Follow Your Dreams to Better Health

By Rev. Lois Cheney

Summer is here! With the arrival of the warm breezes and hot temperatures many of us feel the urge to “break out.” We want to do more, be more and perhaps even throw caution to the winds in one way or another. The flowers continue to bloom and so should we!
All the forward progression, physical activity, gaiety and abandon can be a challenge if there is discomfort in our bodies. The good news is if you experience a healing problem of any sort, it is possible to initiate viable suggestions for remedies and even bring in appropriate healing energy through working with your dreams.

Let me tell you the story of a wonderful ballet teacher in central Illinois. For many years she taught grade school children the art and graceful forms of ballet. At over 70 years of age she was known to be one of the best teachers of the dance. Then she and a lady friend decided on a vacation in upstate New York. All went well until there was a terrible auto accident. Her friend was killed. The ballet teacher was completely crippled with multiple broken bones in her legs and back.

She spent more than eight weeks flat on her back in the hospital. Did she ever teach again? Did she ever dance again? Absolutely! How did her resurrection from such a crippled state happen? Was it simply a miracle? It might seem to us that it certainly was a miracle but she, on the other hand, credited every step of her recovery to one recurring dream: Night after night, she experienced herself running happily through fields of flowers. She was not just ambling or strolling, she was running! In those dreams she felt no impediment of any kind, no struggling at all. Instead, she almost felt she could float or fly over the brilliant array of blooming flowers.

The History of Healing with Dreams
Dreams that bring healing are not a new or novel idea. Many ancient cultures used dreams to call upon their Gods or their healing masters for needed relief. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans used complex rituals to incubate dreams which would offer healing methods or simply bring literal healing for the mind, body or emotions.

In those times of healing need, the dream seeker would fast from food or drink or even sex for a period of days and occasionally would take various herbs or drugs. Only after taking the prescribed proper preparation would the dreamer be ready to lie down to sleep and hopefully bring in the desired dream.

Ancient cultures were so convinced of the value of dream healing that elaborate temples were built to house the dreamers on marble slabs until the desired dream would be produced.

Dream Seeding
Few of us today would take kindly to sleeping on marble slabs. My suggestion is that although we may not go about the process in the same way, we can still seek extra affirmative help through dream seeding or incubation. Today’s method of dream production can be as simple as writing the desired dream and its hoped for/projected result in a bedside dream journal before preparing to sleep.

For instance, if you have tried a number of ways to bring flexibility to one of your physical joints, perhaps a knee, you might use a wording like this: “Tonight I will have a dream showing me exactly what I need to do to regain the flexibility in my left knee, making my knee just as it was when I was 18 years old. I promise to remember this dream, record it in my journal and act on the information it contains.”

Having written out your desired dream, it is also helpful to impress yourself and your subconscious with the desired result by reading it aloud when you are ready to sleep.

As an additional show of good faith and focused intention, you might choose to construct a small altar no larger than the top of a nightstand in the room where you sleep. That altar could have any religious symbol of your choosing, a photo of you when you were physically at your best, and a depiction of a sport in which you want to enjoy participating. You could display those items together on an attractive cloth of your favorite color. Your personal dream programming altar does not need to occupy a lot of space. Its purpose is just to further impress your subconscious with your determined dream mission.

Remember the dream answer you seek also can be on any other subject that you feel is important for your life path. It could involve relationships, an invention you are trying to perfect, possible new employment, or any subject on which you feel you need to have more information.

You are powerful and have access to so much help in those hours of sleeping and dreaming. Be expectant of a good result, and do not give up if you don’t receive the desired dream upon the first effort. Ask again until your results appear. Keep at it. Your reward will come.

Reverend Lois Cheney has been busy in the field of psychic phenomenon for 34 years. She is an ordained spiritualist minister, a medium, pet psychic, healing channel, and clinical hypnotist. For more information visit, email, or call Tel.: 928-300-2030.

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