Attracting Your Divine Mate

By Emily Rivera Andrews

In early June, I was blessed to witness and officiate the union and marriage of two beautiful souls. There are moments in one’s life that reveal so eloquently the Divine’s signature of love, and for me this ceremony was one of them. Their souls reflect a perfect eight, an infinity sign, within their blending of lights. I see this symbol when twin flames, ideal soul mates, or basherts, connect. It is a relationship with infinite possibilities in the areas of Love, Joy, Creation, and Expression—unique and complete individuals coming together to create in a combined form. They are souls that thrive and awaken each other’s potential and encourage through patience, kindness, and peace. A kind of Love that reminds us why we each feel a desire to connect to our own Divine Mate because, when aligned to that partner, beauty, expansion, joy, and inspiration are revealed.

Through synchronicity, during this month I was able to share with many individuals advice on how to connect to their Divine Mate, a wisdom and guidance that I would like to extend to my readers today. The notes provided herein are the words and visions given during my meditation in response to questions about soul mates and Divine Mates. I have narrated a more detailed explanation within the parenthesis. If guided, you can access the event’s recording by visiting my website

May your hearts be filled with love, your minds with clarity, your lights with harmony, and your lives with flow.

How can individuals align to their Divine Mate?

“Is about aligning to that, rather than the lack of it. It’s about aligning to the truth that the exchange and conception is already at play, in a state of continual engagement.”

(Aligning to the truth that you and your Divine Mate are already aligned and connected. Exchanging lights and love in many forms. Energetically engaging in ways that enhance and enable the uniting of physical forms. When they said conception, I saw a vision of a soul in the womb communing with the soul of its Divine Mate. With an exchange of love, the two souls connected and, within that state of awareness, each conscious presence witnessed the different potentials regarding how they would meet each other through their life journey.

Each of our souls has had this exchange. It is a revelation that we each have within our own awareness and subconscious; it is the knowledge of our reunion in the physical form with our Divine Mate. It is the reason that, when Divine Mates meet, they can consciously experience a remembrance that is not only part of the soul’s awareness, but of the mind’s as well. That being stated, we each have free will, and within that free will we have countless possibilities. Our free will can delay and/or align us to different soul mates and/or that Divine Mate in different ways within different time frames. Whether we meet or not, we are continually and actively engaging with each other’s soul. All in its own perfect Divine harmony.)

What can individuals do to connect more consciously to their Divine Mate and help hasten a meeting?

“Connecting energetically to this light, soul, and presence.”

“Engaging with the flow of this powerful love.”

(There are meditations and energetic exercises we can do to connect to our Divine Mate. These are further explored in my events and in my recordings.)

“This allows the self to align to the hidden knowledge that is inherent and available; hidden to most conscious minds due to the fallacies that have been taken from the collective’s whole idea of the self and loving relationships.”

(As individuals consciously engage with the inherent truths of the soul and Divine love, we can more powerfully break free from the negating patterns and/or beliefs that have been acquired from our human experience.)

“Open all your keys to loving… Each individual has a role to play that you feel drawn and connected to.”

(After hearing these words, I was shown a vision of the angels and the Holy Spirit tweaking our inner codes and inner keys, making individuals more available to their Divine Mate. In other words, helping to accelerate the process of availability and assist in the physical manifestation of this sacred love. These are energy centers within our bodies. When connecting with others, these energy centers respond and activate through the exchange. Certain individuals turn certain keys, but maybe not all the keys that are required to create an honoring alignment. It’s important to understand that, at times, certain keys require turning and activating by specific individuals to help us become more available to our Divine Mate. That means every connection you are drawn to experience has a Divine purpose, even if that relationship it is not with your Divine Mate.)

What is the purpose of relationships?

“To perfect one’s loving. There are individuals who connect to soul mates that have a pull from a different source.”

(The purpose of our journey is to learn to better love and be loved. Some individuals feel drawn to each other due to a connection that is guided by inner fears, doubts, insecurities, negating patterns, or false beliefs. When this occurs, it creates a false illusion of Divine Mates connecting, and the couple then finds themselves in struggle and dishonoring circumstances.)

“The energies in conflict create a whirlpool of change as they try to reengage into an alignment between the both.”

(When drawn from a different source.)

What are soul mates?

“Rays of light that have agreed to come together, unite in writing their story.”

How can people speed up the process for the arrival ?

“How can one play with Divine timing?”

“Energetic aligning is a plus, but understand the true gift within the encounter.”

(Divine timing.)

What can individuals do to connect to their soul mates sooner rather than later?


(Converge means to meet at a point, to come together, as if to incline towards another. As we choose to consciously reconverge, we are choosing to remember we are already communing with our mate in a multidimensional way. As we reconverge, we are aligning to the remembrance and the experiences that will enable us to better and more quickly connect with our Divine Mate in the physical form.)

In moving forward, what is to be understood?

“A hidden fear for most that one will be alone.”

“Unsustained by another physical partner.”

“A fear of un-fulfillment with an intimate friend.”

(Release these fears.)

“Understanding there’s no paralysis.”

“Offering highest and best.”

(There is no lack of movement; we are in a state of moving forward. And with that, we need to offer the best of ourselves in every relationship and circumstance.)

“Complete and whole individuals.”

(We are each complete and whole, and this process is about embracing that truth and making it part of our reality.)

“When these individuals are harmony in vibration, the two energies become one.”

Blessings on the journey to find your Divine Mate.

Emily Rivera Andrews is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and an Angel Manifesting Master Practitioner. Emily shares techniques that have helped her become a Gifted Intuitive, Intuitive Channeler, Healer, Manifester, and Angel Communicator. To ask your Angels a question, visit


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