Aligning to the Music of Your Soul

by Emily Rivera Andrews

As I sat to seek guidance in how I could serve you, the reader, I heard Music. I was being reminded that our soul sings and brings forth a harmonic tune for all of us to share and be inspired through. We sing from a place of non-judgment and pure harmony, but our mind can’t always fully conceive this experience unfolding beyond our physical form. Our conscious minds have been divinely designed to listen and align to this song, but long ago we entered an era in which the mind has been taught to rule and the light of the soul to listen and conform to the song we think should be sung.

What have we become within this society? Focused in so much trouble. We seek comfort and refuge within ideologies and doctrines that no longer serve the whole. We have become blinded in the energy of shame that has been passed down through generations. We lack trust in the availability to love within all our circumstances. We fear pain, but manage to dwell in its claws of iron. What have we become?

I share this not from a space of judgment, but as a witness to what I am being shown is unfolding within this society. I walked the halls of a hospital yesterday, and was saddened at the pull I felt from the souls that crossed my path. There was a cloud that hovered and blinded them from seeing all that was meant to be seen. The sadness heavy and turmoil intense.

They each represented a weight being carried by many and the emotional state that most individuals find themselves stuck in. Seeing life in freedom and with hope has become an ancient reality for most. We as human kind have lost hope to the ideals and truths that are part of our soul.

A desire for something better is a cry that is emanating from us all.

We have as a collective have called forth an energy of change that is moving through our systems, government, our personal lives, and even our global existence. We are no longer going to find ourselves within what has been known. The death of what has been known has and will continue to face our current existence.

Many find themselves fighting changes that have been called forth since log ago. We cannot fight these changes. We must embrace them. They are part of what has been called forth by us ALL. These changes are what will give rise to a new era and awakening. An era and awakening that has been predicted by many sages and prophets. There is much “pain” that the minds of many will perceive, but it’s not a “pain” that is lasting. The “pain” that some will experience is more for the grieving of what has been and a “fear” of what can be perceived as the unknown. But frankly, there is a greater aspect within us that remains in a state of peace, as it bears witness to the good that these changes bring forth.

We are being encouraged, by the Angels, to trust and to embrace this state of global transition.

I challenge you to confront the fears that arise. Don’t allow yourself to be like most, in that you numb yourself to the experience and keep yourself from what can be. Invite Divine Magic and know that it has never failed you, even if your mind tells you otherwise. Treat your soul as a sacred beacon that guides you into greatness. Commune with its song through moments of silence.

The music that emanates from your Being is a symphony lead by LOVE. The changes are here to bring forth something more sustaining and more aligned with Truth.

Be present and available to the breath that nourishes your physical body; it’s the bridge to the spirit and the awareness that you seek. Let the light of God/ Source/ Creator, in collaboration with your soul, be the one that awakens you to the peace that is present, the freedom that is yours, and the truths that surround you.

Love and Freedom ,
The Angel Coach

Emily Rivera Andrews is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and an Angel Manifesting Master Practitioner. Emily shares techniques that have helped her become a Gifted Intuitive, Intuitive Channeler, Healer, Manifester, and Angel Communicator. To ask your Angels a question, visit

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