A.G.E.: The Keys to Making Every Day a Celebration

By Dr. Mark Pitstick

During the holiday season, you have an opportunity to more deeply remember that you are
a wise, infinite, special, and powerful being of energy/spirit. No matter what is going on around you, you can vibrantly reflect the great news that Jesus and other religious teachers shared.

At age 80, my dad—a great man and one of my best friends—was diagnosed with severe leukemia and given four months to live with a prognosis of shortness of breath, bleeding, and extreme fatigue. But he said, “Don’t feel bad about this. Everyone has to die sometime. The Lord and I have an agreement. I’m going to move on before it gets too bad.”

He always handled every challenge in life magnificently and decided the only way to win this one was to check out ASAP. Dad had a prior near-death experience after his second open-heart surgery and was given an opportunity to enter the Light. He declined because he wanted to finish some service projects and spend more time with my mom and the family.

So, we figured that he already had the ticket to the next realm in his hand; he only had to hand it to the conductor. He crossed over just eight days after his diagnosis, an awesome display of how much control we have in life and death.

During his last waking hour before his passing, it was obvious that his soul was already slipping away and he was feeling the bliss of living in full awareness of spirit. The hospice nurse said that he wasn’t on any medication that would cause euphoria or delirium.

Here’s how Dad described how it felt: “I feel the best I ever have in my entire life. Everything is very smooth, like I’m covered with plastic. Everything feels soft. It’s soft all around me and I feel soft—like a new towel that hasn’t been washed yet.”

Other excerpts from among his last words:

“If something in life doesn’t work out how or when you think it should, don’t worry about it. Everything happens in God’s time and in God’s way.”

“Don’t be afraid of dying or anything in life. The Lord will never put more on you than you can carry.”

“I’ve had such a great life, so many wonderful experiences, a loving family and so many great friends. I’m so blessed.”

We talked and laughed until he felt tired and wanted to take a nap. “You guys are talking me to death,” he said. Vintage Bill Pitstick humor.

We all gave him a big hug and kiss. He told us to watch for a hawk on the drive home. Dad loved hawks and always spotted them wherever he went. He said, “I love you all,” gave us a big wink, and closed his eyes for the last time. What an exit!

On the drive home, a huge hawk flew so close in front of us that we almost hit it.

Here are four important lessons I learned from my dad:

1.  Love with all your heart and don’t hold back.

2.  Let your inner light shine brightly and serve others with every fiber of your being.

3.  Enjoy every precious moment of every day, even the little things and the rainy days.

4.  Always remember that there’s nothing to be afraid of since you are always walking with God/Universe/Spirit.

After dad died, I was alone with his discarded body and cried my heart out. Yet, at the same time, I was aware of lighter feelings. Then it dawned on me, in addition to sadness, I was feeling several other emotions:

Anticipation of seeing him again here and in the hereafter

Gratitude for all our great years together

Elation that he was free of his aged body and is enjoying a wonderful new phase of forever

Over time, I realized that those are three keys to celebrating every day! Yes, sometimes sad, difficult, or discouraging events occur, but that’s just part of the picture. Just remember the acronym AGE and the importance of seeing the big picture when you encounter one of life’s changes that feels like a loss. (This insight is an example of wisdom you can gain as you get older, thus the acronym AGE.)

This formula can be used for different situations so you can enjoy each day, even during the “sad and bad” times:

With a financial loss:
A = anticipation of making more money or, at the least, someday living in a dimension where money isn’t needed
G = gratitude for the money and material possessions you do have
E = elation that you have made it this far

For a broken relationship:
A = anticipation of seeing each other again, although maybe not on this planet
G = gratitude for all your good times together
E = elation that you both can enjoy a new phase in life because, in part, of the growth and lessons gained during your time together

When broken dreams occur:
A = anticipation of new dreams and better outcomes in the future
G = gratitude that some of your dreams have worked out in the past
E = elation that you are learning important lessons and how to create the greatest life of your dreams

When your health is seriously impaired:
A = anticipation of better health in the future or, if you die, not needing your body anymore.
G = gratitude for your health in the past
E = elation about what’s working well now

As always, let me know if I can assist you or your loved ones in any way.

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, is an author, radio show host, frequent media guest, chiropractic physician, clinical psychologist, and workshop leader who helps others know and show their magnificence in body, mind, and spirit. Visit his website at www.soulproof.com for free radio shows, e-mail newsletters, articles, and special reports. View his workshop schedule at www.soulproof.com/workshops.html. To schedule a Soul Proof experiential workshop in your area, contact Mark via email at: mark@soulproof.com or call 740-775-2189.

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