Stay Healthy with a Steady Diet of Good Thoughts

by Marla Sanderson

Most of us would agree that our consciousness creates our world. But what if it also creates everything about our world? I mean everything!

Think of consciousness as a mental atmosphere that includes beliefs, thought, mental and emotional habits, and our tendency to be positive or negative. That’s close enough for now.

Now let’s call that mental atmosphere “CAUSE” and everything else in our world “EFFECT.” Viewed this way, what falls into the world of “effect” includes all the conditions and situations in which we find ourselves, such as:

  • Job—income and how we relate to work
  • Relationships—family, mate, friends, coworkers, and strangers
  • Self expression—artistic, creative ability, communication, happiness, fun
  • Money—supply, prosperity (or lack of) value and worthiness
  • Health—physical body, energy level, aches and pains

Look at that last one. What are your beliefs about health? What do you believe it takes to be healthy? Eating certain foods? Avoiding them? Taking supplements. Genetics? Organic? Carrot juice every morning? Anything but carrot juice?

Plenty of people would swear by some of those statements, and these beliefs will affect their health and every part of life. I propose that above all else, a steady diet of good thoughts, free of limiting beliefs, will keep us healthy. Balance is important, too.

When I was about 11, I had a nasty fall, and since that time, I’ve tried everything to heal the debilitating aches and pains in my back, neck and shoulders. It would never let up for long.

I got some relief from chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists over the years, but the pain always returned, along with all the related symptoms.

Recently, I created a “No Complaints” mini-workshop for our church and we looked at a number of factors.

As I was planning the workshop, I noticed how much I complained to myself about my aches and pains. I caught myself internally grumbling and groaning a lot of the time!
Knowing, as I do, the power of thoughts and words, I quickly realized how I had truly been “doing it to myself” all these years. If I’ve ever had the feeling that nobody listens to me, here was positive proof. I hadn’t even heard myself!

I came up with a quick counter-phrase to use when I caught myself complaining, “Thank you for sharing, Marla.” Instead of sliding down into all the suffering and complaining, I’d use my phrase.

It doesn’t sound like a particularly powerful statement to make, but it took my mind off my usual descent into suffering and gave me the awareness I needed to take charge. To help me remember, I wore a “no complaints” rubber bracelet.

Nobody was as surprised as I was when, in just a day or so, the pain stopped. I was no longer feeding it the negative energy it needed to exist!

The creative power of mind is greater than any of us know, and complaining is an extremely powerful form of negative thinking. Tragedies happen, but complaining is self generated. We just don’t have to do it.

Listen carefully to what you say to yourself. Put yourself on a steady diet of positive thoughts and see what happens.

Marla Sanderson has been a student of spiritual practice for more than 35 years. She began as Assistant Director of The Next Step, a psychic and spiritual community in a New Mexico ghost town. As workshop leader, teacher, practitioner, and minister, she has led relationship and personal growth workshops, taught psychic development and meditation, Living Love, and the Science of Mind. Marla is available for workshops and speaking engagements. She recently founded the New Thought Center for Creative Living.

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