Channeling: Our Inherent Ability

By Berenice Andrews

Isn’t it interesting that even in this 21st century, there can be such a reaction when people, especially the young, demonstrate “psychic” abilities such as “channeling”? Yet, that ability is inherent in all of us from the moment of our conception. Shall we explore that idea?

Consider this, in every moment of your life’s journey you are immersed in a “quantum sea” of consciousness energies (the Soul Field). Then consider: that you live and move in the Soul Field like a fish in its boundless watery habitat. Now consider that the word “channel” denotes a conduit—a pathway not only of substances but also of energies, information and communication. Finally consider that as an incarnated energy being—a soul—your “bodies” are designed to function as a multidimensional communication network consisting of interactive channels for both receiving and transmitting the consciousness energies of the Soul Field. (Indeed, your “bodies” are made out of them!)

This, then, will be an exploration of your immense generativity and wonderful possibilities as a human energy being.

Your Physical “Body”

From the moment of your conception, your root chakra was driven by its survival imperative and guided by the indwelling Spirit to generate your physical “body.” In the uterine environment, that center of consciousness networked with your throat chakra matrix to “read” your genetic coding. Meanwhile, consciousness energies flowed from your mother through your umbilical cord and from other dimensions through your root chakra back. All these energies—as information—were carried by your energy system’s main channels and meridians to be utilized by your generative root chakra. And in this manner, your physical structures were gestated, all of them imbedded with and constituting, channels (referred to as blood vessels, neural pathways, canals, ducts, membranes, cavities, roots, pores, etc.) After your birth, these channels continued to perform their functions in your multidimensional communication network.

Your Emotional “Body”

At the moment of your conception, your astral energies of emotionality triggered your sacral chakra. That center, driven by its emotional imperative and guided by the indwelling Spirit, began interacting with your root center and generating your emotional “body.” During your gestation, you constantly received the feelings/energies—healthy and unhealthy—originating in your uterine and external environments and flowing through both your umbilical cord channel and your energy system. Meanwhile, you were receiving energy/information from other dimensions through your sacral chakra back. And all those feelings/energies (including some from your past lives), formed the “grooves” imbedded in your emotional “body” structures.

In your post-partum environment, they continued to develop. You expressed your emotions outwardly with your actions, especially by sound in which your throat chakra—your expresser channel—was vitally involved. So also, were your heart center (the channel for transmitting and receiving the energies of both hatred and love) and your third eye center (the channel for “visioning” and receiving the celestial energies of bliss).

Thus, you generated your physical and emotional “bodies,” amazing structures designed to function in a multidimensional communication network, whose interactive channels have always carried the energy/information that makes you healthy or unhealthy.

In the meantime, you had generated your mental body.

Your Mental “Body”

From your moment of conception, you were gestating the mental structures generated by your solar plexus chakra. It was driven by its mental imperative, guided by the indwelling Spirit and receiving information through the back. Meanwhile, your mother’s thoughts were flowing through your umbilical cord. All this energy/information was pouring through your energy system’s channels. Now, can thought energies, especially those mixed with intense physical and emotional energies, be received by an unborn child? The answer, according to age regression studies, is “yes.” Indeed, both before and after your birth, the energy “tracks” imbedded in your mental “body” and interacting with the physical and emotional channels of your multidimensional communication network can trigger both physical and emotional reactions.

And your mental “body’s” tracks/channels are also transmitters. It’s possible to channel/project your thought power outward and, thereby, make immense changes within and beyond this dimension. That’s because your network has also been in-formed by your spiritual body.

Your Spiritual “Body”

Actually, since you are entirely an energy (i.e., a spiritual) being, a better phrase would be “your transcendent body.” This is the transcendent physicality, emotionality and mentality generated, from the moment of your conception, by your throat, third eye and crown chakras, guided by the indwelling Spirit. In a healthy external and internal environment, your enormous possibilities could be realized. Within your holistic energy system, the spiritual imperative of those “higher” centers could impact on your “lower” centers, while that system’s main channels and meridians carried the “higher” consciousness energies downward through your heart center “bridge.” And your inherent capacity for channeling could be expanded. Thus, you could be involved in “spiritual” practices such as grounding and meditating (your “lifelines”), “spirit journeying,” guiding the “dead” across the Bardo, and being a medium for receiving the consciousness energies of deceased persons and/or discarnate spirit “guides.” Those possibilities—the potential in evolutionary spirituality—would make your life’s journey a wonderful adventure.

We are All Gifted

Although most people assume that only a few “gifted” ones, especially children, can “channel,” the truth is that this ability resides in every human energy being. After exploring these ideas, perhaps we could conclude that we are just at the threshold of realizing who we are and why we’re here. Since we’re constantly channeling consciousness energies as information, anyway, we could perceive our life’s journey as one that involves the synchronistic “work” of healing and evolving spiritually. And we could become aware that there’s really nothing “odd” about tapping into our channeling power and learning to use it to make this world a better place. After all, humanity has already been using that same power, unknowingly and unwisely, for centuries!

Berenice Andrews is a shamanic teacher/healer. For her teachings, consult her book Rebirthing Into Androgyny: Your Quest for Wholeness, And Afterword and her web site,

[Author’s Note] To learn more about the “quantum sea,” read Ervin Laszlo, Science and the Akashic Field and Lynne McTaggart, The Field. For more information about thought power, read Valerie Hunt, Infinite Mind. For more about age regression, read Stanislav Grof, Spiritual Emergency. And go from there.


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