A Shamanic Perspective on Soul

by Berenice Andrews

It was a bitterly cold December afternoon. The village church was filled with friends and family. I was delivering the eulogy for my father, whose remains lay in the casket behind me. Suddenly, I realized that his soul field had manifested as a large “pool” of opaque liquid in the corner of the high ceiling. His strong, attentive presence was so palpable that I silently asked him if I was doing a good job. And I looked around to see who else had noticed him up there. Apparently, no one had. I continued with the eulogy, while my father’s energies stayed at the ceiling. Then I followed his casket outside to the waiting hearse. When I reentered the church, I saw that his soul field was gone.

That was 27 years ago. Since then, in my work as a shamanic teacher/healer I have communicated with many departed souls and souls still on this Earth plane. As a result, here is the perspective on soul that I have developed.

The Holy Spirit, the “I-AM”—the One Consciousness/Creative Energy that generated the entire cosmos by and out of Itself—is a Unity. Because that act of creation included this Earth and its dwellers, each human being, the microcosmic “i-am” image of that One Consciousness, is also a unity. In other words, and contrary to popular belief, human beings do not have a soul. That would presuppose an impossible duality. Humans do not have soul, simply because they are that.

The spiritual teachings deriving from the ancient Egyptian and Judaic wisdom traditions make this quite clear. (The Hermetica informs us that the entire cosmos created by and out of the Holy One was manifested as Soul, out of which all souls flowed. And in the Holy Bible, the account of mankind’s creation, informs us that God breathed into the nostrils of the clay figure He had formed and Adam became a “living soul.” (Genesis 2: 7). But the ancient teachings were changed. Soul was reduced to being a mere part of a person. And the result was the belief in the separation of humans from the Divine.

Science Supports Unity Consciousness
Quantum physics is becoming an invaluable help in restoring the original teachings. In the context of a quantum cosmos—which is an infinite, eternal and expanding field of consciousness energies—waves and particles are always moving with, relating to and transforming into each other and, in this context, the shamanic awareness of soul can be articulated.

This Earth is an out-flowing from Macrocosmic Soul which, in turn, is in-formed by Life, Light, Love and Law. Life is the Spirit constantly creating new being; Light is the Spirit constantly fostering new creation; Love is the Spirit constantly transforming that which has been created; and Law is the Spirit constantly guiding all of creation. Thus, Earth, vibrating with microcosmic life, light, love and law, is a soul field of “i-am” consciousness energies; both waves and particles. In turn, Earth’s human inhabitants, which are made out of its dust, also are soul fields of “i-am” consciousness.

As enfleshed souls, human bodies of consciousness (the soul structures of physicality, emotionality and mentality) are the particle (gross) and wave (subtle) energies of “i-am” consciousness.

Guided by their nucleus of Divinity, human beings generate their bodies out of soul substance by means of their centers of consciousness. And soul substance is the infinite and eternal quantum field; the consciousness energies in which people live and move and have their being.

That soul substance carries the entirety to be generated: the person, the action and the result; for example; the seer, the seeing and the seen, the thinker, the thinking and the thought, the knower, the knowing and the known, and so on. It’s all the Spirit manifested. It’s all consciousness energy  It’s all soul. It’s an amazing power and process which, in the best of all possible worlds, produces splendid human beings.

But that is seldom the case, for soul substance can be wounded, soul structures can be damaged and the centers of consciousness can malfunction, sometimes from before birth.

While living in an environment informed by “lovelessness,” soul consciousness energies can very early experience fragmentation and loss. In addition, human spiritual evolution seems to require that people start each lifetime at an animal-level of consciousness. Our earliest experiences involve “I need,” “I want” and “I expect.” With the focus on animal physicality, emotionality and mentality, many human souls do not get past the “i-am” consciousness of animals. (The Gospel of Philip Verse 84 notes that: “There is no lack of animal-humans, they are many and they revere each other.”) Thus, healing has to happen if people are to evolve spiritually.

The human path of rebirthing, the path of evolutionary spirituality, is a quest for healing into wholeness of soul: a wholeness that includes a balanced androgyny; the microcosmic masculine and feminine forces that express the macrocosmic Androgyny, which the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer refers to as the “Father/Mother of the Cosmos.” The healing is a rebirthing out of the “i-am” consciousness of animal soul. It is a rebirthing into the actualization of soul’s oneness with the divine “I-AM.”

At death, the high vibration wave (subtle) consciousness energies of the human soul field must leave this plane. The remains, the low vibration particle (gross) consciousness energies of and from living Earth, must stay with her. Yet in a quantum cosmos, the subtle and gross consciousness energies will always “know” each other. And, even after death, the human soul will retain its unity.

That is the shamanic perspective on soul. Thank you, Dad.

Berenice Andrews, now in her 80th year, continues to follow her bliss as a shamanic teacher/healer. To learn more about her work and teaching and to become her student, please refer to her book Rebirthing Into Androgyny: Your Quest for Wholeness, And Afterward and visit her website, thestonecircleclassroom.com. [For further insights into the Lord’s Prayer, see Prayers of the Cosmos: Reflections on the Aramaic Words of Jesus by Neil Douglas-Klotz. For further information about quantum physics, see The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time and the Texture of Reality by Brian Greene, and Amit Goswami’s The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World. On the Internet, see a set of articles entitled “Quantum Physics of Consciousness,” edited by Michael Mensky.]

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