The Formula: How to Create Abundance in Your Life

By Steve Harding

I want to share a personal story. Two years ago I was homeless, living in a “borrowed” house with no running water, many times no electricity, using the local Publix grocery store as my “facilities” and showering when I could find a place. I lost 40 pounds because I was existing on about 600 calories a day—now, some would say that was the silver lining, right?

But those were dark days, and they lasted about five months. The pain of being homeless didn’t come from the physical circumstances, but from the hopeless feeling of not knowing how to change things for the better. During that time I would look in the mirror and ask myself, “How did I get here?” I realized that when I asked that question there was only one person looking back at me—and I realized HE was the answer!

During this time I learned the process or “the formula” if you will, that took me to where I was in my life at that time. The beauty of it was that understanding that formula then gave me the ability to also use it for getting to wherever I wanted to go in the future!

Sharing this experience and the “the formula” with others has become my purpose in life.

The Process
The first step in manifesting anything you want in your life is to ask for it. The second step is to let the Universe handle the details of providing it. Your job is to be alert. Live in the present moment and hear the signals when the Universe sends you guidance. It will come in the form of ideas, thoughts or situations that you can act on that will, in turn, allow you to move in the direction you want to go. The ideas will come, so expect them! Then have the courage to act on that guidance.

There is a sub-step to the second part that is extremely important: That is to accept your present situation as perfect, just the way it is. This can be tricky. It’s sort of like “when you are up to your neck in alligators it’s hard to remember you are there to drain the swamp.” We tend to get very busy with the day-to-day living of our lives.

To illustrate what I mean let’s look at an example many of us are familiar with, or perhaps have been at some time in our lives: weight loss. Ask the Universe: “I want to weigh my perfect weight.”

Now, and this is very important, the language the Universe understands is the language of feelings or emotions, not words. The Universe hears you loud and clear if when you ask you are feeling the joy of already weighing your perfect weight. Can you feel that right now, how it feels—not how it would feel—but how it feels to be your perfect weight? Try it for a second.

Now, where do we slip up? We look in the mirror, we put on a piece of clothing that is tight or, worst of all, we listen when the little voice in our head tells us how other people see us. Suddenly the present moment is not perfect, we are overweight and that becomes our truth!  I can see it right there in the mirror, “I’ll never lose this weight. Why did I eat that cupcake? I hate myself!!” and off we go down that path.

When this happens, it is critical to remember that the best place, the ONLY place you can start to change is where you are right now!

You are at the perfect place to begin changing anything in your life.

Also, this is the way things are at this particular moment, but it is not the way they will be in the future. So accept yourself lovingly and just feel where you want to be.

Let’s do a quick exercise. Close your eyes if you are comfortable doing so. See yourself in Times Square in New York, the lights, the people. Now, switch to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco—quickly—the blue water, sunshine! Open your eyes. Were you able to do it? Of course you can. We can control our thoughts if we want to do so. Use this exercise when you forget that all is perfect “right now.” Because it is perfect, you have only forgotten that it is.

Today I am blessed by living in a two bedroom two bath condo on the water—with water and electricity. I have four sources of income, and I am financially free. My life is peaceful and full of joy and laughter.

You were born into this physical existence whole, perfect and complete, a beautiful child, a loving extension of the Universe. You came here to create and experience life to its fullest and to share with and love each other unconditionally.

Often times, due to our human condition, we lose sight of who we really are. It slips away and we become immersed in our present circumstances. When this happens remember this bit of wisdom:

You are loved, you are love and, most importantly, at your core you love yourself unconditionally. You are perfect just as you are right now. Own your own greatness!

Steve Harding is a retired small business owner who found himself homeless in February of 2011. During that five-month period he learned the process or “the formula” that had created the situation. By using that same knowledge, he turned it around to create a life of prosperity and peace. He is the owner of a company, OYOG Inc. (Own Your Own Greatness!), and shares his approach with as many people as possible through public speaking and workshops. Steve is an award winning Toastmaster and has been a guest on live radio. He can be reached at

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