Choose the Path of Enlightenment

by Angelica Love Valentine

Imagine that life on earth is a like a school. I’m sure that many people have heard about this theory at some point in their lives and thought about the validity of the statement.

Well, I’m here to encourage us to consider the possibility that maybe it is true, that each individual comes here as a “newborn” soul to learn about and pass through the many levels of consciousness, from the barest forms of survival to enlightenment.

For most of us this process takes many lifetimes, and at any given moment each one of us is in a different place on the spectrum of consciousness. Buddhism says that when we attain enlightenment, we end suffering, we end the cycle of reincarnation that bring us back to life on earth, and we get to pass on to a new realm of existence, to whatever is next.

As for how the incarnation of a life on earth begins for any person (i.e., the parents we receive, where we are born, etc), it is all a perfect reflection of the level of consciousness at which that individual enters this realm. As for our level of consciousness when we leave the planet this time around, this is a work in progress and it’s all up to us. We can excel and move up many levels of consciousness, we can leave at the exact same level of consciousness, we might even go backwards, or if we choose, we can attain enlightenment in this lifetime never to return. It’s all up to us.

Life on Earth
The way that life on earth works is simple. We get to take form and our life gives us clues, many clues, so that we can figure out where we are at, consciously speaking. All we need to do is take a look at our lives exactly as they are because our life tells us everything we need to know.

Our lives are perfect. Our parents are perfect. Our childhood is perfect. Our partner is perfect. Our thoughts, our emotions, our health, our jobs, and our relationships are all perfect. They are perfect because they are the perfect reflection of where we are, consciously speaking, and this is all that matters—knowing where we are.

Once we accept our lives exactly as they are and appreciate that they are just information that is here to help us, then we can be grateful for everything that we have and everything we don’t have.

At this point, we can begin our life’s work which is a straight forward process:
1. figure out where i (the small self) am in terms of consciousness
2.decide where i want to be or how far i want to progress, consciously speaking
3. take on transforming my life, consciously speaking

The truth about life on earth is that it doesn’t matter how much money we make, how many toys we have, and all that stuff. It doesn’t matter because these things are all fleeting. They are here now, but we can’t take them with us, so at some point they will be gone. In fact, all the things that happens in an incarnation will no longer matter to us when we pass on from this life—none of it—except for one thing.

What matters is the consciousness level at which we leave this planet because this is the consciousness level at which we will reenter if we have not reached enlightenment. With this awareness, we now have a choice to create a new context around our life on earth. We get to choose what’s important to us in this life and how we are going to live our lives.

Make a Choice
I choose to live to learn, and I choose to dedicate my life to raising my consciousness—as high as possible, as fast as possible, and with as much ease and fun as possible. My goal is to attain enlightenment in this lifetime, and I believe that it is possible.

I accept that my life is perfect, that everything that has ever happened in my life is perfect, and that how my life is right at this moment is perfect, because all of it is simply a reflection of my consciousness showing me where I am at this moment. I am grateful for my life because it gives me the ability to progress on my path of consciousness.

The choice is 100 percent up to me. The choice is 100 percent up to all of us. It always has been, always will be. I choose the path of enlightenment. I invite you to join me.

Angelica Love Valentine is a transformation coach, business consultant and writer.  Her passions are transformation, philosophy, spirituality and consciousness. Please feel free to contact her at

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