Money Magnets in the Twilight Zone

By Sylvia Edmonds

And now, for your comic relief, an irresistible touch of woo-woo. This is a true story…

On a brilliant, sun-filled afternoon 10 or so years ago, a friend and I entered the 17th St. Paw Park in Sarasota, FL, with her young, bouncing Aussie and my sedate, elderly German Shepherd. They were BFFs who had lovingly adopted each other.

Little did we realize we were also entering the Twilight Zone! As our girl dogs went off to socialize, we ambled around the length of the park and shared our issues. Today’s topic du jour was the state of our finances and what we could do to improve it.

In an inspired flash of enthusiasm, I blurted out, “Hey, let’s do an affirmation!”

Maybe it was the sparkling, open space all around us or some innate sense of adventure that sprang from our depths, but she grinned and agreed. We headed for a covered picnic table, parked ourselves on top, put up our feet on the bench and watched our two beauties settle into the cool, shady earth. No one else was around.

And so we began, “I’m a money magnet.” “You’re a money magnet.” “We are money magnets.”

We grew loud and rambunctious as the chanting took over our minds, erasing the haunting fears that echoed though our bodies. Oh yeah, we became true believers with the sheer volume of our voices! Timeless time passed; our rhapsody ceased spontaneously. And in that stillness, the miracle appeared.

“Look who’s here!” My friend broke the silence to welcome a generic, medium brown dog who magically appeared at our table. The handsome boy-dog happily nosed our two gracious girl-dogs and wagged his tail respectfully to us. We petted him, making him welcome.

“How ya doin’, boy?” I noticed his jade green eyes.

A young couple came into view, clearly the people of this beautiful dog. There were smiles all ’round, for we dog people were as friendly as our dogs.

And there it was, the Twilight Zone. The young woman called out, “Here, Money. Come on, Money.”

I kid you not! The obedient dog cheerfully trotted over to her, as she offered him a doggie treat.

My friend and I stared at each other, wide-eyed and speechless.

“MONEY! That dog’s name is MONEY!” We howled uncontrollably until the tears came. “We are money magnets!”

I’m thinking, here we are in a dog park and the magnet magic worked! What if we had done our chanting in a bank!?

My friend amazingly had the presence of mind to ask, “How did Money get his name?”

The young man replied, “It’s his eyes. They look like money. Plus, he is such a blessing in our lives. We are rich to have him.” And away they all went.

We had never seen him before, and we never saw him again. Personally, I think he was an animal angel who showed up to remind us who we are. For sure, the Money that I magnetized that day reminded me to value my relationships and to stay open to Life’s great mysteries. And maybe most importantly of all…to lighten up and laugh!

Sylvia Edmond is the founder of Touch For Animals, a practice focused on service to dogs and their people. Her work and personal experiences include many years as a psychotherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist for two-leggeds, grief counselor, petsitter and pet companion. Sylvia also offers grief counseling for end-of-life issues. As a former hospice bereavement counselor, she brings an especially tender touch and understanding to families that are anticipating or who have already experienced the loss of a pet. For more information visit:

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