Spring Cleaning Body, Mind and Soul

by Howard Peiper

Spring is the time for renewing our lives—letting go of what we don’t need (those physical, mental, and emotional habits that undermine our health) and bringing in what we need anew—(accepting) those positive health habits that will satisfy our soul.

Body Detox
There are a number of bodily detoxes and cleanses out there, some of them quite odd. Rather than potentially risk our health on some trendy detox plan, why not take a common sense approach?

Our body is a miraculous and intelligent organism with its own built in detox system. Our kidneys, liver and skin can process, filter and flush out toxins. The best thing we can do is cut out the junk food (i.e. processed foods) and stop overloading our system. As best as possible, eliminate sugar and caffeine, then change our diet to include more healthy choices with an abundance of (organic) fruits and vegetables. Also be sure to drink plenty of (filtered) water, six to eight glasses each day.

In addition to a healthier diet, there are some other things we can do for our body. Working up a good sweat helps to release toxins. Creating a balanced fitness program or modifying the one we are already following will help support our detoxing. Taking Yoga classes, saunas and massages can also help clean out our system.

Mental Detox
The nice thing about doing a body detox is that it will help our mind. When our physical aspects are functioning well, the mental ones will follow suit. Good nutrition and exercise improves blood circulation and that gets more oxygen to the brain. That greatly helps enhance our mental faculties.

Just as watching what we put into our body makes a difference, watching what we put into our mind can have a positive impact on our overall state of health. It’s a time to renew all aspects of our lives. Go through piles of papers, clothes, and the corners of rooms in areas that haven’t seen light for years. Don’t be afraid to let go and let things flow. Give things away, have a garage sale, and recycle or re-circulate what we can. As we are de-cluttering our “stuff” we are de-cluttering our minds. Begin to gently, yet seriously, re-evaluate the key areas of our lives – work (career), relationships and health. Again, look at what undermines our potential in these worlds and allow clear guidance, suggestions and actions to arise in our being.

Soul Detox
Since we are holistic beings, our soul will also benefit from the physical and mental detoxing that we do. Journaling is a great soul detox method. When we write out our innermost thoughts and feelings, it serves as an opportunity to heal. We can release doubts and fears while focusing on hopes and dreams. It will also help us connect with our Higher Self.

Do something that uplifts our soul, such as caring for a loved one or an elderly neighbor. Learn to trust our heart and feed it joyful experiences. Put ourselves on the line for what we believe. Doing for others is key to completing the circle of life, which is also called Love.

Ask daily:
How well am I learning to live?
How well am I learning to love?
How well am I learning to let go?

Dr. Howard Peiper, N.D., nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, has written several best-selling books on nutrition and natural health. His blog is: drhowardpeiper.wordpress.com.

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