The Path Less Traveled: Alternative Health Treatments

by Angelica Love Valentine

In the Ten Rules for Being Human by Cherie Carter-Scott, the first rule says, “You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it’s yours to keep for the entire period.” Fortunately for most of us, we are gifted a beautiful body that works perfectly. It may not look or function exactly as we hoped, but from the day we are born, we are blessed with very efficient and effective bodily equipment to get us around in this world.

Early in life, we learn that it’s important to keep it running well (good diet, exercise, enough rest, water, etc.). If things start “breaking,” we go to a doctor and explain the symptoms so the doctor can identify the source/cause of our problem. The doctor either tells us how to fix it or the doctor fixes it for us. But if the doctor can’t figure out the cause or doesn’t know how to fix the problem, he gives us pills to compensate, and unfortunately we have to put up with side effects, mediocre results, increasing dependence on the pills, premature death, pain, discomfort, misery, etc.

We Have Other Choices
Amazingly, while we are all aware of the shortcomings of Western medicine, we also continue to hear and read more and more about alternative/supplemental healing methods taking hold all over the world. And, the resulting testimonials that we hear and read about are all saying the same things—that these healers are able to identify and cure diseases at the source, including diseases that up until recently were labeled as “incurable” by Western medicine.

Interestingly, as you start to learn about these alternative treatments, you will begin to see that most of these methods focus on more than the physical aspects and location of disease.

Please note that the healing methods below are only examples of alternative healing modalities. There are many, many, many more that are not listed here; and according to, there are hundreds. The ones used in this article are selected primarily because they are widely recognized.

Acupuncture is a collection of procedures involving penetration of the skin with needles to stimulate certain points on the body. In its classical form it is a characteristic component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a form of alternative medicine, and one of the oldest healing practices in the world. According to traditional Chinese medicine, stimulating specific acupuncture points corrects IMBALANCES in the flow of qi (chi) through channels known as meridians.” (Source:

Johrei “(literally “purification of the spirit”), sometimes spelled “Jyorei,” is a healing ritual that claims to use “divine light” to dissolve the SPIRITUAL IMPURITIES that are the source of all physical, emotional, and personal problems. It was by developed in Japan in the 1930s by Mokichi Okada. The purpose of channeling universal energy is to cleanse one’s spiritual body of the ‘clouds’ or toxins accumulated over time. In essence, receiving Johrei is like taking a spiritual bath. Johrei claims to raise the spiritual vibration of the person receiving it, resulting in mental, physical, and emotional balance.” (Source:

Pranic healing (created/rediscovered by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui) uses prana (energy) to heal ailments in the body by manipulation of the person’s ENERGY FIELD. Pranic healing is like acupuncture and yoga in that it treats the “energy body,” which in turn affects the “physical body.” According to Choa Kok Sui, in ancient China there were five levels of healing. The first being massage…The third uses acupuncture…The fifth level, which required the highest level of skill, was the projection of chi without the use of physical contact or needles. The projection of chi energy (pranic energy) without physical contact is called Medical Chi Kung in China. (Source: Wikipedia and

Reconnective Healing “uses the light and information exchange of the fifth-dimensional energy grid to renew the human body, mind, and spirit. Thus, the effects of a healing session may be felt on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.” “Recognizing that ‘healing’ means RECONNECTING with the perfection of the universe, we realize that the universe knows what we need to receive.” (Source:

Reiki “is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing or hands-on healing as a form of alternative medicine and is…classified as oriental medicine by some professional medical bodies. Through the use of this technique, practitioners…are transferring UNIVERSAL ENERGY (i.e., reiki) in the form of qi (Japanese: ki) through the palms, which…allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium.” (Source:

Shamanism “The functions of a shaman may include either guiding…the souls of the dead…and/or curing (healing) of ailments. The ailments may be either purely physical afflictions (such as disease, which may be cured by gifting, flattering, threatening, or wrestling the disease-spirit)…or…mental (including psychosomatic) afflictions…which may be likewise cured by similar methods.” (Source:

Tesla Metamorphosis “has the intent to bring the frequency of light in the human body into perfect balance. Any illness, being manifested physically, mentally or emotionally, is a result of an IMBALANCE of the universal life-force within the body which is visible as a frequency of light. Once the balance of the frequency of LIGHT is reestablished, the healing takes place, on all level.” (Source:

Theta Healing “Theta Healing is essentially applied quantum physics. Using a theta brain wave, which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, the practitioner is able to connect with the energy of Universal Divine Energy of the Creator of All That Is, to identify issues with and witness healings on the physical body, and to identify and change limiting beliefs.” “Theta Healing is an extraordinary new technique that allows for immediate physical and emotional transformations and healings.” (Source:

What Can I Do Now?
Be THANKFUL because I have so many choices on where to go to get help if I don’t feel good. Be GRATEFUL for my body everyday and be grateful for every little thing that IS working in it. Do the things I BELIEVE are “right” or “good” habits to be healthy.

Learn to be in touch with my body. LISTEN to it, talk with it, take time to get present to any aches/pains/issues every day and be proactive to figure out what’s going on and what to do about it.

Go to a doctor if I have a problem or concern; but if the doctor can’t help me fix the problem—BEFORE I start taking a pill—look into alternative healing methods first and find someone who can FIX the problem at the SOURCE.

Angelica Love Valentine is a certified coach. Her company is I Love Coaching! Her mission to raise the consciousness of the planet, one person at a time. To learn more about Love, see her website at, email her or give her a call at 904.377.7737.

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