Change Your Beliefs, Change Your World

By Jonathan Mathews

Our beliefs do, directly, create our world. Whether those beliefs are positive or negative, they affect us accordingly. Most of our beliefs are actually others’ limited beliefs that were imposed upon us from THEIR limited, outdated and, in all probability, dysfunctional world view. This is a very empowering message!

Personal freedom begins with a commitment to know the truth. Most of our beliefs and assumptions aren’t true. When we understand that, we can master those beliefs that hold us prisoner and limit our potential.

We change the world around us by focusing on what’s inside of us. We have the ability to modify or change not only our bodies, but our immediate environment; it is impossible to observe anything without becoming part of it and affecting it.

By changing our beliefs, NOTHING is impossible!

As I see it, the insanity in our world is the result of a belief system that is grossly flawed.

To change our beliefs is to change our identity, which our egos, our lower natures, relentlessly resist. We must be committed enough to unite as one with all that is, each other, and with God to gain a new perspective and rewrite our reality script! We are already INTIMATELY connected to everything. We must partner with Holy Spirit and our angel guides to make this paradigm shift. We cannot do it alone.

The following is a list of limiting beliefs we must let go of if we are to be fulfilled, limitless, and joyous:

I am not good enough. I’ll never make it.

My body lacks perfection.

I’m not smart enough.

I’m not educated enough.

I don’t have enough money or talent.

I am unlovable.

God doesn’t care about me.

I don’t have the “right” personality.

I don’t have the right mate.

I can’t trust anyone. People are out to get me. It’s a dangerous, cruel, unloving world.

I am a victim.

I don’t get the breaks.

Our beliefs actually supply the structure of our world, our bodies, and our environment.

In some cases, we are actually killing ourselves with our limiting beliefs. For example, we believe we don’t have the power to heal our own bodies. We think we will die between 70 and 100 years, even though it has been scientifically proven that our bodies can regenerate themselves for hundreds of years. Aging is only in the mind. Our bodies actually die from internalized and unresolved hurts, losses, betrayals, and disappointments that are stored in our personal computer, the subconscious mind.

The good news is that we can, using all our senses, reprogram that subconscious computer by feeding into it positive pictures and messages that serve us.

The belief in good and evil, a belief that there is a force against us, is a belief that is very harmful. There is only one force, which is love, the eternal Goodness, and only love heals. The life of all is God the Good and nothing more. Through our thoughts and beliefs, we create pain, suffering, and discord, which in essence is our belief in separation. In truth we are one with God, everyone and everything. When we truly believe this and act it out, we will be free from all negativity; we will in fact experience heaven on earth.

We are capable of using physic heat to keep our bodies warm. We can live on almost no food. The degree to which doctors and drugs work is directly proportional to our belief in them. The laws of physics are manmade and are constantly being broken! God’s law is creative, without limitations.

It requires courage to take responsibility for our own power.

Part of effecting change is training our mind to actually FEEL what it would be like to have our wishes fulfilled, not focusing on what we don’t want but on what we DO want.

God’s will and our will IS THE SAME. God’s will for us is perfect peace and happiness. By choosing God’s will, we have the power to eliminate disease, strife, and war.

Remember that you are never upset or stressed because of a person or event, but rather by how you THINK about something. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE YOUR THOUGHTS. You can change them by changing their underlying beliefs. This will have a much more positive effect on your life than trying to control another person or event, which leads to MORE stress, because they are not controllable.

God bless you and may you have the peace and happiness that your birthright promised. Remember to love God, yourself and everyone UNCONDITIONALLY.

Jonathan is a Spiritual coach and writer in St Petersburg and a long-time A Course in Miracles student. He is currently facilitating a group study on the book The Way of Mastery, which was also channeled by Jesus. You can reach Jonathan at or call 865-247-8036 for concerns and free consultation.


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