Releasing Ego and Learning to Live From Spirit

By Jami Lin


Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

It’s one of my husband’s favorite mantras, and it’s among many words of wisdom he has shared with me over the past 29 years. Some time ago, I thought I was happy and I was experiencing great success. I taught all over the world, had my books flying off shelves, and every weekend I was off on another teaching adventure. I was having a blast, doing exactly what I wanted to do in life. However, while I was living in outward beauty, I was always questioning my inner balance. The artful, metaphysical sciences that I love and share no doubt were (and still are) an extension of me, yet they were not my identity. I questioned, “Who am I?”

As life flowed, my ego and I journeyed down an eight-year rabbit hole of self-inflicted turmoil. It started with trusting a webmaster who couldn’t deliver my vision. No matter how deep my love, passion, and success emanated from Feng Shui and ColorAlchemy, it was still my identity and outward expression. My heart and spirit were broken (or so my ego trapped me in that illusion).

In addition to all the sleepless nights and wasted energy, retrospectively, there is no doubt that I gave myself (over-the-heart) breast cancer.

I questioned my essence and how to be happy even during life’s challenges.

Then in 2013, with one cancer-free year a fleeting memory, my ego was attacked by another person. The incident damaged my livelihood and questioned my reputation— the emotional hurt and broken trust were very real. The injustice and personal attack were as tangible as the cancer, and through sleepless nights,

I recognized my egoic illusion of needing to be right was repeating negative and destructive patterns within me.

At that point, I made a decision that my Spirit was not going to die in seeking justice for what I believe to be fair and/or making sure that others are accountable.

The Journey of Understanding

I traveled to India and sat at the feet of a real-deal guru. I toiled over the right questions in hopes of getting a glimpse into life’s mysteries. Ignoring the notes in my hand, SwamiJi spoke in Hindi-heavy, toothless English. Having to listen with keen focus and great fascination, he spoke as if he read my mind—as if he was teaching my Feng Shui class- as I always include this simple explanation…

An east-facing House is hotter in the morning—with the sun rising in east.

A west-facing House is hotter in the afternoon—with the sun setting in the west.

Align with the consistent energies of Heaven and Earth

(specific to how your home is aligned and designed)

to LIVE Heaven of Earth.

SwamiJi spoke in galactic proportions, without earthly limitations. He asked, “What is east and west?” and “How do you determine time if you are standing somewhere in space?” Immediately, I heard his point…but did I understand?

With a twinkle in his eye, one that revealed the light of his soul, SwamiJi said, “I see you have questions for me.” Immediately he filled the room with joyful laughter, and I couldn’t help but laugh along with him through happy, aching cheeks. At that moment, I gratefully considered the metaphysics of the unseen.

My thoughts then turned to the secrets of ColorAlchemy (do-it-yourself color healing): Perception activates mindful consciousness through the color sequence of rainbows (the vibrational science that differentiates color) and Ayurvedic chakra wisdom. When a rainbow magically appears, the universal ColorAlchemy of the mind pauses Time. As I learned through my years practicing interior design and Feng Shui, the alchemy of color (and a can of paint) instantly transforms Space too.

Even Time and Space are perceptions that may not be metaphysical reality.

“SwamiJi, I got it!”

So what does “how I want to live” depend on? Truth became so simple, I discovered a new reality beyond time and space.

I integrated my husband’s wise words with SwamiJi’s underlying message…

Do I want to be Right or Happy? Do I want to live in Ego or Spirit?

Right = Ego / Spirit = Happy

Spirit isn’t responsible for fixing what I perceive to be broken, especially at the price of breaking myself. The essence of Spirit is the accountability of being happy, maintaining honor, integrity and BEing authentic with a kind heart…and THAT is enough. THAT is my identity…in ALL Space and Time.

Om Tat Sat/Soham

in the Absolute Truth Circle

I Am That, I Am, That I Am, That/You are the same as I am

You hurt me, I hurt you? No, you are the same as I. Let’s LOVE the same in THAT sacred place.

Sure, I will continue practicing singer John Mellencamp’s powerful message, “You gotta stand for something or fall for anything,” and I invite you to do the same. Sometimes ego provides the necessary courage to be a ripple for positive change. Do what you can do while holding Spirit close. Let your voice be heard…and listen when your heart says, THAT is enough.

Perhaps, within Spiritual joy, your reflection (the essence that you emanate) may be a stepping stone to help fix what is broken merely through living by example. Re-spin the cycle…I love you. Can you love me?

Why does the concern, if you love me, even matter? Living in wait, want, and wonder are thoughts of egoic illusions that block happiness. Let it go…Spirit doesn’t care. Spirit wants you to Be Joy and to Live in the Present. Your Soul Essence IS Happy, why waste THAT by allowing your ego to be in control of… well, NOTHING.

Even though I am grateful to improve the lives of thousands of people through Feng Shui and ColorAlchemy, still being human, I experienced great internal battles and life-altering health issues in order to self-actualize SwamiJi’s greatest joy. Laughing in recognition false perceptions leading to personal evolution. I am honored to share the secrets with loving intention for you to get to know your Spirit faster than I did!

I believe love for self and respect for others are Spirit’s primal manifestations. Other life priorities that assist Universal birthrights to happiness are:

  • follow your passions
  • have purpose
  • consistently hold your dreams
  • be authentic to yourself and others
  • stand in integrity
  • play hard at work
  • work hard at play
  • never settle for anything less than your best
  • forgive yourself and others
  • always wake up with the intention of being better and happier than you were the day before

And, walk (the talk) with a bounce in your step and smile on your face.


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