What Do You Do?

By Angelica Love Valentine

Is it just me, or does everybody dislike when they meet somebody new and that person asks, “What do you do?” What do I do? What the heck is that suppose to mean, “What do I do?” I do a lot of things, probably at least 100 things every day. Some I do repeatedly, others less often. What do you mean, “What do I do?”

What are people really trying to ask when they say, “What do you do?”

I know I am not alone in this thinking, and the really sad part of this situation is that when someone poses this question what they really mean is: “What do you do to make money?” Is this what defines who we are? When I am being asked, I can’t help but wonder if behind the question someone is really just trying to figure out how much money I make on an annual basis?

What’s worse is that, no matter what, when we hear the answer we either end up judging that person or judging ourselves, depending upon what the other person’s answer is. Is this a cool thing to do? Is it prestigious? Does it pay well? Do we wish we did that? And do we want to hang out with him/her? Or are we lucky enough to feel good about our situation because we believe we have the better answer?

On a bigger scale, how long has the topic of money been one of our primary concerns and motivations, as expressed by its inclusion in our conversations? After all, it is true that in today’s society we spend most of our waking hours involved in “doing something” so we can make money; and most of our childhoods are spent preparing for this very task.

I just don’t know what to do with the question anymore, and up until now I have never liked my answer. I’ve tried to be compassionate and just answer the question. I’ve tried to be funny and make a joke to avoid answering. I’ve tried to come up with a clever answer.

I’ve even tried to be rude and just ignore the question…but alas none of my strategies have worked, and I just end up feeling YUCKY whenever I have to deal with the question.

So I’ve come up with a new list of answers to pull from depending on the setting and who’s asking. The next time I am asked this BIG question, I am going to pick from the following:
•    I hate that question.
•    I do a lot of things.
•    That’s a great question, why do you ask?
•    Guess.
•    I don’t understand your question, what are you asking?
•    Nothing.
•    Whatever I feel like doing.
•    I’m a trust fund baby.

More importantly, what are you going to say the next time you are at a cocktail party, on a date or at a business function and somebody asks you, “What do you do?”

Angelica Love Valentine is a writer, a poet, an artist, a business woman, an angel, a light worker and a student of life. Her passions are transformation, philosophy, spirituality and consciousness. Angelica enjoys working with people to help them shift beliefs so that they can live a life they love and achieve their dreams. Contact her via email at angelicalovevalentine3@gmail.com or by phone at 904-377-7737.

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