Harnessing Pyramid Power

By Maggie Batt

According to many occult history teachings, Atlantis was a civilization located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and its island chain spread as far as the Mediterranean Sea. It was a civilization that existed for more than 200,000 years, and the majority of this time it held a strong vibration of light and love. Its Golden Period was at the highest level of light consciousness ever achieved on the earth plane.

It was a time when humans were most connected to the Divine. Imagine a world with healing springs and crystal beds. There was a major underground highway that went from island to island, as well as to parts of North America. Some cities were underwater, surrounded by dolphin friends. There were electromagnetic energies that spiraled upward from the earth’s core, and Atlantean Temples of Healing were placed in these regions. The Atlanteans understood the earth’s ley energy lines and how to tap into stellar and solar energy.

They were master crystal growers and found accelerated growth in areas like Bimini (Bahamas), Arkansas in the United States, Tibet and Brazil.

In fact, a pyramid cap has been found underwater in the Bahamas, near the Bermuda Triangle. Could the intense energy in these waters be caused by a pyramid buried deep underneath the ocean floor? Throughout Atlantis, it is believed that power crystal grids were triangulated and connected through a copper-gold rod that could receive stellar, solar and electromagnetic earth waves. This system powered the entire civilization.

They created a crystal satellite moon that amplified all of the crystal energy throughout their civilization. If Atlantis was so advanced, then why did it fall? One story goes that two groups formed and the political government gained control over the more peaceful islands where healing occurred.

Wars began and the political “administration” decided to use the crystal moon to bring about destruction. This moon began to overload and crash. The healing council knew that their land would be destroyed if the political regime wouldn’t stop overloading the satellite. These wise ones planned ahead and buried some of the major crystals in important parts of the world. When the satellite moon finally overloaded, a lot of earthquakes, volcanoes and eventually the “Great Flood” occurred. Before it did, many of these wise Atlanteans departed by ship and possibly other vehicles and dispersed throughout the world in places like England, where they created Stonehenge, South and Central America where pyramids still are being found and, of course, Egypt, the most famous pyramid civilization of them all.

These lands have myths of “other” beings or wise ones coming to their aid society.

These beings looked decidedly different. Think of the Mayans who worshipped Star beings and the ruler Amnenhotep, who changed Egypt by worshipping only one God.

The Great Pyramid of Giza was believed to be built by the Pharoah Cheops and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Through past life regressions like those of Edgar Cayce, we’ve suspected it was more than just a burial chamber. It was originally built as a hall to initiate those dedicating themselves to the secrets of the mystery religion of Egypt and was meant for holy services. Supposedly, it was built by levitation via song and chanting, much in the same way Stonehenge was placed. Its capstone was alloy, copper, brass and gold. The Great Pyramid is a record in stone of man’s earliest beginnings to present day written in geometry, algebra and astronomy.

All pyramids are storehouses of energy. Many frequencies in pyramids resonate together in the same way two piano keys are struck simultaneously.

Modern Science Supports Pyramid Power Theory
Patrick Flanagan, an American scientist, claims that pyramid energy prolongs life. He believes that the Great Pyramid is a powerful source of bio-cosmic energy. This is life-force energy isolated. Think of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant and its immense power and you’ll understand the potential of pyramid energy.

The word pyramid literally means FIRE IN THE MIDDLE. This is the power of bio-cosmic energy combined with the ability to radiate energy off the top capstone.

Further research by the Frenchman Monsieur Bovis showed that anything he placed in a pyramid became preserved as if dehydrated instead of rotting and decaying. Even an Italian milk company put their milk into pyramid shaped cartons. The milk keeps indefinitely. Another French company has patented a pyramid container for its yogurt.
People make pyramids today to sit in for meditation and healing. Copper rods seem to work best.

They are said to have the following benefits.
• Improve mental clarity
• Reduce stress and tension
• Enhance meditation
• Heighten psychic awareness
• Sharpen razor blades
• Restore luster to jewelry and silver
• Purify water
• Dehydrate meat, eggs and fruits
• Dehydrate flowers without losing their color
• Promote healing of cuts and bruises
• Reduces pain, including toothaches

You may be unsure about whether or not to believe the stories about Atlantis, but you can clear up any mysteries about the benefits of this culture’s iconic power houses by experimenting with the healing powers of the pyramids and their sacred geometry yourself.

Rev. Maggie Batt is a Reiki Master of Atlantean and Crystal Reiki. These Online Attunements are available at www.wheelsoflight.org. You must be a Reiki Level II student before taking these advanced Reiki courses. Learn the basics about crystals by purchasing the Elementary Crystal Healing E-book. Maggie is also a spiritual and holistic health consultant, certified TriYoga® teacher, herbalist, Certified Advanced Kahuna ARCH® practitioner, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, and a Certified Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher from the International Center for Reiki Training. She has been practicing and teaching her knowledge for 11 years. Maggie’s yoga teaching paths are Hatha Flow, Kundalini, Kids, Parent/Child, and Prenatal. Her other practices and studies include meditation, ear coning, flower essences, holistic health and natural medicine, feng shui, natural childbirth, natural mom counseling, and magic. In 2003, she was cast in “Health Cops: New Orleans” for the Discovery Health Channel. She also appears as an alternative practitioner helping to change someone’s life in 12 weeks on the FitTV channel. For more information, visit www.wheelsoflight.org.

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