Allowing Success: Tools for Prosperity Prosperity

By Terez Hartmann

On the Path and in the Groove!
Welcome to Part Two of our PROSPERITY adventure!  If you’ve already read Allowing PROSPERITY (in the September issue or online at and have decided to focus on what you HAVE and on subjects that make it easy to allow yourself to feel good now, you are hot on the trail of realizing and experiencing more good stuff in your life!  Everything is about momentum, so here are a few more keys, insights and tools to keep your PROSPERITY party rollin’!

The Heart of the (Money) Matter
Behind every shiny object, awesome lifestyle and limited-edition Bentley lies something deeper.  While I am a fan of having and experiencing the finer things in life, I’ve discovered that for me, having money is more about feeling free, spending my time doing what I love, having even more access to fun, and immersing myself in an experience of beauty.

DO THIS: Write down and answer the following questions:
1. What do you want?
2. Why do you want it?
3. How do you want to FEEL (or think you will FEEL) once you have what you desire?
4. Make a note of what thoughts/experiences in your life feel that way NOW and choose to focus upon these things or partake in these activities as often as possible—for example:
When you discover the heart of what money/PROSPERITY means to you and realize that you have access to that feeling HERE and NOW, you stop noticing absence and start feeling (and seeing!) the PRESENCE of more and more of everything that matters to you!

Cash Flow and Integrity
As much as I will be the first person to encourage you to LET it happen and ALLOW PROSPERITY to flow to you via alignment, focus and fun, here’s an interesting fact: If you believe that “making it happen” and acting in certain ways is part of your process of letting money in, your fastest path to PROSPERITY (at least for now) is through maintaining personal integrity and doing what you feel must be done.

The good news is you are both the rule maker and rule breaker, so if you decide to embrace and feed a NEW belief that money—and the things you truly want—can come with joy and ease, you’ve got the power, baby!

1. Do what makes sense and what feels best to you right now.
2. Focus on and make a note of YOUR evidence and stories of PROSPERITY coinciding with EASE and FUN, for example:
A friend invited you to dinner and treated!
A client seemed to come to you out of nowhere!
You had more frequent-flyer miles or accumulated hotel points than you realized, which allowed you to travel more for free!
3. Feast and Fast: Fast upon (refrain from) sharing and participating in conversations and stories about hard work and struggle. Feast upon sharing and participating in conversations and stories about ENJOYING the journey to experiencing PROSPERITY.
On that note: If YOU have an inspiring short story about ALLOWING PROSPERITY with JOY and EASE that you would like to share with others, I’d love to hear from you and post it on my website! To be considered, e-mail your story (500 words or less) to:

Exercise Your Financial Independence
There’s no doubt that when the world around you is freaking out about money and the same old songs of “times are hard” and “wealth = greed” seem to be stuck on repeat, it can be a challenge to sing a new tune.  BUT even during the lowest point in America’s economy, there were still people buying things, taking vacations, going out to dinner, riding in limos, etc.!  How is it that they seem to flourish when others are struggling?  Here are a couple of ideas

They have generated enough positive momentum and expectation around the subject of money to be able to keep it going with ease. They choose to lead by marching to their own drum, rather than freak out and follow the lead of fear-based people, thoughts and actions.
Yes, some of these folks do have portfolios worth millions, but people earn and lose millions every day.  Many successful and prosperous people like Joe Vitale, Neale Donald Walsch and countless others started out with having far less than most, and were literally homeless at one point!  It goes to show that no matter how little anyone may have at any point, we all share an unlimited resource that is readily available to everyone everywhere: A mind with the ability to focus and a heart with the ability to love.

Exercise your financial independence by focusing on what IS working and what you DO have rather than singing the blues and co-miserating (cooperating with the vibration of misery) with others.  No matter what is going on around you, you can choose to thrive, baby!

The Bottom Line on Allowing PROSPERITY
Though there are endless tools that I and many teachers can share on this subject, it all boils down to this:

“When you love yourself and you love what you do, that’s when Prosperity HAS come to you!”
“When you love yourself and you love what you do, that’s when Prosperity CAN come to you!”

—from “Prosperity – Love is Everything!”
© 2012-13 T.T.R.H.

Live long and prosper!

Terez Hartmann is the President/CEO of ALLOWING Your Success & BEYOND!, LLC, author of the book ALLOWING Your Success!, a professional Keynote Speaker, Retreat and Workshop Facilitator, Coach, Recording Artist, Show Host and Singer-Songwriter.  For more about Terez, access to FREE Allowing resources and “Words, Music, Adventures & BEYOND for LETTING Good Happen and ENJOYING the Journey!” visit To order her book, ALLOWING Your Success! visit

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