Angels & Inspirations: Soul Mates Unite

By Emily Rivera Andrews

The world is experiencing global shifts, and whether our mind consciously engages in them or not is irrelevant. One of these shifts involves intimate relationships. There is an energetic force that is bringing soul mates who have set forth intentions of expressing love through harmony to commune in physical form. But know that souls have been brought into union throughout time as we know it, and the soul’s intention to experience love in form has always been present within the human heart.

Relationships are one of the most significant components of our existence. The energies we create, expand, and connect to through relationships truly are what our soul intends to experience during its incarnations. This represents all relationships. Even though this love can manifest through different forms of physical expression, we will be focusing on the expression of intimate soul mate relationships for this month’s article.

Making the Connection
We are drawn to specific people or end up connecting to certain individuals due to external circumstances led by destiny, our soul, and other factors. Our souls, in energetic form, sets forth “contracts” with other souls to engage in connections and experiences that are part of the desired alignment within the soul’s purpose and its intended progression.

The soul mates we get drawn to and connect with are determined by our current state of mind, self alignment, and energetic state. There are soul mates in physical form that will become part of our journey, inspiring our soul’s evolution through harmonic alignment.

There also are those connections that will bring forth progression through experiences that can be labeled oppressive, tumultuous, or draining. Regardless of the label given, they provide the space for the soul’s development. It’s all part of that Divine tapestry of life—BUT we are waking up on different levels and through varying means, as we are each being guided to experience life differently from what it has been in our past.

Soul mates in congruence with harmony are being brought together more rapidly and more intentionally than ever before. The collective web of life is in need of the light that emanates and blesses the whole when souls of harmonic expression unite and engage through physical love. So, on a soul level we are all bonding as we collaboratively bring more of these harmonic connections together.

When two souls of harmonic alignment unite, there is a beautiful ray of light that moves through form into the global energy grid that surrounds this planet, and it blesses us all.

We each thrive within this light, and we each receive a portion of this blessing in unique ways. On the other end of the spectrum, the energies of fear, doubt, anger, and hate are so palpably moving through the globe that they are impacting the intended harmonic flow of our planet.

Regardless of our situations in physical form, we are all in need of the soul light being called forth at the present time, and we all contribute to the intention of bringing soul mates together in harmonic love. We collaborate on an energetic level through our souls in bringing this experience into our lives and the lives of others. The things that once served us have shifted, and we find ourselves inspired to move forward with more soul-driven intentions.

This stir within is not recognized by all because the energy and intentions being put forth go beyond the mind’s conscious awareness. They are being managed and orchestrated at the soul level. We are all being driven by the soul. As I share this, know that you too are being inspired to bring forth more harmony into your own life, and you are not alone in this quest. There are others feeling the same pull or push for this, and together we are managing to be of further service through this experience.

We are sharing this because we need more people to become aware of what the soul is calling forth within us. We are being driven by love and the urgent need for this love to further express into our physical reality. The more you can consciously choose to be in congruence with love and be a unique expression of love, the more harmony will flow within your personal experience and then into the collective matrix.

If you are single, know that love in the form of intimate relationships is being brought to light in a myriad of ways. Fears of past experiences and self doubt are being encouraged to heal to further align your being to this expression. For those in intimate relationships, know that love itself is blessing your union in ways that can expand the energy being shared through your connection for the collective’s well-being, which in turn blesses you further.

Be in your peace, be in your love. Be reminded that within the universal flow of life there is but one truth, and that truth is LOVE. It is the expression of this energy that is unfolding our soul’s essence.

Be blessed and encouraged in what has been shared.
Emily and the Angels

Emily Rivera Andrews is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and an Angel Manifesting Master Practitioner. Emily shares techniques that have helped her become a Gifted Intuitive, Intuitive Channeler, Healer, Manifester, and Angel Communicator. To ask your Angels a question, email or visit To order her book Connecting with the Angels visit

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