Removing Blockages to Your Abundance

By Rev. Spencer Rouse

Most of us have hang-ups in some areas of our lives.  Career, money and love are at the top of the list based on my work over many years.It’s hard to face these issues so we typically rationalize or ignore our shortcomings. We have formed energy blockages to protect us from experiencing emotional pain, much of it from childhood. As we mature, these blockages are responsible for false and mixed messages that keep us stuck, confused, and unable or unwilling to manifest and maintain happiness, fulfillment and abundance in life. However, with the right understanding we can change these patterns, and there are some simple steps that will help lead us down the right path.

Blocks to Career and Financial Success
If we are not achieving on a career path, the reasons are often rooted in our perceptions, not in fact. Religious teachings or family culture might have instilled “mental programs” in us that are not valid, but they control us anyway. “Pride Goeth before a Fall.” This phrase can guilt us into being embarrassed by our successes, for instance. Instead of allowing enthusiasm to propel us, we hold back, not wanting to stand out.

Women, especially, can hold onto fear of success surrounding business and career advancement. There are a variety of hidden messages that can sabotage their efforts to advance. Family training may have instilled beliefs that business success is for men only, even while the same families are setting high performance standards in education.

We also may fear that if we are very successful, we are cheating others from their share of “the pie.”

A“mental program” runs through many repeating that there is not enough “out there” for everyone.Only the pushy few can rise to the top. This implies sacrifices and the inability to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It also can activate conflicting hidden beliefs about the importance of money, and a personal unworthiness “program” instilled by certain types of religious training.

Moreover, sometimes we are stalemated financially from fear of lack. Many of us have immigrant ancestors who had to struggle to survive. Our parents or grandparents had concerns about having enough money for food, shelter and clothing during the Great Depression. Some of these fears were altered and passed down to the next generations as misguided approaches regarding money and its flow in our lives. We have been trained as a nation to respect, crave, or idolize money, but this often comes with hidden fears and conflicting messages.

Breaking Barriers to Find Love
When we look for love, we are really looking for respect, acceptance, admiration, confirmation of worthiness, and validation of ourselves, as well as companionship, material security, etc. When we hold onto resentments, a victim mentality, or confusion about our own feelings regarding ourselves, these traits are reflected in our personalities.We develop irrational fears based on mixed and confusing messages from deep inside. We try to avoid hurt.  We are afraid. We cannot access our feelings and, as a result, we block ourselves from understanding what will help us find fulfillment in love.

Fear of failure or rejection can keep us from pursuing goals of any kind.

Holding onto anger and resentment from the past puts up new blocks. When we are so concerned that we might fail, we do not give ourselves space for success. We look at the negative and hesitate to take the chances that will bring new experiences into our lives. We get stuck.Once we understand that feeling worthy is a mindset, and there is abundance enough for everyone, we are ready to look at what has blocked our success in the past and remove it.

The Road to Removing Blockages
There are a variety of techniques that can help us come to terms with almost any blockage, regardless of the root cause. First, sit in meditation and breathe deeply. Ask for inspiration to help with your problem, but do not try to control it. The answer may come to you the next day or the next week. It will be subtle, so pay attention. Keep up this practice and you will be amazed at the insights gained.

You also have the ability to create abundance if you understand the principles of manifesting. In brief: Know what you want. Keep the vibration of what you want very pure. Do not dilute it with an undercurrent of doubt, anxiety, disbelief or anything else negative. Draw the desired situation to you using the energy from the heart and not the mind.Make sure you are in energetic alignment with what you want. Expect success and have motivation that is founded in helping all rather than seeking selfish gain.

If you cannot push through a blockage easily, working with muscle testing or practices such as meridian tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help move specific issues into the foreground so you can view them and yourself from a new perspective.  Once you can consciously face an issue, it most likely will begin to dissolve.

Affirmations are another way to break up “mental programs.” You can use a general one, “I am healthy, wealthy and wise” or “If anyone can do it, I can do it.” These replace negative mind chatter with positive thoughts. You may add details to attract something specific, “I have $500 to pay my bill by the due date.” As long as the affirmations are aligned with what you really want at a soul level (from the heart), repeating them can bring positive things into your life. However, do not try to draw a specific person into your life; this interferes with power of choice. State desired qualities instead. Hypnosis, therapy, and intuitive readings also can shed light on issues that are difficult to uncover.

Experiment with a combination of techniques until you dissolve your blockages and begin to feel the freedom that is your birthright.

While we all have our weak points, we each have the potential to draw to us what we need to live a rich, full life and to make peace with ourselves.

The key is to take charge of our own life and take action now!

Rev. Spencer Rouse has been a psychic medium, teacher, counselor, writer and healer for more than 25 years. She recently completed her Level 1 and 2 studies of Acoustic Sound, Color, and Body Movement with Fabien Maman (Father of Vibrational Sound Therapy) at the Tama-do Academy in Malibu, CA, and Switzerland. Spencer teaches “Soul to Soul” classes in Sarasota, FL, which focus on how to tune into the true self through the tools of sound, color, and ancient teachings. She also will be presenting an interactive class focused on color, sound and Chi in relation to healing this summer. For more information visit, email or call 941-706-1005.

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