Intuition: Your Internal Guidance System

By Lori Marshall and Mark Sanders

We all possess an unwavering and reliable guidance system for our life that provides a clear and accurate direction. It’s called intuition and each of us has it.

Intuition is generally defined as: a direct perception of truth, fact, etc., which is independent of any reasoning process. Intuition it is often called, a “first impression,” a “gut feeling,” or stated as “I just know.” It is our “sixth sense,” a hunch, or the ability to access, process, and use information without logical or analytical thinking.

Increasing our awareness of how we process our five physical senses strengthens our intuition. This is self-sensing or listening to our higher self, and it is internal. Logic and reason are aspects of the mind, while intuition is an attribute of the soul. The human brain is segmented into two hemispheres. The left-brain works with logic, reason, calculation, to-do lists, problem solving, and replaying conversations. It is the source of inner chatter that goes from waking to sleep for many. The right-brain is the location of intuition, emotions, senses, music, art and creativity. We experience right-brain intuition when the left-brain takes a break.

Internal Knowing
Intuition is personal, it’s internal, IN-tuition is internal knowing. It is contextual in that it deals directly with our life situations. Our ability to access and process intuition is directly related to how we focus our intent and how we experience life. If we are constantly stuck in left-brain mode, it is inherently difficult to hear the voice of the right-brain. Are you a visual person, a listener, or a feeler? Each of these is right-brain experience. It is a different voice than the left-brain chatter.

Intuition is developing our own ability to trust ourselves and allow ourselves to respond to the information received.

Think of a time when you entered a crowded room. You scan the faces and are drawn to perhaps one person, or get a sense from someone else that makes you want to avoid them. Some may dismiss this as simple pre-judging, however, at a very instinctual level what is happening is our intuition is telling us that we are either going to “get along” with this person or not. However, as in this illustration, we need to be aware that intuition is not impulse and it is not wishful thinking. It is not about blindly following a desire; it is about learning to trust our true self.

What happens to our intuition? Why do some of us seem to instinctively know what to do and which path to take when confronted with a decision, while others constantly ask their friends and family what they think? If we are all born with it, why aren’t we all using it? And respectively, why do we find it easy to give our ideas and opinions to others, and not value that same opinion when it comes from ourselves?

People generally seek validation externally instead of internally. We are taught from society, school, and upbringing that these abilities are invalid. We develop a resistance, because we are taught to look outside. Young children don’t question. They simply do what feels right intuitively, until someone steps in and shows them boundaries. We’re all taught to value the opinions of others, and over time we lose our connection to self. Experiencing intuition is simply relearning that connection.

The ideas of “should have,” “would have,” “could have,” are the result of second-guessing or not reacting to our initial intuitive nature. Throughout our life we have learned certain things that have helped us to know what works. We will have a lot of teachers in our life and they all come to us when we need them. However, when it comes to intuitive development, we are our own best teacher because intuition comes from within. It comes from the Higher Self, Source, God; it is the larger us and it has our best interest at heart.

Once people develop their intuition they experience less confusion and a greater sense of clarity. Using intuition often times can help to find more meaning and purpose in our existence, while enhancing the quality of life, health and wealth. The more intuitively someone lives, the more joy he or she experiences. It helps in discerning truth without the need for excessive mental activity, reasoning or analysis. Most of the time we already know the answer to the questions we seek, the problem is in trusting ourselves to hear the answer.

Receiving the Messages
Everyone receives intuitive information in some way, such as inner nudges, empathy, guidance in dreams, or flashes of insight. Just like any skill, intuition can be developed. It only takes 15 minutes a day to begin to experience intuition. Meditation and sitting still while being present is the most efficient way to develop it because it allows you to experience your own inner voice unimpeded by left-brain thinking.

Remember, the first impression is your cleanest and clearest thought from self/source. The second thought is an echo of that voice. It is where logic comes in; you are putting in your own rationalization, which taints the impression. It may not be the response you want, but it is not about what you want, it is about what you need. It’s about what is right for you in that moment. It is part of the learning process.

Intuition is mindfulness as opposed to mindlessness.

Mindfulness is to look at things as an experience of awareness. It comes from being present and aware of the situation at hand, as opposed to being overwhelmed by all the mindlessness in the world such as speaking, eating, bathing, buying, judging others and being entertained externally. These things disengage us from our intuition. However, all of these things can be done mindfully, by experiencing the richness held within them. By focusing your intention on eating, you readily absorb the nutrition from the meal. Just as focusing your thoughts, actions, and intention on your job helps you to accomplish the task. Mindlessness is unfocused confusion, while Mindfulness is focused experience.
By expanding your awareness and becoming more intuitive, you will ultimately enhance your experience and bring more enjoyment and fulfillment to your life.

Lori Marshall and Mark Sanders are evidential mediums, psychic readers, and spiritual life coaches, offering intuitive guidance, spirit portraits, and education on spirituality, grief, mediumship and consciousness in Sarasota, FL. They have come together as to bring comfort, support and guidance to assist people in developing a meaningful life path. With their combined talents, Lori and Mark offer a wide range of services. Both individually and as a team they can provide a clearer understanding of the Continuity of Life, and through life coaching and educational workshops they provide the tools for people to create the life experiences they desire.  For more information visit

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