Allowing Success: The Power of Determination

By Terez Hartmann

Paving the way with DETERMINATION makes for a great Journey AND Destination!

Have you ever noticed that there is a magic about making a decision and then sticking to your guns?

Whether you are talking about cancer survivors, people who have lost weight and remained slim, Super Bowl champions, single parents who found a way to balance their work and family lives, best-selling artists and authors, or individuals who achieved college degrees, wishy-washy had no place because DETERMINATION was the name of the game!
In this world filled with so many people citing statistics about why having what you want is extremely difficult, rare or even impossible, it’s no wonder that you encounter some resistance and sometimes run into those proverbial brick walls when it comes to ALLOWING Your Success. The question is who or what constructs those walls?

If you have any true understanding of the Law of Attraction, you know, unequivocally, that YOU are the creator of both the pathways AND the walls.

But when you take the time to get clear about what you truly, deeply desire – with an emphasis on the core feeling you are reaching for— and make up your mind that you want what you want and refuse to settle for anything less, you tap into the Power of DETERMINATION and emit a clear signal which summons all of the resources of the Universe to help you create a path over, under, around or through what once seemed like impenetrable obstacles!

ALLOWING the flow is about joy and ease. And sometimes, when you are looking to change a pattern of thought or move beyond a long-standing condition, mental (and sometimes physical) muscle with an attitude of DETERMINATION is THE very thing that paves the way for the joy, ease and flow!

DETERMINATION, Purpose and Healing
No matter what healing modality you subscribe to, all healthcare practitioners and healers know that a healthy body and mind thrives when energy is allowed to flow through it fully. It is certainly essential to allow time to quiet your mind and rest your body, no doubt, but all human beings feel most alive and require far less downtime when high energy is moving and flowing through them.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility AND occupation which gives happiness.”

When you occupy your time with a sense of purpose that causes high energy to flow to you and through you, you then have a compelling reason to recover, heal and get out of bed; in essence, purpose gives you something to be determined about. Uncover and discover what you want to do with that strong, happy, healthy body and mind and you will find a key component for allowing any healing modality to deliver positive results.

DETERMINATION, Purpose and Longevity
Thomas Jefferson was one of the busiest people on the planet during his life. He accomplished more things in one lifetime than many people do in several. Logic would dictate that he probably experienced an ample amount of stress, yet he lived to be 83—which was largely unheard of during that time in American history!

When you look at the many stories of entertainers, artists, visionaries or any human beings over 80 who continue to live a healthy, happy life, the common denominator is this: every one is determined to keep focusing upon and participate in the things that are meaningful to them.

Perhaps maintaining your DETERMINATION to live with a sense of Purpose is THE most powerful healing modality and a longevity tool of all?

Here’s a cool ALLOWING Power Tool™ you can use for kickin’ up the Power of DETERMINATION:
WHAT and WHY: Are you determined to discover your DETERMINATION? When you know what you want and why you want it, you put the “I” back into the fire of your desires, the energy back into your body and mind and the experience of ALLOWING Success back into your life!

FULL PIE/BIG PICTURE – Answer these questions:
1. What do you really want? Pick ONE key thing. Let it be as general or as specific as you choose, but be sure to choose something that is “nonnegotiable,” that you ABSOLUTELY know you want—period.
Do keep in mind that every intention is actually linked to a feeling of some kind, so sometimes the best way to connect with a “nonnegotiable” intention that has real staying power is to go right to the heart of the feeling you are searching for.

2. Why do you want it? List all the positive, feel-good reasons why the idea of being/doing/having this rocks your world.

SMALL SLICES – Answer questions 1 and 2 above.
Every full pie is made up of small slices, so if you believe that completing certain steps or specific actions are an important part of allowing your desire to come to fruition, treat the small slices the same way you would your full pie by honing your focus with “what and why” before you act.

The Bottom Line on The Power of DETERMINATION
We are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience, but when we feel a sense of accomplishment and know that we had a hand in orchestrating our own fabulousity, we add so much joy to our journey and bring an even bigger celebration to each destination! There’s nothing wrong with being flexible in the “how” part of the equation, but when you focus with DETERMINATION to live a happy, healthy, prosperous life, follow through with the action that feels good to you, and then watch as doors, windows and paths open before you, you ALLOW Your Success as a human and rock your spirit to the core!

“I’m stirring the pot for a sweet life, what about you?”—from “Part of the Solution”

Terez Hartmann is the President/CEO of ALLOWING Your Success & BEYOND!, LLC, author of the book ALLOWING Your Success!, a professional Keynote Speaker, Retreat and Workshop Facilitator, Coach, Recording Artist, Show Host and Singer-Songwriter.  For more about Terez, access to FREE Allowing resources and “Words, Music, Adventures & BEYOND for LETTING Good Happen and ENJOYING the Journey!” visit To order her book, ALLOWING Your Success! visit

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