Talking to the Angels

By Marcia Bender

I talk to my angels on a regular basis, do you? Many people ask me HOW to talk to their angels, or if ANYONE can talk to angels, or does one have to be a “psychic” to talk to angels? What or who are angels? I think it is time to devote this column to talking to the angels!

Angels have become very popular in the past 20 years. I have a wonderful collection of angels: figurines, paintings, fountains, yard ornaments, and the number of effigies continues to grow. They make me feel good!

Humanity has always been fascinated by angels.

The great artistic masters have included them in their works for eons. The angels that are depicted in art are the traditional angels, the “Old Testament” angels, complete with wings, halos, flowing robes and harps. As humans, we need to have a physical/material image, a concrete form to focus on, and so an angel is, well, AN ANGEL! Intellectually, we know that angels don’t really have a physical form, though they will appear to us in the way that we expect and need them to.

Angels are called by many names, too: Spirit Guides, Higher Forces, Light Workers, Channeled Beings, Agents, Conscious Thought Forms, Creative Energies, Gatekeepers, Shining Ones, Archetypes, and the list goes on. Please forgive this old high school English teacher, but William Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” So, it really doesn’t matter what we call our angels, but it does matter how or even IF we connect with them.

Defining Angels

So, what are angels? Their existence has been taught since the beginning of time and, most likely, BEFORE time as we know it. The Spiritual Brotherhoods and philosophical societies of thousands of years ago wrote, spoke and taught of the spiritual beings known as angels. Angels have been described as “centers of force and intelligence who, under the direction of yet greater intelligences, carry out the functions of those particular offices to which they have been allocated. They are ever ready to aid and give to humanity, providing humanity is receptive to their gifts.” Edwin C. Steinbreches, astrologer and metaphysician wrote:
“Angels are living energies that contain ideas and information, specific patterns of instinctual behavior and thought. They are the energies which somehow attach themselves, without our conscious awareness, to everything we meet in the world we call real. They are the life energies that pour out of each of us unceasingly night and day…influencing everyone in our lives and causing us to be influenced in return.”

Working with the angels can be a wonderful experience, an adventure that all humans are capable of experiencing. It is true that contact with angels begins in our imagination, but it is not simply an imaginative exercise. Imagination means “the power to picture mentally,” so one must be able to use creative thought to transport self to the inner planes or realms, where these Higher Beings can be found. Try to trust me on this next statement, they ARE real. Plato referred to angels as Minor Gods….the Supreme Being’s “helpers,” if you will. Indeed, students of Metaphysics know that Higher Forces want to be in contact with humans on the earthly plane.

I talk to my angels on a daily basis, both for myself and others when using the tool of the
Tarot. The ancient symbols of the Tarot help me to talk to Higher Forces and gain the answers and insight necessary to help my life and the lives of others to function more smoothly and peacefully. Angels often work with us below our level of conscious awareness and a message may come into the mind at any time. Once a contact has been made, and the initial contact must be made before communication can be meaningful, one must have faith in the contact, listen to the contact, accept the contact and offer thanks and gratitude for the spiritual connection.

It is my personal belief that readers of this column are intelligent, advanced and intellectual human beings, secure in the knowledge that when I say angels I am referring to Higher Forces. Strong spiritual forces are always with us, even if we are not receptive to their messages. Just because we do not “believe” does not mean that we are not surrounded by High Spiritual energy! When we open our minds and hearts to that energy, the results are beyond our expectations.

Many of my readers have already experienced this wonderful spiritual connection, while others ask me where is the “how-to manual,” can I take the “talking to my angels 101” course, and is the Angels for Dummies book available?” There is no reference book or course! Higher Forces connect with us in many ways, and they are connecting with us even when we are not aware of the fact that a connection is being made. What is communicated to you may not be clear at first, but the messages always have meaning and can be understood through contemplation and evaluation. The most important ingredient in this process is FAITH. An angel may appear to you in a dream. You many enjoy looking for symbolism of the angels in movies, while on a walk in a park, at a social gathering, anywhere you may be, alone or with others. A book that just happens to fall out of a bookcase or off a shelf, often falling open to a particular page or passage; the shape of a cloud that makes you think of something special; a phone that rings at odd times with no voice that answers your hello; finding an object that has been lost for many years; and the list goes on with endless possibilities.

Since Higher Forces often connect to us when we are not expecting them to, think of what happens when we are expecting contact, when we actively seek to connect, when we use the Tools of Metaphysics to make those connections, such as the Tarot, the I Ching, Runes, etc.  (However, we should not use these tools without proper guidance or instruction.)
We have talked of angels and I ask those of you who already have a “connection” to continue and grow in your communications with Higher Forces. If you have not attempted to make a “connection,” I ask you to try now, while you are thinking about the joys and inner peace that can be attained when spiritual connections are made.

And remember, Knowledge is the Greatest Power, so Walk in the Light.

Marcia Bender began her career as a school teacher, working with preschool through inner city high school students. She has worked with all aspects of Metaphysics for over 40 years and specializes in Tarot and Numerology. Marcia’s clients and students are in every state and throughout Europe. Marcia has taught over 400 students to “read” the Tarot for the purpose of self-guidance and to use the powerful symbolism of the Tarot to reach higher levels of spirituality. Her column, Spiritually Speaking, originally ran for 8 years in Attitudes Magazine. Email

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