why is it that directing a serious person can be easier than managing someone who is lighthearted? It’s because of the ego. When it steers one to be serious, that individual tends to become easier to influence. Most people want to be viewed as a “good,” even if it is at the cost of their happiness. Thanks to ego, they become predictable and reserved in their actions and thinking.

Ego, which is a component of mind, confines us like nothing else and becomes a motivating force in many ways.

Hammer people’s egos long enough and hard enough, and they will easily fall into the routine of society and the status quo.

Holding back or restricting something in our life often is much easier than going with flow. However, when we continually confine the flow of happiness we build a dam around our existence, and we miss out on bliss in the NOW. We become a walled-in person who will behave in a certain way in a particular situation. How often, for example, do you see a serious person dancing, singing, jumping around joyfully, or looking at flower? Indeed, ego can be the death of spontaneity and creative curiosity.

However, if we force this type of frivolous behavior on our self or others, the result will not be genuine bliss in the NOW. It will be just a performance, with the “actors” only pretending to be lively and happy.

We all have problems in life that make us unhappy, but too many people are addicted to seriousness and trapped in their ego/mind.

They are resisting, denying, and suppressing any pain they are in, and so they are constantly attempting to get somewhere “better” instead of resting with the pain, giving it love, and being with what is.

In response to this dilemma, I suggest you make your one of your main purposes in life to accept yourself as whoever you are. Imagine you are a flower dancing in the wind and spreading the fragrance of your life for others to inhale and enjoy. Embrace laughter in the process. Laughing makes one light of spirit and being serious makes one heavy. Laughing is letting go and seriousness is restriction. There is an old saying that a serious man can push a cart, but a man with a laughing belly cannot perform the task. To counter this premise I ask, is it easier to read and comprehend something while happy and laughing or while in anguish and despair?

Sincerity is not seriousness—and sincerity is required if we are to pursue our life purpose and work with integrity and joy.

Embrace playfulness and make a place for humor in your endeavors and put your ego in the backseat to allow your spirit to drive your passion and help you reach your highest potential in all areas of life.

Vikash Kumar, who is well-known as ForeZorba (Leader of Energetic Youth). He is a strategist, counselor and development consultant. The founder of Mantra with Zorba (MWZ- ForeZorba offers counseling, consulting, training, and meditation. He transforms and empowers people with psycho-dynamism, rather than using the traditional approaches of providing advice and talk therapy. He is voracious reader, ceaseless thinker, and an ardent writer with thought-provoking articles on many subjects published in magazines worldwide. For more information visit: or e-mail:

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