The Adventures of Miss Twiggs: Universal Law for Any Age

By Lucy Forsting

When we allow ourselves to be compassionate and loving to all we meet, our future can become the positive place of our dreams and our imagination. Almost 30 years ago, as I was just beginning my own career as a psychotherapist, I began to realize that most of the therapy I was doing with children and families had more to do with internal messages I was receiving than the graduate level classes and training I had studied. As a result I began writing down some of these messages, which I kept in folders. A trip to see my parents in California resulted in my finding a quaint shop in Santa Monica called Twiggs. Inside this shop I found a beautiful country mouse that wore a calico dress, a matching bonnet and carried a basket of flowers. I knew the minute I saw her that the book I would complete someday would be called The Adventures of Miss Twiggs and Company.

The story of Miss Twiggs and her traveling companions unfolded over time as an enchanting tale about three siblings who were born in Weardale, England in 1944. Their first home was in St. John’s Chapel, where they heard about the atrocities of war when people came to the church to pray. It was there they also realized people could hear them.
Miss Twiggs, who was the wisest of the trio, began to see a “cause and effect” to life.

Mortimor was the jolly mouse and Penelope loved to watch the children play and sing their songs. They all loved going to the Saturday market which was held near the church and this is where Mortimor learned to be a connoisseur of local cheeses.

Hamsterly Forest was near their church home and sometimes the trio would go on an adventure by boarding a cargo train. A POW camp was located near the forest, and the mice began to find out they could communicate with some of the people there. Spending time with a young boy at this camp taught the trio the importance of thoughts and how “thinking certain ways” could bring either pain or joy, so they decided to make it their mission in life to share this knowledge with others.

The trio traveled from their home into the English countryside several times a year allowing “fate” to guide them to the person they were supposed to meet. They loved this part of the adventure, since they never knew who it might be or what “lessons” that person needed to learn about life.

Brian, a young boy searching for his own answers, meets the mice quite unexpectedly at the local train depot. Mr. Wagoner, the station master of Mt. Pleasant, had met the mice several years earlier. His life had been shattered with the death of his beloved wife, and the mice were able to help him find a reason to continue living with their message of hope, faith and love. Their parting gift was a blue crystal to remind him of their conversations. He had never told anyone about the visit, although the crystal was always on his desk at the train depot as a reminder to look for the best in people and situations. Brian was his favorite visitor so on a beautiful fall day in 1946, it was a wonderful surprise to have the young boy stop by to talk and share a soda.

The war had been over for a while now, and people everywhere were picking up the pieces of their lives. The train depot was a busy place with deliveries of lumber, construction materials and merchandise the local citizens needed arriving several times throughout the day. The mice knew about the cargo trains and often traveled in the boxcars carrying merchandise. They were able to secure passage whenever the train stopped to take on water through climbing up the long ropes which hung from the doors and, being small creatures, they could squeeze through the slates on the boxcars. Crates were always available as a safe hiding place and they could sleep on the straw hidden from view.

On this crisp fall day, they were surprised to find themselves back in Mt. Pleasant when their crate was removed and set on the ground. Miss Twiggs also realized their traveling maps weren’t with them, and they were discussing this situation when Brian discovered them in the tall grass.  Since they understood that “nothing happens by accident,” they realized Brian was their new student.

The information they would share with him would change his life and the lives of those around him forever.

Hopefully, you or a child in your life with whom you share this story will become the next student to run into Miss Twiggs and company. Regardless of age, we can all benefit by playfully learning more about universal laws and how our “thoughts create our personal realities.” Children are the future, and if they can learn at a young age they can create any life they desire as long as they monitor what their minds tell them on a daily basis, our world will begin to see dramatic changes with love, peace and harmony as its foundation. The importance of learning we are who we believe ourselves to be and not what others think can’t be stressed enough.

Trusting in our own internal guidance system, our life will unfold more easily resulting in each of us finding our own true path.

Lucy Forsting was a Family Therapist for over 30 years and practiced in Missouri, Wisconsin and Florida before retiring to focus on writing. She grew up in Indiana and Mississippi and attended undergraduate and graduate school at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO. The concept in this first book of a series is based on “the law of attraction” and the premise that most people tend to focus on what they don’t like about their life more than the goodness that abounds around them. Lucy currently lives in Florida with her husband and their three “rescue” cats. She and her husband have a blended family consisting of two sons, a daughter and four grandchildren. She is looking forward to continuing the series which explores how everyone can change their life simply by shifting their thoughts. Contact Lucy at

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