Manifest Positive Energy

By Rev.  Maggie Batt

We all have the power of manifestation within us. Everything is made up of energy: humans, animals, plants, the earth and all things of nature, our emotions, our thoughts, our fears, etc. We create everything around us, and if there is something in our life that makes us unhappy, we have the power to change it!

Pay attention to your thoughts. Are you constantly criticizing yourself and others? Energy comes back around full circle. Unless you want others to criticize you, stop this negative pattern now. This will eliminate a lot of psychic attack, which happens when others intentionally or unintentionally send you negative energy. Resonate positive thoughts, emotions and vibrations so that you will receive them back.  Yes, it is that simple!

We all see the world through different colored lenses.

What appalls one person may seem beautiful to someone else. It’s all in how we look at it.  We can see everyone as a divine spirit from the creator source reaching their path at their own level, or we can criticize others because they are different from us. We’re all different physically, emotionally and mentally but our essence is the same at our core.

When we believe things are a certain way, we take on that energy and experience the emotions involved with that perception.

If our perceptions are negative, for example, this negative thinking creates negative emotions that eventually affect our health.  Hay House author Louise Hay believes that criticizing yourself and others will come back as arthritic conditions. I firmly believe that all physical conditions are an end result of emotional, mental and spiritual root problems.

Most of us develop our belief systems from childhood.  At an early age, we have no emotional filters, so we absorb all energies like a sponge. It is in these early years that our negative emotional imprints and negative belief systems are formed.

Do you often criticize yourself? Maybe as a child you were constantly criticized or blamed by a parent, sibling or teacher. Since this behavior was all you knew, you believe it to be true. The lower vibrational energy of blame then manifested as a negative emotional imprint somewhere within your body. This was probably accompanied by low self-esteem and sadness.

Negative Emotional Imprints
Negative emotional imprints are usually derived from three sources. They can be directed toward us by another person, such as an angry, insensitive or otherwise abusive parent. A second source could be a traumatic incident, such as an accident. The third source originates through a more subtle and unconscious process such as witnessing and simultaneously absorbing the emotional energy of a parent or someone close to us.

When a negative emotional imprint is put in our body, we continue to attract that energy to us.

As a result, we end up in the same types of bad relationships and following the same bad habits as the source of the imprint.  For example, maybe our family was always struggling financially and now we carry that energy within us. Or maybe someone falls for men that are unavailable just like her mother did. Or perhaps a child fell on his head as a kid when a fight broke out between his parents and now he continuously has headaches. Maybe a person was never rewarded for doing a good job, so she substituted food. Now she rewards herself with sweets.

Notice what your body tells you when you get angry. Or when you have low self-esteem, look at where the aches develop in your body. Stop and notice patterns in behavior. Draw a picture of your body or a childhood memory and journal about it. You have the power to recognize these patterns and change them now. Wake up to your Higher Self!

Let’s identify the top negative emotions so we have springboard for change:
•    Anger—The most destructive of emotions. Anger triggers physical, mental and emotional pain and can lead to serious illness. It encourages food consumption.
•    Fear—It cripples, sabotages, weakens and constricts the body, emotions and spirit. It triggers pain, gastrointestinal disorder and vascular problems. Fear creates false realities.
•    Worry—Comes from a lack of balance in life combined with an inability to control events due to misperception of reality. It consumes large amounts of energy and can lead to fatigue and exhaustion. It takes us away from the present moment.
•    Hurt—It blocks and decreases positive frequencies because of its relationship with the ego…. a bruised ego. Let go of the hurt.
•    Sadness—Connected with loss. Recognize when it is time to heal and move on.
•    Low Self-esteem—Usually imprinted in early childhood from a parent who lacks a sense of self-value. Replace with positive emotional energies like confidence and self-love.
•    Loneliness—Creates a void of emptiness and causes imbalances that lead to ill health and destructive behavior.
•    Blame—An escape hatch to avoid confronting reality and taking corrective action to achieve a state of balance. A fear of taking responsibility for one’s life.
•    Denial—Blocks our ability to see reality.
•    Jealousy—Feeling envious of others blocks your abundance.

These negative emotions vibrate at very low frequencies. Love, contentment and happiness vibrate at much higher frequencies, at levels similar to the frequencies of our organs. For instance, the heart vibrates at 450 hz (hertz) and love also vibrates at that frequency. Grief on the other hand is only 50 hz. So, if you are in a constant state of grief, eventually your organs and physical body will breakdown.

You have control over bringing the higher vibration emotions into your life every day. Allow yourself to receive gifts and compliments from others. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say, “I am a beautiful being of light. I am powerful and loving.

”Remember laughter and love is contagious. Spread some around every day.

Let’s end with the good stuff.  May we experience all the positive emotions available to us in this word including:
•    Happiness
•    Love
•    Satisfaction
•    Prosperity
•    Abundance
•    Security
•    Joy
•    Peace
•    Confidence
•    Self-love
•    Courage
•    Strength
•    Charisma
•    Compassion
•    Patience
•    Optimism
•    Determination
•    Personal Power


Reverend Maggie Batt is a spiritual and holistic health consultant, certified TriYoga® teacher, herbalist, Certified Advanced Kahuna ARCH® practitioner, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, and a Certified Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher from the International Center for Reiki Training.  She has been practicing and teaching her knowledge for 11 years.  Maggie’s yoga teaching paths are Hatha Flow, Kundalini, Kids, Parent/Child, and Prenatal.  Her other practices and studies include meditation, ear coning, flower essences, holistic health and natural medicine, fengshui, natural childbirth, natural mom counseling, and magic.  In 2003, she was cast in “Health Cops: New Orleans” for the Discovery Health Channel.  She also appears as an alternative practitioner helping to change someone’s life in 12 weeks on the FitTV channel.  For more information, email info@wheelsoflight. org or visit www.wheelsoflight. org.

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