Reflections… The Healing Nature of Art

By Ricky Roberts III

I have experienced the healing power of art on many levels. From pencils to pastels, I have benefited from art through a variety of mediums. There was never any specific intention to find healing or work through layers of pain and confusion in them. It just happened, organically. Art is an expression of one’s self that takes on many forms. There is no right or wrong, it just is. In my opinion there is no “bad” art, as all stands to be appreciated for the healing it facilitates in anyone who experiences it.

Although, I have benefited from many forms of artistic expression in my life, I refer to writing as the glue that held and still holds me together. It is the form of art that I connect with the most frequently and consistently. My journal was, and is, where I most freely express my deepest emotions. Despite not having much parental guidance growing up, I always found refuge and answers in my writing. No matter who would listen or who would not, my journal always did, and still does. There is a great sense of clarity that the art of writing gives to me, like no other. Journaling was the catalyst in allowing me the opportunity to work through a lot of harbored anger and bitterness as a teenager.

My most elevated connection with the healing nature of art came at the age of 17, when I was stabbed nine times in a street fight.

At that point writing took on a different form for me. It became my therapy, my connection to God. It was a way for me to find peace in my life and to feel whole again. From age 17 on, the art of expression through the written word became a way for me to find resolve through the reflections and answers that come freely from my writing. My sharing it is simply an extension of what it has and does for me, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. Although I attribute my continued healing and growth as an individual to multiple things, such as yoga, meditation, God, skateboarding, surfing, and visual arts, I honor writing as the pillar that brings everything together.

The beauty about art is the many forms in which it manifests. There is no one-way to connect with it.

It’s our choice whether or not we let it give to our lives what it will. It doesn’t matter how many studies show the grand benefits of art, or what I say about it, as with most things, you will not fully believe until you experience it yourself. I invite you to get a journal, start writing in it. Expose your most vulnerable fears, burning desires, thoughts and visions. Get a sketchbook, put on some music, let the pen, pencil, paints or pastels go.

But, “I am not good at art.” “People will not like it.” What is good? If you enjoy it, if it contributes to the well-being of your life on any level, it is perfect just as it is. Do not be afraid of what it looks like or what it sounds like—just let it be.

ART is not about others liking it or not, ART is about harnessing the power in expressing yourself, telling your story, finding your healing through it.

Take a moment to remember the joy coloring, writing, singing, dancing, drawing and creating brought to you as a child. There is a reason why there was such a natural desire to do those things then, as there is now, no matter how covered up it may be. The beautiful thing is, art doesn’t start and stop having a positive impact on your life at a certain age. It is infinite and timeless. Whether you are seven or 70, if you let go of the reasons not to do it and let art (any form for forms that feel right to you) into your life, you will benefit from it. Allow the healing power of art to be a part of your life, on one level or another, always.

We connect through the deepest essence of our HEART through ART.

Many Blessings – Ricky

Ricky Roberts III is the creator of YOU ARE VALUED, an organization devoted to creating positive change by embracing the value of every man, women, boy and girl through community outreach, involvement, discussion and inspiration. Ricky inspires through his books, articles, speaking engagements, workshops, youth outreach, volunteer work, and his interaction with others in his daily living. He is dedicated to reaching people in a positive way wherever he may be. Visit and

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