ALLOWING New Year Success

By Terez Hartmann

A “New Year” EVERY Day!
Welcome to a brand new year, day, moment and opportunity to align with even MORE of who you truly are and the life you were born to live! This is always a fun time that brings a sense of excitement and renewal, but when you really think about it, this is just another fabulous excuse to experience more of the joy that you have access to EVERY day.

Have you noticed that ANY time you contemplate new ideas and possibilities without resistance that you feel vibrantly alive?  Just the thought that there could be something more to become and experience —and that you also have the power to move in that direction in some way—is one of THE things that makes life worth living!  It is only when you look back in regret, second-guess yourself, seek approval from others, or feel like you only have a limited window to experience joy that you water down this very powerful energy that flows through you. So:

What if you decided that EVERY day can be an opportunity to awaken into your joy?

What if you resolved to continue to move in the direction of what is calling you (or to discover more about what that could be) in some way EVERY day?

What if you remembered that there is always a new opportunity to experience more fun, joy, love, and prosperity, and that these opportunities can and will present themselves to you EVERY day?

What if you chose to focus on what you love, and to give love as much as possible?

What if getting or doing that thing at that time mattered less than feeling joy TODAY and being who you want to be right NOW?

How would your life change if you knew you could create and allow a “New Year” EVERY day?!

All the good stuff is NOW and FORWARD
Just recently, I had an experience with a very important person from my past which allowed me to express some words and feelings to him that felt like a great gift to my soul.  While it was overall a very healing and powerful exchange, I noticed that when I allowed my thoughts to drift into the mixed bag of the past, I felt less happy with every thought, which then generated some pretty funky momentum.

Once I stopped the madness of trying to “make” myself feel better and started focusing on the NOW, while looking forward to where I’m heading, I was amazed by how quickly I started to feel like the happy sunflower girl again.

The power of choosing to be present, to focus forward and to KEEP making that choice in every moment of awareness is THE very thing that helped me to become who I am today and to make positive and healthy choices, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that all the good stuff is NOW and FORWARD.  Change, evolution and expansion is THE very nature of life, so the more you focus upon and embrace what is calling you, the more you operate in harmony with the flow of life, get to feel good NOW and allow your new self and life!

Take the 2014 “7-Year-Old Exercise!” challenge. Visit this page:

Then, once you have identified your top five things that are calling you (energize you both physically and emotionally when you think about them) choose to do something related to one or more of these things EVERY day. For example, something that has me fired up right now is the idea of spending some time cruising in an RV with my hubby and kitties!
Here are some things that I am doing and plan to do to feed the joy of this idea:
•  Allow time to visualize enjoying this experience and/or just feel the general emotions of fun, adventure and freedom.
•  Research the RV lifestyle and different overnight options.
•  Contemplate and research possible destinations.
•  Start going to RV dealerships to really get a feel for the type, make and model we would like best.
•  When the time is right, rent an RV – even if just for a weekend—to get a real-deal feel for it.
•  Consider potential places for hosting workshops/concerts/retreats along the way.

What is calling you?  What can you do or focus upon TODAY to connect with the joy of experiencing or becoming something new?

The Bottom Line on Allowing NEW YEAR Success!
ANY resolution or new success that we want to be, do or have is always based on the good feelings we think we will experience when it manifests, so why not allow something new to inspire you EVERY day?  Evolution is the very essence of life itself, so it is only natural that onward, upward and forward is where your soul wants to go and when the Mojo really flows!

Here’s to a year, day and MOMENT of the next joyful evolution of YOU!

“Take the road less traveled, take a trip to the edge
Have an adventure, set out on a quest!”
—from “Love” © 2013-14 T.T.R.H.

Terez Hartmann is the President/CEO of ALLOWING Your Success & BEYOND!, LLC, author of the book ALLOWING Your Success!, a professional Keynote Speaker, Retreat and Workshop Facilitator, Coach, Recording Artist, Show Host and Singer-Songwriter.  For more about Terez, access to FREE Allowing resources and “Words, Music, Adventures & BEYOND for LETTING Good Happen and ENJOYING the Journey!” visit To order her book, ALLOWING Your Success! visit

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