Allowing Well-Being Success with Nature and Cat-itude

by Terez Hartmann

Get OUT to Get WELL
Happy March and Welcome Spring!

Every year in the Northern Hemisphere, a magnificent transformation occurs: Green becomes the new brown, flowers bloom in grand fashion, birds and butterflies return, and much of the animal kingdom becomes “Twitterpated*” and all a-flutter with activity! If you get outside, ride the wave and follow the cues of nature, opportunities for Allowing WELL-BEING abound.

Fresh air literally helps you to breathe deeper and easier.

Getting natural light during daylight hours helps your body produce Vitamin D, regulates your circadian rhythms for better sleep, and contributes greatly to your sense of alertness and aliveness. Being in environments with lots of green, healthy plants and trees lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, and improves your ability to focus.

Add to this the awesome Power of Presence, Beauty and Appreciation (three über-tools in ALLOWING Your Success that are each synonymous with being out in NATURE!), plus the spring momentum of “awakening,” and there’s no doubt: We will get well, get up, get moving and get OUT!

*Visit this page for a giggle and a fun clip from Disney’s “Bambi:”

Magic’s Story
Just recently, Magic, one of our beloved feline children, experienced a rare out-of-grooviness state of being. As a kitty mom of many years, a part of me could have easily chosen to worry and/or run to the vet, but knowing how brilliant and tuned-in our animals friends are when left to their own wisdom, I opted to simply give her space, do my best to focus on other things, and (when I did see or think about her) focus upon and tell her how smart she is in knowing exactly what to do.

Later that night, my husband John received a sudden spark of inspiration to get some grass from our lawn because he’d noticed how cats and dogs often eat grass when their digestion is out of balance. Sure enough, our little girl came over to eat the grass and then proceeded to rest contentedly in her bed for the duration of the evening.

The next morning when I awoke, our once listless kitty had come upstairs to greet me, ate with full enthusiasm and then played with great vigor as she always does! WOWEEE! How did she do it? Here’s what we observed:
1. As soon as she felt off, she let herself rest and followed her inspiration to only eat certain things at certain times.
2. She did not whine, complain, text, Tweet or post her plight on Facebook. (unlike most humans!)
3. She went off into her own space, away from any potential negative-worry influence from us.

How we helped:
1. We trusted her to know what was best for her and let her be.
2. We either focused on her brilliance and instinctual knowledge (her connection to Source) or focused on a different subject entirely.
3. We kept our minds open to facilitating her WELL-BEING, which then allowed ideas to flow (John getting the grass for her)!

How much more of a positive influence could you be for yourself and others if you trusted in your (and their) body’s ability to let you/them know what it needs? What if you remembered that you and EVERYONE has a connection to Source (the ULTIMATE doctor!)? What if instead of impeding your or their recovery with worry, fear and unproductive conversation about illness, you either got off the subject entirely or only focused on encouragement and love? What if you became solution-oriented and set a clear intention to only facilitate WELL-BEING so that truly helpful ideas, words and actions could flow?

Imagine how much faster we humans could get back in the groove if we approached life with CAT-itude?!

The Bottom Line on Allowing WELL-BEING Success with NATURE & CAT-itude
If what you want is a body and mind that operates with ease and flow, stop treating life like an emergency! Take a cue from Mother NATURE and our feline friends to lighten up, get well and STAY well by getting back into the circle of life:

  • Get outside and BREATHE more.
  • Listen closer to your INNER guidance.
  • Talk less about what ails you and more about what INSPIRES you.
  • Go WITH the natural flow of life.

Let the bigger picture of NATURE remind you that WELL-BEING is a feeling you can tap into ANY time you choose—and that you might just feel better faster with a little dose of CAT-itude!

“They share their primal wisdom
With all who wish to hear
And their message is perfectly clear.…”
—from “Beautiful, Wild and Free”
© 2013-14 T.T.R.H.

Meow, baby!

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