Angels & Inspirations: 2013 Collection of Messages

By Emily Rivera Andrews

The Angels speak to us daily in attempts to reassure, awaken, inspire, and guide. They lovingly touch all areas of our lives with peace, wisdom, and knowledge. Throughout my days, messages are shared with me about myself, others, and the world we live in. They teach me to understand the navigation of the soul and encourage me to share what is given.

Today you will connect to messages given to me throughout the year of 2013. Messages that offer clarity of self, soul, and the light of God/ Source/ Creator. These short messages came to me throughout my day-to-day experiences, with no true distinction to the “whys”. But be encouraged in the Truth that all these messages carried the energy of Love and they contained answers to questions I carried and were being carried by the individuals I served. I have tried my best in organizing them by titles. Some are the direct words given, others I had to use my words to give the energy and guidance form. I trust these will guide you as intended and that they will offer what is needed with grace and ease.


When one invites and calls forth love, choosing to experience love as an expression, LOVE ALWAYS appears in response. Unfortunately, the mind creates expectations of form and the means to how it should appear, fully and completely limiting the true experience of it.  Love’s essence is limitless, available through many forms. Releases the how, who, and when. Love is ALWAYS the response that is given.

Be available to receive the energy of love in whichever way it chooses to manifest itself in your life. Energy of patience and surrender to the highest good. Be open to higher version of yourself, which will create and allow a higher version of love. Meditate, connectg with higher self, soulmates, and past others in healing.Physical Connection through


It’s significant to align to love when connecting in such a way—to value the light, the soul within the body, not just the physical representation of form. In this way, you awaken potential within such sacred expression and union, while embracing the divine within self and the other.

Release fears of expressing creative energy through flirtation, self expression, in ways that honor the form. Sensual nature is part of form and souls expression. Create a sense of security with yourself that allows this form of expression.


Entering the state of gratitude leads to Emerging into a state of peace.

Gratitude is a form of mental, spiritual, and emotional rejuvenation… Which all feed and maintain the apparatus that is you in this form. Empowers and even maintains the immune system and the cellular creation within form. It’s a form of empowerment for the whole.


Many perceive that they have to hit rock bottom so they can surrender to rediscover peace. Peace is a state that’s given at all times. A truth of the soul.

Silence and solitude, to center… To gather thyself in truth. Our purpose is to serve.  To reawaken the love that is of Spirit, Source, Creator. The spirit within self and all around. In solitude much is given, in communion with another much is grown. Find and create pillar of peace. They will restore love, joy, peace.


Gaining clarity and new perspectives requires you to abandon some of the things you once held dearly. There is power in perception. We can perceive ourselves into a state of light with faith or into a state of darkness with fear and doubt. Perception is the key to all worlds. It can lead to freedom or one’s own imprisonment.

Breaking the Mold:

We came here to break a mold. To create something different from what has been for so long. A change that takes hold and creates lasting effect for the children and world that follows. Much has been lost of what has been known by the soul, but much will be remembered. There’s a movement from the light within to break free from a form that no longer holds its place in the light that is being called forth by all. You are being called to lead without fear and from a place of love. Benefits are joy, eternal love, and freedom.


Our souls came to this life to awaken the potential through the experience of relationships. Relationships with ourselves, others, nature, and the world that surrounds us. These connections reflect our souls’ progress and awakening. Value and celebrate the gift within ALL—each serves a unique purpose to bring you into alignment and back to ONEness. It’s about our interactions with others and our celebration of our truth.


Life is like a poetic symphony. It’s inundated with a variety of tunes and sounds, that at a glance may at times seem chaotic, but when reflected upon through the lens of the spirit the masterpiece unfolds.

Creating Ideal outcomes:

Sometime we find a limitation with perceived available options. Habitual process of the collective to judge self and others to what is ideal and of light. Aligning to divine will by choice and through surrender to honoring the frequency of divine truth. Divine truth more graciously revealed as you access yourself in higher frequency. Fear operating for too long. When we don’t operate out of fear we are no longer making choices that create pain. Uncreate through light and alignment to the soul. You are responsible for your experience. Bringing light to circumstances that need to be realigned to bring them into congruence with divine will. You call forth that which you are in congruence with, you create from this space. Sometimes craving or in the moment call to action can be leading you to an alignment of an opportunity. When vibrating at a higher frequency your choices are drastically different.

Global change:

Much change is at hand for the elementals of this land. Much change is warranted for the advancement of what is man. Ground to the new earth with certainty and clarity. It will restore from a place of light wisdom, rather than one gathered through experience. Vision of the earth, but one with light and kindness.


These souls are calling each other forth… Know that the experience is available for all within this space. It’s about identifying what to let go of to allow the connection to unfold. These souls are already in communion and already having their experience in the realm beyond realms. Expression of love… The unfoldment of their light. Soul recognition. Practice connecting through the spirit and the soul. Breaking tradition.

Twin flames:

Each soul contains the female and masculine energies. When a soul incarnates the soul splits into forms… For some souls one remains in form while the other guides from the spirit. There are souls in which these perfect reflections manifest in form. Each having its own existence. These components are seeking to reconnect and serve each other in energetic form. Balance within self, the ying and the yang. Seeking realigning with thyself. Realigning to what flows. Energetically always connecting.

Loved Ones:

Enter and embrace the idea that your love ones are within you. Connect to the idea that they have never been gone.

Variety of topics:

The idea of knowledge beyond what has been known is difficult for most. Perceived possibilities create structures that limit them from more within the experience. We talk not of the components of material gain that most may desire to align, but an understanding that the enjoyment of such things is a side product of the clarity within, when it is guided and awakened.

The soul calls forth the experiences that it needs to encourage its perpetual and constant flow of alignment to source and all creation. As each awakens to the source within, more realize that the forms of experiences called forth can be labeled as more invigorating to the physical representations of themselves. When the source identification is obstructed with ill perceived ideas of the self and energies of fear and doubt, the experiences that unfold can be of more tumultuous representation.

Elevation of the soul. Lack in diligence is creating a sense of doubt with others and their alignment. Deception within their own minds, but projected into the actions of others. Expectations of good not always accurate in truth. A lot of takers and lack in open giving.

Liberating the mind and thought from the bodies’ perceived limitations.  The soul knows no limits and the essence of it is light and love. The soul is in alignment and shifting the rest from the perceptions that don’t hold true to the soul.  Clearing perceived misalignment. The self in higher planes of existence knows itself as truth. As free, as complete… In true communion with the source of light, the source of all things. God/divine realigning the misalignment. Aligning with universal freedom… You are free, the soul is free. Stepping into a new way of seeing things.

Connecting to elementals and nature spirits:

Letting go of expectations can allow the light of miracles to flow. Realm of life.

This energy of nature helps: Opening your heart, offering signs and tokens of love, healing and manifesting, abundance, expansion, joy, magic, magnifies clairvoyance and amplifies light and clarity of the mind and self . They collectively are working at cleansing and creating a healthy earth. Undoing mistakes and the effects within all direction and time. Rocks and crystals are absorbers and amplifiers. Help release toxins from past events and people.

“Understanding we are real and receptive to their love in numerous ways. Earth experiencing cycles of change. Collaborating to making it more whole and complete. Constant state of expansion, just like their souls.”

Voices among the trees, whisper words of love and generosity. Through the global change, they are rediscovering avenues to bless. Offering vehicles of healing. Plants are generators of growth. They are the representation of liberation. Allowing the flow of life to unfold, free of limitations

Emily Rivera Andrews is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and an Angel Manifesting Master Practitioner. Emily shares techniques that have helped her become a Gifted Intuitive, Intuitive Channeler, Healer, Manifester, and Angel Communicator. To ask your Angels a question, visit

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