Nature & The Divine: A Call for Reverance

By Elizabeth Egan

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset, or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.”—Gandhi

Nature and the Divine…how can the two be severed? For through my eyes, they are the reflection of one another. Whenever I find myself wrapped in the mysterious blanket of Nature, in all its wonder, sounds, and intricate detail, I sense I must be gazing straight into the mind of the Creator.

It seems the ancient ancestors and cultures of Earth knew this union well, and honored the vibrations and transitions of Gaia with reverence. The cycles of the sun, the moon, the waves, the seasons, all held a secret significance to those who could hear and interpret its whisper. Humanity seemed interwoven with the ebbs and flows of the natural world, and knew its place within such a miraculous tapestry.

Nevertheless, with the dawn of reason, humanity seemed to begin its journey toward empowerment, leaving behind the mastery of intuition and emotion, for the perceived greatness of the mind. As science developed, and attempted to explain the world in which we found ourselves, sleepiness came to linger over our consciousness, and soon the mysterious had been explained out of life, leaving amnesia to settle over our innate, inherited abilities. We traded intuition for scientific knowing, and ancient natural remedies for prescription drugs. The exploitation of our planet and its resources has been a direct result of the loss of reverence we once held for the world that sustains our lives. It seems that, as a species, in our quest for power and wealth, we have become more of a force of nature than a component of its spiritual fabric.

Too often, we lose sight of the fact that if it were not for the sacred union that exists between ourselves and the plants that surround us, we could not even take a breath.

Look up at the sun and feel its warmth. It sustains all life on this earth. It powers photosynthesis, all feeding relationships, wind patterns and the water cycle. Shall we just look at it as merely a hot ball of Hydrogen and Helium gas? Look at a drop of water. It is an odorless, colorless liquid made up hydrogen and oxygen, but it is also the liquid of life. It sustains our existence, while bringing healing and vitality to our lives, and the lives of all members of the plant and animal kingdoms. Its gentle sounds lower our stress levels, and it holds the power to reshape the contours of earth’s landscapes. What’s more, after the astonishing results from Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments, we have discovered that water even has the innate ability to reflect in form the image of our thoughts and words. It is the ultimate evidence of the cosmic truth that “all is one.”

Without water and sunlight, all life would perish from the earth. It is important to understand the chemistry of the Universe, but with that must come a deep respect. For it is the language the Creator uses to construct magnificence.

I believe there is a new dawn upon us now, one that will unite both the heart and the mind, both intuitive knowing and scientific evidence. We are embarking upon a great human journey, where science will now prove what the ancient cultures had known all along. A global reunion is taking form between the Earth and her creatures. We are starting to awaken to a deeper understanding of the natural world, and the Divine language that is spoken within every molecule of our existence.

The language of Divine Intelligence pulsates through every star, every leaf, every molecule, and every atom. It is around us and within us. We are the life force of Divine creation, and it is our cosmic responsibility to rebirth a reverence for our world and in so doing, a reverence for our Creator. It is up to us. We can bring the awareness of nature’s mystery and spirituality to the conscious minds of the new generations. We can reacquaint ourselves with the mysteries and marvels of the natural world. We can ignite a passion for all living beings, a love for this planet, and a harmonious existence between science and spirituality. We must shape our consciousness, for it is only through compassion and unity that our planet can heal.

Elizabeth Egan is a 6th grade science teacher, Reiki Master, and spiritual singer-song writer with a passion for learning and teaching about the infinite nature and wisdom of the soul. She has spent her life singing in spiritual settings, and last spring released her first album, INSPIRED, in which most of the songs were self-composed. You are welcome to visit Elizabeth’s blog for inspiration, thoughts, prayers and meditations any time at

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