Infinite Living Through Love and Oneness

By Lisa Beaumont

How do we experience oneness? What does it look like, and how does it feel? When do we stop intellectualizing the process and start living it? The answer is simple: When we fall in love. When we fall in love with ourselves, with each other and with life, we allow the borders of the tiny, nonexistent self we think we are to dissipate. They dissolve into the magnificent, powerful force that is our true Self. This Self knows no boundaries and is expansive, inclusive and comprehensive. It is the experience of Love, all encompassing and complete.

Love settles every question and resolves every issue. It covers our so-called sins, setting us free from guilt. It leads us home and shines away the seeming dark spaces inside of us. It leaves us one with ourselves, thus able to offer a gift of perfect peace to the world.
While the ego lives to enjoy separateness, the spirit’s only realm is oneness. In it, we find freedom and the answer to every question. We are led to the quiet, sustaining waters of a peaceful being. We step into this space when we simply allow the fences we have willingly constructed around ourselves to dissolve, inviting Love in.

Breaking Down the Barriers

The barriers we build become the walls that imprison us. Fear is our prison guard; the pain of separation an eternal sentence, one for which there is no hope of parole. It is only in our utter acceptance of our connectedness that we can hope for release as we acquiesce and say “yes” to Love.

The experience of oneness finds us fearless, certain of who we are and empowered to live fully.

As we honor our integrity, we close the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Being one with ourselves enables the fruition of life-long dreams as we embrace the innate power of our Divinity to live as we are intended.

Love knows no darkness, only light shines in its presence. Hope and new beginnings dwell here. Fearful pasts are laid to rest, cast into a sea of forgetfulness, fading into the dream-like, illusionary state they have always been.

Love dispels fear, literally compelling us to move forward as we accept our call to shine its light into every corner of the world. Love knows no boundaries. There is no separation, no ego in Love.

We are asked to soften our borders, allowing the walls to drop in order to be examples of hope and freedom. Any wish for security in our world can only be based on illusion. Our safety lies in the cessation of fear and self-doubt demonstrated through an ability to honor ourselves through our willingness to connect with others, thus with ourselves.

As we let go of our resistance to Love, it floods our lives in unmeasured abundance, freely and easily. This is simply a choice. There is no secret, no mystery around the power of the ordained spirit to overcome past failures, mistakes and fears. All are welcome to the Truth.

Only knowledge of and commitment to the power of the One leads to fulfillment within. The One is all inclusive. It would leave no one on the battlefield wounded and bleeding. It extends and offers itself freely, without fear, without judgment and without concern for anything except attainment of its only wish: unconditional Love.

We Reflect Each Other

There is expanded purpose in Love, one that radiates through us in unseen ways. That purpose cannot be violated once we agree with the foundational truth that we are all reflections of each other. As we learn to honor ourselves through the prisms of reflected light in each other, we will change the world at large.

Love is the fulfillment of all wishes. It is dynamic and full of action, motivating us toward itself every day and in every way. It is contentment, lack of resistance, freedom to choose and, most of all, it is willingness to allow our natural light to shine broadly and powerfully.
We are one with all things. The evidence of that is apparent in lives filled with balance and abundance, a harvest that extends to every level of living. The power of One lies within me and within you. So does the power of life-changing, unconditional Love.

Love and Oneness are interchangeable descriptions of lives fully integrated and prepared to take our place as gods and goddesses, extensions of our Source.

There is no avenue to exceptional living and a joyful existence except that which is marked by the power of One. The indescribable experience of utter acceptance of our innate Divinity ends all pain, setting the prisoners we have unconsciously become free to ascend unseen ladders to our inner heaven.

Our search for peace and happiness has seemed endless, spanning eons. The message we are here to share may sound “too good to be true,” yet enlightened ones strive to extol the joys and proclaim the existence of real freedom. It is a story worth telling, a priceless mission.

We face a choice every day as to what we will do with our lives. Will we choose integrity, wholeness and completion as our reality or the ego’s sad substitute for these things? For our choice to be effective, we must willingly shed the shadows that have made our lives appear challenged. In the Light of Truth, we will find our freedom as we, at long last, find ourselves enfolded within each other.

Lisa Beaumont is a psychic medium and a transformation life coach and teacher. Her organization, Center for Advanced Spiritual Learning, was created as a vehicle to share her gifts in an effort to help others advance to the next level of spiritual development, no matter where they are currently. She helps people negotiate transition situations through coaching, readings and classes. Contact Lisa at or on the web at


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